50 Shiplap Fireplace Ideas You Will Instantly Fall In Love With

Indulge in the warmth and sophistication of modern living with our curated collection of 50 shiplap fireplace ideas. This carefully crafted compilation celebrates the harmonious marriage of rustic charm and contemporary elegance, redefining the very essence of your living space. Whether it’s nestled within a cozy cottage or an urban loft, these innovative designs will transport you to a realm where comfort and style converge. Explore our vast array of shiplap-adorned fireplaces, each one expertly crafted to ignite a passion for the perfect blend of warmth and refinement.

Shiplap Farmhouse Fireplace Wall With Wood Accents

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Transport yourself to a serene farmhouse setting without leaving your home by incorporating our stunning white fireplaces with shiplap surrounds and captivating wood accents. The harmonious blend of rustic textures and soothing tones creates an inviting atmosphere that will make you feel like you’re nestled in the heart of the countryside. For inspiration, check out our curated list of 20 best corner fireplace mantel ideas.

Christmas Decorated Shiplap Wall Fireplace

Shiplap’s incorporation into fireplace design injects a unique layer of texture and visual appeal, effortlessly merging traditional and modern aesthetics to create a versatile and captivating element in various interior styles. The rustic charm of shiplap harmonizes seamlessly with festive ornaments, transforming the fireplace into a stunning focal point that commands attention during celebrations.

Grey Shiplap Wall For White Fireplace

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When incorporating shiplap paneling around a fireplace, the interplay between color and finish is crucial to achieving the desired aesthetic. A whitewashed shiplap can impart a timeless elegance, whereas darker tones can introduce a sleek, modern flair. This thoughtful design consideration has the power to profoundly impact the ambiance of your space, effortlessly conjuring a specific mood.

Grey Shipalp Accent Wall With Gold Accents For Fireplace

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When it comes to interior design, few pairings are as captivating as the harmonious union of cool grey tones and radiant gold accents. A grey shiplap backdrop, with its soft, understated charm, provides a serene setting for an inviting atmosphere. The textured surface of this neutral hue wraps around you, conjuring feelings of warmth and comfort. But it’s the unexpected pop of gold that truly takes this aesthetic to new heights, imbuing the space with an air of sophistication and elegance.

White Shiplap Tv Wall With Fireplace

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The subtle fusion of classic shiplap texture and crisp white hues forms an understated canvas of elegance. The marble-surrounded fireplace, a haven of warmth and coziness, harmonizes effortlessly with the clean lines of shiplap, blending traditional and modern design elements in perfect synergy. To maintain the integrity and visual appeal of your shiplap installation on the fireplace, invest in a high-quality sealant or finish that offers heat resistance and protection from moisture, stains, and minor damage. Consider the aesthetic you desire – a natural finish accentuates the wood’s grain pattern, while a painted finish enables seamless integration with your overall interior design scheme.

Minimalist White Living Room With Wooden Accents

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The humble shiplap-clad fireplace is more than just a stylish addition to a room – it’s an expertly curated blend of simplicity and sophistication. The horizontally oriented planks not only add visual interest but also cleverly manipulate our perception of the space, making it feel wider and more expansive. This harmonious marriage of design elements subtly reshapes our understanding of the room’s dimensions, effectively creating a sense of openness that’s both inviting and visually appealing.

Halloween Decorated Fireplace Mantel

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Transform the rustic appeal of shiplap into an eerily enchanting atmosphere by incorporating velvety cobwebs that add a touch of mystery. Line the mantel with enigmatic potion bottles and complete the ambiance with flickering candles that cast playful shadows, as if the darkness itself is dancing.

Shiplap Wall Fireplace With Wooden Floating Shelf On Top

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The harmonious union of shiplap and wooden floating shelves creates a design synergy that transcends spaces, from cozy cottages to urban lofts. This stylish combination commands attention, evokes visual delight, and cultivates a sense of comfort, making it an ideal centerpiece for any living space. As the perfect blend of charm and sophistication, this aesthetic tandem has the power to elevate your surroundings into a realm of enduring refinement.

Fall Decorated Living Room With Shiplap Accent Wall

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As the seasons change, bringing warmth and vibrancy to the outdoors, why not bring that same cozy essence inside? The rustic texture of shiplap seamlessly blends with the autumnal hues, crafting a harmonious marriage of natural charm and modern style. The result is a space that embodies the best of both worlds – warm, inviting, and full of character.

Shiplap And Stone Fireplace Surround

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The introduction of a stone and shiplap fireplace is a masterstroke in design, elevating the room’s aesthetic to new heights. The juxtaposition of the textured, earthy tones of the stone against the smooth, weathered boards of the shiplap creates a visually stunning contrast that draws the eye and adds warmth to the space.

Modern Black Shiplap Fireplace With Shiplap Accent Wall

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What distinguishes modern ship lap fireplace designs from others is their remarkable adaptability. This versatility allows them to seamlessly integrate into a wide range of design styles, serving as a blank canvas for contemporary décor, a cozy focal point in a farmhouse-inspired space, or a dramatic showpiece in a transitional setting.

Minimalist Fireplace With Shiplap With TV On Top

Against a blank slate of shiplap paneling, the dancing flames of the chimney create a captivating focal point. Elevated above this minimalist backdrop, the television’s sleek design strikes a harmonious balance between entertainment and aesthetics, resulting in a visually stunning experience.

Shiplap Wall With Fireplace Over Tile Surround

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Pairing a shiplap surround with a tile fireplace can create a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary styles. The tactile quality of the shiplap adds warmth and personality, while the smooth tiles introduce a touch of modernity through their reflective surface. This versatile combination invites experimentation with various wood tones, tile colors, and patterns, making it an ideal foundation for limitless design possibilities.

Mirror Over Fireplace Ideas

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A mirror over a fireplace is more than just a reflective surface – it’s a design element that can dramatically reshape your living space. This blue shiplap fireplace, for instance, offers a timeless elegance or a modern twist, depending on your vision. What’s often overlooked, however, is the importance of prioritizing safety when incorporating this design feature. As expert TCH notes, a crucial buffer zone must be maintained between the shiplap and the fireplace to prevent overheating and potential fire hazards. Consulting with a professional before installation can help determine the necessary clearance requirements for your specific fireplace model, ensuring a safe and stylish addition to your home.

White Shiplap Fireplace Wall And Light Wood Flooring

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A statement piece in any room, a white shiplap fireplace embodies timeless charm and effortless sophistication. Its crisp, coastal-inspired aesthetic invites the outdoors in, imbuing the space with a sense of freshness and airiness. The textured surface and clean lines of the shiplap walls create a visually appealing focal point that not only draws the eye but also sets the tone for the entire room, effortlessly conveying a sense of casual elegance.

Fireplace With Floating Shelves On Both Sides

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As the flames dance across the hearth, a warm and inviting glow envelops the room. The gentle crackle of the fire is the perfect accompaniment to the sight of cherished mementos, art pieces, or lush greenery expertly displayed on the floating shelves that flank the fireplace. These elegant shelving units strike a harmonious balance between form and function, providing an ideal backdrop for your personal treasures to take center stage.

Farmhouse Brick And Shiplap Fireplace With Mantel

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In this cozy farmhouse design, the horizontal orientation of the brick and shiplap fireplace takes center stage, guiding the eye along its length and cleverly creating an illusion of spaciousness. The unexpected pairing of weathered shiplap’s textured charm with the raw allure of exposed brick yields a visually captivating contrast that commands attention. The play on textures and materials creates a dynamic visual flow, drawing the viewer’s gaze to this striking focal point.

White Horizontal Shiplap Fireplace With Wall-Mounted Light Fixtures

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The installation of wall-mounted light fixtures in tandem with the shiplap fireplace creates an inviting atmosphere. As the soft illumination dances across the textured shiplap, it produces a captivating interplay of light and shadow. This subtle contrast adds depth to your space, effortlessly transforming it into a warm and welcoming retreat where you can unwind.

Neutral Color Living Room With Black Carpet

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On a soothing backdrop of neutral hues – think beige, ivory, and gentle grays – your artistic flair can truly shine. But it’s the unexpected addition of a sleek black carpet that truly elevates the space, injecting a sense of modern sophistication and commanding attention with its bold presence.

White Shiplap Fireplace Over Light Wood Mantel Surround

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Transform your living space into a serene retreat by combining the rustic sophistication of shiplap with the warm, organic beauty of a wood mantel in a fireplace design. This harmonious blend of textures and materials creates a captivating focal point that effortlessly balances traditional charm with modern sensibility.

White Shiplap Wall Electric Fireplace Insert With Window On One Side

The white shiplap panels bring a sense of calm and serenity to the space, their sleek lines and smooth finish creating a bright and airy atmosphere. This versatile design element provides a blank slate for any decorating style, be it coastal-chic or farmhouse-inspired, allowing you to effortlessly curate your desired ambiance.

Light-Wood Flooring, Beige Walls And White Shiplap Fireplace

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In harmony, this visual medley strikes a perfect balance, crafting an atmosphere both inviting and refined. The gentle union of light-wood flooring, beige walls, and a crisp white shiplap wood beam mantel is a testament to the art of thoughtful integration, weaving together seemingly disparate elements into a seamless whole that elevates the space into a serene sanctuary of sophistication.

White Shiplap Accent Wall Fireplace With Wooden Beams

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Including weathered wooden beams adds a touch of nostalgia, transporting you to a bygone era. The rustic charm they bring is undeniable, evoking feelings of comfort and familiarity as if stepping into a piece of history. As the smooth shiplap provides a sophisticated backdrop, the organic texture of the weathered beams creates a visually striking contrast that’s both tactile and aesthetically pleasing.

Shiplap Accent Wall Fireplace With Wooden Candle Chandelier

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A wooden candle chandelier elevates this design concept to new heights, its rustic framework and dainty candle holders evoking a sense of nostalgia while remaining effortlessly stylish in modern interiors. The blend of vintage charm and contemporary flair creates a unique atmosphere that’s both inviting and captivating.

As TCH experts note, accurate measurements are crucial when installing a fireplace with shiplap and stone. Precision is key to achieving a seamless fit and uniform aesthetic. To ensure success, it’s essential to carefully measure the fireplace opening, mantel, and any other architectural features multiple times. Even creating a mock-up beforehand can be invaluable in preventing mistakes and guaranteeing a flawless installation.

Fireplace Accent Wall With Windows On Both Sides

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Crafting a visually appealing arrangement of windows with a fireplace demands attention to proportionate harmony and symmetry. The outcome is a meticulously balanced visual presentation that not only delights the eye but also achieves a harmonious balance between nature’s elegance and architectural design. This trend seamlessly accommodates diverse design preferences, ranging from timeless traditional to modern, thus offering homeowners the freedom to express their personal style.

White Shiplap Fireplace Walls For A Black Fireplace

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A clever juxtaposition unfolds in this room, where the textured white shiplap boards playfully dance with the shadows, adding depth and visual interest to the space. Meanwhile, the sleek black fireplace stands out as a bold focal point, exuding an air of sophistication and refinement. This unexpected pairing serves as a poignant reminder that harmony can emerge from seemingly disparate elements – the light and dark, the rustic and modern – coming together in perfect balance.

Modern Black Shiplap Fireplace

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With the addition of a black modern shiplap fireplace wall, you can open up a world of interior design possibilities. This sleek and stylish element effortlessly complements a range of aesthetics, from industrial and minimalist to even a touch of bohemian chic. The beauty of this design lies in its ability to anchor a room while maintaining an air of modernity, making it a versatile choice that can seamlessly integrate with various decorating styles.

Fireplace Accent Wall With Built-Ins On Both Sides

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The built-in features of these rooms provide a unique opportunity to get creative with storage solutions. By seamlessly integrating bookshelves, display cabinets, or even media consoles, homeowners can not only improve the room’s organization but also curate decor elements that reflect their personal style and personality. The result is a space that feels tailored to their individual tastes.

White Shiplap Fireplace Accent wall With Built-In On Both Sidesa And Brick Surround

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Against the calm, modern backdrop of white shiplap, the juxtaposition of textured shiplap and earthy brickwork in the fireplace creates a visually striking contrast. This unique blend of elements is further enhanced by the thoughtfully integrated built-in shelving on either side, which not only provides ample storage and display opportunities but also subtly reinforces the space’s sense of harmony and balance through its symmetrical placement.

Black Shiplap Accent wall On White Wall For Fireplace

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A bold and striking design move, incorporating a black shiplap accent wall adjacent to a white-walled fireplace area, harmoniously blends contrasting elements to craft an awe-inspiring focal point that embodies both modern sophistication and enduring refinement. The stark visual contrast between the crisp white backdrop and the dark shiplap accents creates a captivating display of texture and tone, imbuing the space with an undeniable sense of drama and visual interest.

White Horizontal Shiplap Wal With Wooden Floating Shelf

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This stunning design cleverly blends texture and color while incorporating practicality. The floating shelf not only serves as a beautiful display space for cherished items, art, or potted plants but also cleverly conceals storage. The wooden element adds an organic touch that thoughtfully contrasts the crispness of the shiplap, resulting in a visually pleasing harmony.

Christmas theme Artwork Displayed On Top Of Shiplap Fireplace

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To achieve a harmonious balance in your home’s décor, choose Christmas art pieces that align with your personal style. This could be traditional, contemporary, or eclectic – the shiplap fireplace provides a versatile backdrop for expressing your festive creativity. The key is moderation; curate a thoughtful selection of pieces to evoke the desired ambiance without overwhelming the space.

Shiplap Fireplace With Wreath

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The visual synergy between shiplap’s geometric lines and the organic curves of a wreath creates a captivating aesthetic harmony. This juxtaposition of textures not only adds visual interest but also conveys a sense of balance and equilibrium, making the fireplace area a standout feature. The wreath serves as a bridge between nature’s beauty and interior design, seamlessly integrating the outdoors into the space and infusing it with a touch of natural elegance.

Grey Shiplap Accent Wall And Light Wood Flooring

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A harmonious union takes place when a grey shiplap accent wall meets light wood flooring – it’s a match made in design heaven! The subtle interplay between the soothing, cool tones of grey and the natural warmth of light wood produces a beautiful balance that effortlessly invites anyone into the space. This thoughtful combination creates an atmosphere that is both calming and inviting, making it perfect for any room.

White Shiplap Wall Fireplace With Black Tile Surround

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Against the crisp white backdrop of the shiplap, the dancing flames take center stage, casting a warm glow that invites cozy relaxation. Meanwhile, the black tile surround adds a touch of sophistication and modernity to the space, with its sleek reflective surface amplifying the mesmerizing allure of the firelight.

White Fireplace With Wooden Accents And built-In On Both Sides

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Transform your living space into a sophisticated oasis with the classic charm of a white fireplace, perfectly complemented by intricate wooden accents. This showstopping design serves as both a visually striking focal point and a functional haven, boasting built-in features on either side. For a seamless shiplap installation that exudes professionalism, heed expert advice: meticulously prepare the wall by sanding down any rough patches, applying primer to ensure optimal adhesion, and ensuring the surface is clean and smooth – a small investment in prep yields significant dividends in terms of visual appeal.

Black Fireplace And Beige Carpet Flooring

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A modern take on a traditional fireplace concept, black shiplap injects a contemporary edge into the room. The bold color choice and sleek lines of this design create a striking visual effect that’s both daring and stylish. In contrast, the beige carpeting adds an element of timeless comfort, inviting you to relax and unwind in its plush fibers.

White Shiplap Fireplace With Wooden Floating Shelves

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In this design, the living area is transformed into a warm and inviting sanctuary that serves as a canvas for personal expression. The harmonious union of white shiplap and wooden shelves provides a backdrop for curating a space that authentically reflects one’s style, while also embracing the enduring charm of this classic combination.

White Shiplap With Black Fireplace And Darkwood Flooring

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A rich foundation is established by the dark wood flooring, which grounds the room with its deep, earthy tones that evoke a sense of natural connection. The textured surface adds depth and visual interest to the space, creating a comfortable and sophisticated ambiance that is further enhanced by the interplay of light and shadow across the shiplap fireplace and flooring. This dynamic visual display evolves throughout the day, offering a constantly shifting tapestry of texture and tone.

Distressed Brick Surround Fireplace With Mirror On Top

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Transforming your distressed brick surround fireplace into a stunning focal point is as simple as adding a strategically placed mirror. This clever design trick has the power to amplify natural light and create the illusion of a more spacious room, making even the most intimate spaces feel welcoming and airy. The reflective surface of the mirror will beautifully complement the rustic charm of the distressed brick, drawing the eye upwards and creating a sense of height.

Fireplace With Crown Molding And Shiplap Wall

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For centuries, crown molding has been a timeless architectural detail used to impart a sense of refinement and grandeur to interior spaces. When skillfully applied to a fireplace, it creates a striking visual transition between the wall and ceiling, effectively drawing the eye upward and making the room feel more expansive.

White Fireplace Accent wall With Wood Accents And Tile Surround

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Elevate your fireplace’s visual appeal with a contemporary twist by selecting a sleek tile surround. This design element offers unparalleled versatility, allowing you to pick from a vast array of textures, hues, and patterns that perfectly harmonize with your personal style.

Exposed Brick Fireplace With Light-Wood Flooring

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The rustic charm of exposed brick walls is elevated by its unexpected juxtaposition with light wood accents. The rich, earthy tones of the brick provide a striking visual counterpoint to the pale neutrality of the wood, creating a captivating focal point that naturally draws the eye and sparks conversation.

Black Fireplace And Grey Rug

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In this unexpected twist on the traditional hearth, a sleek black vertical shiplap fireplace takes center stage. Its bold departure from convention invites the eye to linger on its clean lines and the mesmerizing dance of flames within. When set against a light-colored backdrop, the striking contrast transforms the fireplace into an objet d’art that commands attention and sparks conversation. This modern take on the classic concept injects a contemporary edge, making it a true showstopper in any room.

White Shiplap Fireplace With Granite Surround

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The introduction of a granite surround above a white shiplap fireplace instantly elevates the design to a sophisticated level of elegance. The natural beauty and durability of the granite bring a luxurious touch to the space, while its subtle color variations and patterns add visual depth and create a striking contrast with the crisp lines of the white shiplap.

Dark Grey Fireplace With Wooden Floating Bench On One Side

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The arrangement of the wooden bench next to the fireplace has the power to create an intimate haven that effortlessly draws you in. Visualize sipping hot cocoa while surrounded by the cozy warmth of the flames, as the wooden bench cradles you in comfort. This harmonious combination of cool grey tones and warm wood creates a sense of equilibrium that beautifully complements the room’s overall design.

White Shiplap Wall Fireplace With Blue Furniture

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Surrounded by the calming essence of blue furniture, the crisp white shiplap wall provides a stunning contrast that invites serenity. The soothing atmosphere is effortlessly achieved with navy sofas, powder-blue accent chairs or even cerulean coffee tables, all blending harmoniously with the shiplap’s clean canvas. To elevate this design, opt for high-quality woods like pine or cedar when selecting shiplap material for your fireplace. These natural materials not only add visual appeal but also boast durability, withstanding heat generated by the fireplace while maintaining their integrity and beauty over time.

Neutral Color Living Room With Wooden Floating Shelf On Shilap Fireplace

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In this stunning living room, a harmonious blend of neutral colors creates a serene atmosphere. Walls painted with soothing shades of beige, taupe, and gentle gray serve as the perfect canvas for an engaging interplay of textures and materials. The understated color palette allows these tactile elements to take center stage, resulting in a visually appealing space that effortlessly balances warmth and serenity.

Minimalist White Shiplap Wall For Fireplace

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In embracing the philosophy of minimalism, one of the most effective ways to achieve simplicity is by incorporating clean lines and textures. A white shiplap wall perfectly embodies this principle, serving as a serene and unobtrusive backdrop for your fireplace. The smooth wooden panels add a touch of tactility without overpowering the space, creating an understated yet harmonious atmosphere that effortlessly complements various interior styles, from farmhouse charm to modern sophistication, making it a versatile choice for any home.

White Shiplap Fireplace With A Distressed Wood Log As A Shelf

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A striking White rustic shiplap fireplace with a hearth featuring a distressed wood log shelf presents a captivating fusion of classic sophistication and rustic warmth. The shelf’s textured surface invites creative expression, allowing each displayed piece to become a chapter in your space’s story, making it a true reflection of your personal style.


Can shiplap be used on a fireplace?

When it comes to incorporating shiplap into a fireplace design, there are several key factors to consider. As shiplap is a wood-based material, it’s crucial to ensure a safe installation that maintains a consistent distance from the firebox to prevent any potential fire hazards. Furthermore, using heat-resistant materials and finishes can help safeguard the shiplap from the heat generated by the fireplace, allowing you to enjoy the warmth and ambiance without compromising safety or aesthetics.

How much does it cost to build a shiplap fireplace?

The cost of installing a shiplap fireplace can be significantly influenced by various factors, including the size of the fireplace, the type of shiplap material employed, labor costs, and regional variations. As a result, the total expenditure can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the specific requirements. To obtain a more accurate estimate, it is advisable to solicit quotes from local contractors and suppliers.

How to make a shiplap fireplace?

When it comes to creating a shiplap fireplace, the process involves several crucial steps that will help you achieve the desired outcome. To begin, design your fireplace by determining its size, layout, and style. This decision will ultimately influence where you install the shiplap – whether around the mantel, above the firebox, or covering the entire wall.Next, select the material for your shiplap. Common options include real wood, MDF panels, or peel-and-stick wallpaper. Ensure that the surface is clean and level before proceeding with the installation process. If using real wood, you may need to sand or treat the material beforehand.The actual installation begins at the bottom and works its way up. Secure the shiplap planks to the wall using nails, screws, or adhesive, leaving a small gap between each plank for expansion purposes. Use a level to ensure that the planks remain straight throughout the process.Once the installation is complete, focus on finishing touches. Fill any nail holes and seams with putty before sanding and applying paint or stain to your desired finish. When it comes to areas near the firebox, consider using heat-resistant materials to maintain safety.If you desire a mantel above the shiplap, now’s the time to install it. You can choose from various materials like wood, stone, or metal. Finally, complete the look by adding fireplace accessories such as a hearth, decorative elements, and lighting.

Is there a non-combustible shiplap?

When it comes to shiplap installation near fireplaces or other high-heat areas, safety should be the top priority. Fortunately, there are non-combustible alternatives available that can achieve a similar aesthetic without compromising on safety. Materials like metal, concrete, and certain types of stone can mimic the look of traditional shiplap while providing the necessary fire resistance. It’s essential to consult with professionals specializing in fireproofing and fireplace design when selecting materials for these areas to ensure your project meets the required standards.

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