35 Creative Washi Tape Bullet Journal Ideas

How To Use Washi Tape in Your BuJo

Washi tape’s versatility knows no bounds, offering creative possibilities far beyond its traditional use as a decorative border. As we delve into the world of bullet journals and layouts, let us explore not one, nor two, but ten unexpected ways to harness washi tape’s potential.

Create Sections For Your Weekly Spread

Washi tape’s versatility shines when used to segment pages in your monthly, weekly, or daily planners with precision and flair. By dividing pages into neat sections, you can create a visually appealing and organized layout that makes it easy to track progress, note important dates, and reflect on accomplishments. The colorful possibilities are endless, allowing you to infuse your bullet journal with personality and style.

Solid Sleek Washi Tape Weekly Layout

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Mtworld852’s washi tape bullet journal idea offers a simple yet striking approach to creating organized weekly layouts. By using thin strips of solid-colored washi tape, you can create rectangular sections that separate each day of the week in a colorful and visually appealing way. The best part is that this method eliminates the need for any complicated setup or fussiness, allowing you to easily keep your bullet journal entries tidy and on track.

Abstract Floral Washi Tape Section Layout

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The addition of washi tape to a BuJo spread is what sets it apart from a standard notebook. In this particular example, the use of floral or designer tape brings a pop of color and whimsy. The non-uniform sectioning created by the tape adds an extra layer of creativity to the weekly layout, making it even more unique.

Patterned Circles Washi Tape BuJo Layout

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One creative approach to using washi tape in your bullet journal involves applying it as a background element, rather than simply creating boxes or sections. A clever idea shared by mtworld852 showcases the versatility of this technique. By placing circular sections for each day of the week on a sheet covered with colorful washi tape, you can create a visually appealing and whimsical design that adds a touch of personality to your journal. This unique method allows you to incorporate more creativity into your daily spreads while still maintaining the functionality of separate sections for each day.

Galaxy Washi Tape Uniform Section Layout

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One creative approach to enhancing the aesthetics of a bullet journal is inspired by mtworld852’s ingenious design. To achieve this look, begin by dividing each page into four equal sections using washi tape. For added visual appeal, double the tape along the edges and in the center of the page, as demonstrated. This clever technique not only adds to the journal’s overall neatness but also serves as a versatile template that can be replicated with other tapes of your choice.

Create a Decorative Border

Washi tape’s versatility in bullet journaling extends beyond creative embellishments. Another clever application is crafting precise, clean borders that add a touch of sophistication to your pages. To achieve this, experiment with various washi tape combinations, exploring different colors, patterns, and sizes. You can also play around with the way you apply the tape – try horizontal, vertical, or even diagonal orientations to create unique visual effects.

Falling Stars Washi Tape BuJo Border

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This stunning falling stars washi tape design by mtworld852 is a one-of-a-kind border that effortlessly adds a touch of whimsy to any bullet journal page. To achieve this look, start by cutting various length pieces of tape and applying them vertically across the top portion of the page. The resulting high-low effect creates a mesmerizing visual interest, while the sparkle of the stars adds an extra layer of magic.

Leafy Margins Washi Tape Bullet Journal Border

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For an added touch of elegance in your bullet journal, try combining two different washi tape designs along the length of the page, aligned together. You can place them on either the left or right margin, depending on your personal preference. For a sophisticated look, consider pairing plain and patterned washi tapes to create a visually appealing contrast.

Purple Space L-Shaped BuJo Borders

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Brooke Planner Geek’s latest galaxy washi tape border creation is an explosion of purple creativity. This striking design features an L-shaped border that wraps around two sides of the sheet, blending galaxy washi tape with purple glitter tape for a mesmerizing effect. The layout is characterized by varying widths – a thinner border on one side and a thicker one on the other – while the open edges are deliberately torn to create a relaxed, organic feel. This unique design is just one of many inspiring ideas showcased in ’40 Fun And Cool Washi Tape Ideas For Kids And Teens’.

Duo Magic Thick and Thin BuJo Borders

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Gold washi tape borders add a touch of elegance to this rustic bullet journal layout, creating a unique visual appeal. The combination of different patterned tapes adds texture and depth to the design. What’s particularly interesting about this layout is the way the tape is applied – the top and bottom borders are thicker than the left and right ones, creating a sense of balance and harmony. Inspired by kitaangel.art, recreating this washi tape bullet journal idea is surprisingly easy and effortless, making it perfect for those looking to add some personality to their note-taking routine.

Fizzy Floaters Washi Tape Bullet Journal Border

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Washi tape is a simple yet effective way to add visual interest to your bullet journal layouts. Its vibrant colors and playful patterns can instantly elevate the aesthetic appeal of your spreads, making them more engaging and enjoyable to use. Moreover, you can choose washi tapes that match or complement the theme of your layout, allowing for a cohesive and polished look. The example by paint.by.letters showcases how a beautifully designed bullet journal layout with washi tape accents can be achieved with minimal effort, yet stunning results.

Row of Washi Page Break Border

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Enliven your bullet journal with an understated yet effective page divider. Apply tiny, uniform strips of diverse washi tapes across the middle of the page in a horizontal layout. This clever technique separates the page into two sizable sections, adding a touch of elegance to your journal. Inspired by yesjohannaplans, this unique idea is sure to become a staple in your creative routine.

Sandwiched Washi Tape Dual Page Border

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To give your dual-paged bullet journal a unique twist, consider incorporating a striking border idea from yesjohannaplans. This creative approach involves layering different washi tape styles in a slanted, vertical fashion across the middle of each page. By doing so, you can transform a straightforward layout into a visually stunning and character-rich design that’s sure to capture attention.

Patterned Cuteness Monthly Layout Borders

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The Washi Tape Bullet Journal Idea by Washigang is a delightful pastel-toned theme that’s sure to brighten up any monthly layout. To create this whimsical look, simply apply two different designs of washi tape to form a two-layer bottom border. Not only does this add visual interest, but it also provides an opportunity to fill in empty spaces within the calendar itself. This multipurpose and visually appealing border idea is perfect for adding a touch of personality to your next month’s layout.

Create Washi Tape Bullet Journal Graphs

Reviewing your monthly progress in a bullet journal is a breeze with washi tapes. These colorful strips of tape are perfect for creating visual representations of your progress, such as graphs, that help you rate each aspect you want to review. This method offers several benefits – it’s quick, effortless, efficient, and highly customizable. With just a few strokes of the tape, you can visually track your accomplishments and identify areas where you need to improve.

Pastel Washi Tape Bullet Journal Graphs

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The incorporation of pastel-colored washi tapes in this creative idea by alotmallforyou is a delight. For a unique and charming touch to your bullet journal (BuJo), you can utilize a pack of washi tapes to craft visually appealing graphs. Alternatively, you could use a single color tape for all bars, requiring minimal effort to add an endearing charm to your BuJo setup.

Cover Up Your Mistakes

Mistakes happen even in the best of Bullet Journaling (BuJo) experiences. When an error occurs, washi tape can be a quick and creative solution to rectify the situation. By employing solid-colored washi tapes to cover any mistakes, you can seamlessly restore your journal page to its original blank state, ready for new ideas to flow in.

Tape Texture Bullet Journal Layout

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A seemingly perfect weekly bullet journal was transformed into a masterclass in creative problem-solving when red, pink, and white washi tape came to the rescue. The initial mistake-ridden state of the journal was cleverly concealed by writing headings over the colorful tape strips, effectively masking any errors that had crept into the text boxes. This ingenious fix, inspired by paint.by.letters, breathed new life into the BuJo, imbuing it with a unique tactile quality that’s sure to delight.

Layer it Up Washi Tape Bullet Journal

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To add an extra layer of creativity to your bullet journal, consider incorporating washi tape in a unique way. Ebonysdc’s clever idea involves using patterned washi tape instead of plain tape to cover up any errors. This simple technique instantly adds a touch of whimsy and visual appeal to your journal pages.

Decorate Your Washi Tape Bullet Journal Headings

Transforming the headings of your bullet journal spreads into visually stunning elements, washi tapes offer a versatile tool for decoration. By writing headers directly onto the tape, you can effortlessly elevate the aesthetic appeal of your daily or weekly layouts, imbuing them with an added layer of elegance and sophistication.

Black Elegance Washi Tape Headings

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To elevate your journal’s aesthetic appeal, combine black and gold washi tape to create a striking design. Overlap the tapes in a deliberate pattern to add depth and visual interest. The incorporation of gold accents imbues the headings with an air of sophistication and luxury. To further enhance the overall look, write the headings in white and layer them over the tape background, as beautifully demonstrated by mia_teegan’s creative approach.

Create Hollowed Out Patterns

To take your bullet journal to the next level, consider using washi tape as a creative alternative to traditional masking tape. This versatile material allows for endless design possibilities, making it perfect for creating visually appealing headings, backgrounds, and custom patterns. Whether you’re looking to add some flair to specific sections or create a cohesive visual theme throughout your journal, washi tape is an excellent tool to have in your arsenal.

Split in Half BuJo Monthly Headings

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To create visually appealing headings inspired by esthersletters’ design, begin by applying strips of washi tape horizontally across a surface. Next, craft a floral motif above and below the tape by using various materials or techniques. Once complete, carefully remove the tape to reveal an empty space that can be used to write the month heading. This simple yet effective technique yields a neat and attractive heading that is sure to grab attention.

Abstract Background BuJo Cover

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To create one-of-a-kind backgrounds for your journal or scrapbook, try employing the masking tape technique popularized by letterbystarlight. Begin by randomly applying small pieces of tape across the cover, leaving some areas exposed. Next, fill in these empty spaces with paint, choosing colors that resonate with you. Once the paint is dry, carefully remove the tapes to reveal crisp white borders. To complete the look, add a thought-provoking heading or title over your new background, and you’ll have transformed your journal cover into a visually striking work of art.

Decorative Washi Tape Bullet Journal Cover

When it comes to customizing their bullet journals, many enthusiasts turn to the humble washi tape as a means of adding a personal touch. One popular application is the creation of unique cover pages. By selecting washi tapes that harmonize with the overall aesthetic of the journal’s theme, users can craft a visually striking and cohesive design that reflects their personality.

Tones of Coffee Washi Tape Bullet Journal Cover

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The incorporation of various washi tape styles on the coffee-themed cover adds a layer of sophistication, while the subtle hints of tape scattered throughout create a clean and polished aesthetic. This creative approach by angilettert effectively elevates the overall elegance of a washi tape bullet journal, making it a unique and appealing design element.

Covered in Stripes BuJo Spread

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The concept behind this washi tape bullet journal design by myflexibilitea is delightfully simple. By alternating strips of complementary washi tapes in a horizontal pattern, you can create a visually appealing and charming layout. The beauty of this design lies in its flexibility, allowing you to customize the colors and spacing of each stripe to suit your personal taste. With just a few strokes of tape, you’ll have a bullet journal that’s as unique as it is adorable.

All Taped Up! Washi Tape Cover

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Inspired by giuliamsouza.art, a unique approach to creating a captivating journal cover involves incorporating washi tape in an abstract design. To achieve this look, start by cutting tiny pieces of different colored washi tapes into irregular shapes. Arrange these pieces on the cover to form a visually striking background. For added personality, overlay the month’s name in bold letters across the tape pattern, and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind journal cover that’s sure to turn heads.

Use as Page Dividers

Dividing your bullet journal with tiny washi tape flags offers a convenient and rapid way to navigate through different sections. The small, discreet nature of these tape markers makes them an ideal solution for keeping your spread organized without obstructing the view.

Tiny Flags Page Separators

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A clever concept by sinsarahty incorporates vibrant, color-coded page dividers that add a playful touch to one’s journal. To take this idea further, consider adding these colorful codes to your journal index or writing the section name directly onto washi tape flags. This simple yet effective approach can significantly enhance the accessibility and aesthetic appeal of your journaling experience.

Create Washi Wreath Cover Page

Transforming your washi tape bullet journal cover into a stunning work of art can be achieved in multiple ways, and one such approach is by crafting a wreath design. This technique allows for endless creativity, as you’re free to choose any style or pattern of washi tape that suits your taste. By incorporating this unique design element, you’ll not only elevate the visual appeal of your bullet journal but also add an extra layer of personality and character.

Multicolored Washi Wreath BuJo Cover

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Transforming a plain bullet journal into a stunning work of art is just a matter of adding a touch of whimsy with floral washi tape. This clever idea by mtworld852 requires minimal effort while yielding maximum visual impact. To create this beautiful design, start by applying the tape in a circular pattern over the cover, leaving empty space within the wreath. Then, use this open area to add your heading, and voilà! Your journal is now a true masterpiece.

Lovely Lavender Washi Tape BuJo Cover

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For a simple yet elegant BuJo cover page, try incorporating a floral-inspired washi wreath. To create this look, cut strips of washi tape in shades of lavender, pink, and blue. Arrange these strips in a circular pattern on the cover, allowing you to customize the design to your taste. With just a few pieces of tape, you can transform your journal into a visually appealing and personalized space.

Stick Notes in Your BuJo

Adding a touch of whimsy to your bullet journal, washi tapes can be cleverly used to secure notes and images within the pages. Their delicate patterns and colors can elevate even the most mundane journal spreads into visually appealing masterpieces.

To-Do List Washi Tape Journal Idea

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Wanderbujo’s abstract design has captured my attention, particularly when paired with designer washi tape to create a visually appealing and functional to-do list in a bullet journal. This clever combination not only adds a touch of whimsy but also effectively draws attention to crucial sections, such as daily tasks or important dates, making it an excellent way to organize and prioritize your thoughts.

Washi Tape Swatches Page Ideas

Washi tape enthusiasts, rejoice! These visually stunning swatch spreads are a perfect way to showcase your beloved tape collection in your bullet journal. Whether you prefer to dedicate one per month, year, or simply as a fun random addition, these layouts are sure to delight and inspire creativity.

Washi Tape Rollers BuJo Spread

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To create a visually appealing washi tape swatch page, scatter samples of different tapes across the space and add an endearing touch by illustrating tiny paint rollers at one end of each tape. This whimsical layout is not only fun but also uniquely captures the essence of your journaling style. By incorporating this design element from darlingjournals, you can effortlessly create a swatch page that showcases your washi tapes in a charming and creative way.

Red to Pink Washi Swatches BuJo Page

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The Swatches Page, designed by MTWorld852, takes a romantic turn with its February-themed design inspired by Valentine’s Day. The color palette transitions seamlessly from bold red hues to soft pinks, resulting in a visually striking and lively visual display. To maintain a tidy layout, a dotted border is carefully crafted around the washi tape samples.

Leafy Green Washi Tape Bullet Journal Swatches

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The Swatches page by mtworld852 boasts a unique thematic layout inspired by nature’s foliage. The various washi tapes, each featuring distinct leafy patterns, are arranged in a table that seamlessly transitions from large sections to smaller ones, creating a visually appealing display. This clever design concept effectively showcases the versatility of washi tape while adding an extra layer of visual interest.

Washi Tape Collection Garland

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To add a touch of whimsy to your washi tape bullet journal swatches spread, consider the creative idea from bujolover_ct. Begin by drawing a garland with a black marker, featuring tiny banners that can be used to showcase different washi tape designs. This clever approach allows you to display your washi collection in a visually appealing manner, while also adding a playful and charming element to your bullet journal.

Hanging Washi Boards BuJo Page

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Transform your washi tape collection into a visually stunning display by categorizing and showcasing each piece in a unique way. Start by creating hanging boards across the swatches page, separating them into sections for thick and thin tapes. Then, carefully place pieces of washi tape onto each board, allowing you to appreciate the varying textures and patterns up close. This beautiful layout not only adds an artistic touch but also provides an easy reference point for planning future craft projects or sharing with fellow enthusiasts.

All Natural Washi Tape Collection

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Cynthiabujo’s washi tape bullet journal spread takes an all-natural approach, embracing the serenity of a harmonious blend between green and brown hues. The designer has cleverly employed polaroid-style washi tapes featuring leafy and floral patterns in various shades of green to create an earthy atmosphere. The black pen-drawn wireframe provides a subtle yet effective contrast against the lush tape designs, resulting in a visually stunning and organically beautiful spread that embodies the essence of nature.

Complimentary Washi Tape Hangers

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X_anya.journals_X’s swatches spread is a masterclass in visual harmony. The layout showcases an array of washi tapes, artfully arranged on hangers featuring two tapes each – one thick and one thin. What catches the eye, however, is the thoughtful pairing of patterned tape with solid glitter tape, creating a sense of uniformity and balance.

Washi Tape Polaroids Swatch Page

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The washi tape polaroids not only look irresistibly cute but also offer a unique way to showcase each design in your collection. As conceptualized by isa_bose, this creative idea features random scatterings of polaroids against a background adorned with subtle patterns and light-colored tape, allowing for an eye-catching display that highlights the individual designs.

Categorized Washi Tape Bullet Journal Spread

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Organizing a washi tape collection just got a whole lot easier! By categorizing swatches into different design types, you can create a visually appealing display that makes it simple to find the perfect tape for your next craft project. Consider grouping your tapes into categories such as patterns, florals, glittery accents, and miscellaneous designs. This clever approach was inspired by the creative minds at nicolligraphy.

Wall of Washis Swatch Page Spread

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The versatility of washi tape is truly inspiring, as seen in emmadbujo’s creative café scene design. By combining a table, chair, and menu board with your washi tape collection, you can turn your sketch into a stunning display of your tapes. This unique approach allows you to showcase your favorite designs while adding a touch of personality to your bullet journal.We’re thrilled that our previous roundup sparked creativity and encouraged readers to explore the many uses of washi tape. From showcasing your collection in swatches to incorporating it into various spreads, the possibilities are endless. To fuel your imagination further, grab your box of tapes and get ready to unleash your artistic side.If you loved these ideas as much as we do, feel free to save this article on your Pinterest board using the Pin image below. For more inspiration and updates, be sure to follow us on Instagram.

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