24 Dark Jewel Tone Colour Palette Ideas You Will Love

Imagine a luxurious, jewel-toned color palette that evokes the rich hues of precious gems. Deep blues reminiscent of sapphires, emerald greens with depth and intensity, and fiery reds akin to rubies all combine to create a sense of opulence and warmth. This timeless palette is revered in design for its versatility, effortlessly transforming any space into an inviting oasis. Whether used in statement pieces like sofas or curtains, or accent details such as cushions and artwork, the dark jewel tone color palette’s dramatic yet sophisticated atmosphere makes it suitable for both contemporary and traditional settings. By carefully selecting a combination of these vibrant hues, you can elevate your space to new heights of elegant richness.

Sapphire Serenity: Chic Bathroom Brilliance

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In this opulent bathroom, the focal point is the stunning combination of deep sapphire tiles and golden fixtures. The tiles’ reflective quality creates a mesmerizing lustrous effect, while the fixtures inject a regal touch, harmoniously complementing the dark hues. To add a pop of vibrancy, lush green plants are strategically placed, creating a striking contrast with the rich blue backdrop.

Emerald Elegance: Classic Living with a Twist

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In this traditional living space, emerald walls boldly introduce a modern touch. The classic comfort of plaid curtains and dark wood furniture is beautifully balanced by art and decor in lighter hues that subtly harmonize with the surrounding green. What’s more, incorporating rich jewel tones like emerald green can have a profound impact on a room’s overall atmosphere. According to expert TCH, ‘Dark jewel tones, such as emerald green, sapphire blue, and ruby red, bring an undeniable richness and depth to any space. By incorporating them into velvet throw pillows or a feature wall, you can transform a room from mundane to magnificent.’

Onyx Opulence: Bedroom with Bold Contrasts

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In this bedroom, black walls create a dramatic backdrop that’s elevated by geometric patterns and crisp white bedding. A pop of vibrancy comes from the emerald-green chair, which serves as a striking focal point. The introduction of abstract art adds a fluid element to the dark palette, providing a thought-provoking visual contrast that draws the eye.

Teal Tranquility: Bedroom with Pink and Teal Harmony

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In this serene bedroom, teal walls create a sense of calmness, serving as the backdrop for the pièce de résistance – a stunning pink bed that adds a touch of whimsy and sophistication. To maintain harmony, golden accents are strategically placed throughout the space, providing a subtle contrast to the soothing teal. The addition of fresh flowers injects a burst of natural energy into the room, bringing the entire design together in perfect balance.

Jade Journey: Refined Living with Global Textures

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Against a dramatic backdrop of dark walls, a unique combination of deep green shelves, patterned sofa, and warm wood tones creates a visually striking space. The eclectic arrangement of objects on the shelves adds to the room’s character, while the global touch of the sofa brings an air of sophistication. This design effectively balances bold and muted elements, much like how dark jewel tones can be expertly paired with neutral shades or metallic accents in fashion. When done thoughtfully, these combinations can result in a look that is both timeless and modern, exuding elegance and sophistication.

Tropical Topaz: Lively Lounge with Exotic Wallpaper

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In this space, a vibrant retreat is created by a lively wallpaper featuring a jungle motif. The rich green hue serves as the perfect backdrop for bursts of wildlife, which are expertly balanced against simple yet tasteful furniture. The result is a visually striking area where the bold wallpaper takes center stage, drawing the eye and inviting exploration.

Indigo Intrigue: Cozy Nook with Artistic Flair

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In this inviting nook, a harmonious juxtaposition unfolds. The indigo-hued walls provide a dramatic backdrop for the warm, golden undertones and plush textures that bring a sense of coziness to the space. Meanwhile, the thoughtfully curated gallery wall creates an artistic ambiance that beautifully complements the room’s rich indigo hue.

Amethyst Adventure: Living Room with a Bold Spirit

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The eye-catching room is instantly transformed by the striking amethyst wall, which serves as a canvas for an intriguing collage of eclectic art pieces. The lush greenery and richly colored furnishings that dot the space inject an abundance of visual interest, creating a multifaceted visual experience that’s both captivating and thought-provoking.

Lapis Luxury: Kitchen with a Dark Jewel Tone Palette

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A luxurious atmosphere permeates a kitchen featuring lapis-colored cabinetry as the focal point. The warmth of honey-hued leather seats and radiant brass lighting creates a glamorous contrast to the dark cabinets and backsplash, resulting in a visually stunning space. In a similar vein, incorporating dark jewel tones into landscaping can yield breathtaking garden designs. These rich hues provide an excellent backdrop for lush greenery, and can be introduced through natural stone elements or decorative features like ceramic planters.

Velvet Midnight: Inviting Den with Textured Layers

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In the still of the night, a moody lounge transforms into a cozy sanctuary. Midnight blue walls envelop the space, fostering an intimate atmosphere that begs for whispered secrets and shared laughter. Amidst this somber backdrop, vintage frames and an assortment of textures come together to pique curiosity, as plush seating in rich hues invites languid conversations and relaxed repose. The room strikes a sublime balance between dramatic shadows and indulgent luxury, making it the perfect haven for those seeking solace in its comforting embrace.

Magenta Magic: Dining Nook in Radiant Ruby

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In this enigmatic dining nook, a striking magenta wall sets the tone for a dramatic gathering space. The bold hue is juxtaposed against artistic masterpieces framed in gleaming gold, adding an air of sophistication and refinement. A fusion of modernity and playfulness is achieved through the incorporation of transparent chairs and a sleek glass table, while vibrant cushions inject a pop of color and whimsy. As a result, this dining area exudes a bold ruby charm that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

Sapphire Study: Sophistication in Deep Blue

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In this setting, a Navy blue shelving unit serves as the focal point for a refined study space, elevated by the striking presence of a gold chandelier. The textured dark blue chair and drapes add layers of opulence to the room, culminating in an atmosphere that exudes sapphire sophistication through each carefully curated element.

Gallery of Gems: Eclectic Art on Indigo

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Against the backdrop of a rich dark blue wall, a stunning gallery of artwork takes center stage, each piece thoughtfully framed to create a visually striking display. The adjacent green sofa and patterned chest inject a playful contrast, while the space as a whole is a masterclass in curating indigo and jewel-toned treasures.

Festive Sapphire: Staircase Adorned for Celebration

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A majestic staircase, swathed in rich dark blue hues, beckons one to revel in the festivities. The intricate patterned wallpaper and plush velvet cushions engage in a delightful dance of texture, playfully manipulating light and darkness. This sapphire-inspired sanctuary is a testament to the opulence and joy that can be found within its walls.

Peacock Blue Dining: Elegant Entertaining Space

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In this stunning dining room, designed by lucywilisinteriors, the eye-catching peacock blue walls serve as the perfect backdrop for an evening of entertaining. The vibrant teal and crimson drapes add a pop of color, while the bold, clear blooms on the table create a beautiful contrast that draws the eye. Every detail in this space has been thoughtfully curated to exude elegance and sophistication.

Burgundy Boudoir: Velvet Dreams in Dark Red

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Surrounded by the opulent hues of burgundy, this bedroom is a haven of warmth and coziness. Plush bedding and sumptuous velvet pillows create a tactile experience that invites you to linger. The rich, dark backdrop allows the bold reds and blues to take center stage, evoking feelings of comfort and tranquility.

Jade Bathroom: Rustic Elegance with Verdant Flair

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In this enchanting bathroom, veluxusa skillfully blends rustic wood tones with vibrant jade cabinetry and subtle golden accents. The skylight above pours in natural light, expertly highlighting the lush green hues that infuse the space with warmth and serenity. This harmonious union of elegance and earthiness is brought to life through the clever use of verdant accents, creating a truly unique and captivating atmosphere.

Teal Dining Drama: Bold Colors Meet Classic Furniture

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In this visually striking room, a perfect blend of old and new is achieved through the combination of teal dining chairs and patterned wallpaper. The juxtaposition of smooth textures and bold colors yields a dynamic yet harmonious atmosphere, reminiscent of a theatrical production that deftly balances light and shadow.

Amethyst and Teal Living: Vibrant Lounging Area

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In the midst of this inviting living area, an amethyst-hued sofa takes center stage against a stunning backdrop of teal walls. The room’s visual appeal is further amplified by the vibrant window treatments, which inject layers of color and depth. Meanwhile, carefully placed reflective surfaces cleverly play with light, imbuing the space with an undeniable sense of energy and sophistication.

Indigo Comfort: Library Nook in Deep Blue

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Within the confines of this inviting nook, a harmonious balance between deep blue hues and warm yellows is struck, crafting a snug library corner that embodies the essence of a tranquil retreat. The rich dark tones serve as a subtle backdrop for introspective contemplation, expertly tempered by plush cushions that invite lingering relaxation. This haven, steeped in intellectual comfort, beckons one to settle in with a good book and let the soothing ambiance transport them to a state of serene repose.

Teal Twilight: Bedroom Enclave in Oceanic Tones

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In the midst of a sea of deep teal, sculpted flowers burst forth in an enchanting arrangement against a wall. A golden frame surrounding playful artwork injects a touch of elegance, while apricot-hued curtains create a striking visual counterpoint. The room is a veritable treasure trove of rich, oceanic hues, evoking the mystery and beauty of the deep blue sea.

Sapphire Sparkle: Kitchen Gleam with Blue Cabinets

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In this stunning kitchen, the sapphire-blue cabinets are the focal point, radiating luxury under the soft glow of a chandelier. As the natural light pours in, it amplifies the jewel-toned ambiance, making the space feel both warm and inviting. The wooden flooring adds a touch of warmth, balancing out the cool tones of the blue cabinetry to create a harmonious blend of elegance and modernity.

Lapis Lazuli Leisure: Bold Bedroom with Artistic Flair

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Against a stunning backdrop of lapis lazuli, a majestic large-scale painting takes center stage. The vibrant hues of the bedding and the ornate ceiling fixture converge to create a whimsical atmosphere that transports you to a realm of boundless creativity. In this extraordinary space, slumber becomes an odyssey of the imagination, where the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur.

Garnet Glow: Lounge in Warm Earthy Tones

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Warmth radiates from the lounge, enveloping all who enter in a cozy embrace. A vibrant central art piece, reminiscent of the earthy tones that dominate the space, adds a pop of energy to the serene atmosphere. Plush seating and soft lighting conspire to create a sanctuary for relaxation and introspection, inviting visitors to linger and unwind.


What are dark jewel tones?

Deep, rich hues reminiscent of precious gemstones, often referred to as dark jewel tones, are characterized by their intense saturation and depth. Examples of these captivating colors include the vibrant emerald green of a gemstone, the fiery ruby red, the majestic sapphire blue, and the regal amethyst purple. These colours exude an air of luxury and sophistication, making them a popular choice for designers seeking to evoke a sense of opulence.

Why should I use dark jewel tones in my decor?

Luxury and warmth radiate from dark jewel tones, which can effortlessly transform a vast room into an inviting sanctuary. As striking statement colors, they can elevate any design, imbuing the space with depth and visual interest.

Which colors combine well with dark jewel tones?

The synergy between dark jewel tones and neutral hues is undeniable. Gray, black, and white provide the perfect canvas for these opulent colors to shine, while metallic accents like gold and silver inject an air of refinement and poise.

Can dark jewel tones be used in small spaces?

When designing for small spaces, it’s crucial to approach color selection with care. While a bold primary palette can be exciting, using dark jewel tones as accent colors instead can help avoid overwhelming the senses and create a more harmonious atmosphere. By doing so, you’ll maintain visual interest without sacrificing the sense of calm and serenity that small spaces often require.

What are some tips for incorporating dark jewel tones in home decor?

When incorporating dark jewel tones into your home decor, consider pairing them with softer hues and diverse textures to achieve harmony. This can be achieved through the use of various elements such as soft furnishings, wall paint, or accent pieces. By balancing these rich colors with lighter options, you can create a visually appealing space that showcases your unique style.

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