20+ Cute Mason Jar Crafts For Kids That Are Too Cool

Spider Mason Jar Crafts for Kids

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Looking for a fun and creative activity to delight your kids this Halloween? Look no further than these adorable mason jar spider crafts that are sure to cast a spell of excitement. Not only can you use them as candy holders, but they also make a great addition to any Halloween-themed decor. With just a few simple supplies like pipe cleaners, googly eyes, black paint and brush, glue, and a good mason jar, you can create your own spooky spider masterpiece that’s sure to impress even the most discerning trick-or-treaters.

Snowmen mason jar crafts for kids

Who can resist the charm of a snowman? Not I, that’s for sure! When I stumbled upon this delightful winter wonderland craft by craftymorning, I knew I had found the perfect activity to share with my little one during our upcoming vacation. Mason jar crafts are surprisingly kid-friendly, and this project is no exception. With a bit of guidance, children can bring their own snowman mason jars to life. The process begins with painting the jar white and allowing it to dry completely. Next, stretch Christmas socks over the top of the jar to create a stylish hat-like effect. Finally, add some personality with buttons for a face, cute eyes, and you’ve got yourself a one-of-a-kind snowman mason jar masterpiece!

Apple mason jar craft

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The pandemic and subsequent global lockdown had a profound impact on many of us, forcing us to explore new hobbies and discover hidden talents. For me, it was a love affair with painting that began during this time. However, I also introduced my niece to the world of crafting, and her enthusiasm was palpable. When I stumbled upon the Apple Pencil Holder by Rufflesandrainboots, I knew she would adore it. This isn’t just any ordinary pencil holder; it’s a beautiful piece that can be transformed with a dash of creativity. With a simple coat of red paint, the lid can be given a pop of green, while delicate paper cutout leaves add a touch of whimsy. Finally, wrapping a string around the jar’s neck provides the perfect finishing touch, elevating this humble pencil holder into a truly unique piece.

Colorful Mason Jar Lanterns

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Inspired by the whimsical charm of outdoor ornaments, these mason jar crafts offer a delightful DIY project for kids. I’m convinced that luminaries can instantly elevate any setting to a festive ambiance. Take, for instance, the simple yet captivating mason jar lanterns from Happy Hooligans. By inserting a tea light, you’ll be rewarded with a mesmerizing display. This is an excellent opportunity for your little ones to create something special for grandparents or neighbors – a thoughtful gesture that’s sure to bring joy.

Mason Jar Aquarium

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This clever DIY hack from hellowonderful transforms a simple mason jar into an engaging toy aquarium that lets kids experience the magic of an underwater world without the hassle of maintaining a real aquarium. Unlike other mason jar crafts, this one is designed to be admired and enjoyed, with toy fish and aquatic creatures adding an extra layer of fascination. The result is a unique and entertaining DIY project that’s sure to delight both children and adults alike.

Paint Drip Mason Jar Crafts For Kids

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The paint drip effect has taken center stage in recent times, and what I appreciate about the vibrant creations by masonjarcraftslove is their accessibility. These projects are surprisingly easy to execute, even for young hands to get involved. The end result is a colorful masterpiece that’s sure to delight kids of all ages. To start, simply gather bright acrylic paints in small containers and add a dash of water to make the colors flow smoothly. Then, let the fun begin! Simply pour each color along the jar’s edge and gently twirl it until you’ve achieved the desired effect. Repeat this process with all the hues to transform your mason jar into a kaleidoscope of colors.

The Ladybird Catcher in the Jar

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I’m a fan of creative upcycling, and a mason jar craft for kids that promotes recycling is right up my alley. At a young age, it’s essential to instill in children the value of preserving our planet’s resources. A great example of this is the mason jar craft featured on Creativegreenliving. By simply painting the lid to resemble a ladybird and adding some playful touches like googly eyes and pipe cleaners, you can create a charming little figurine that your child will love playing with – perhaps even using it to ‘catch’ their very own ladybird! The best part is that this craft not only fosters creativity but also encourages kids to think about the impact of their actions on the environment.

Mason Jar Succulent Planter

This enchanting planter brings to mind the joy of smiling again. The whimsical charm of unicorns is undeniable, making this winsome kawaii unicorn succulent planter by creativegreenliving a standout gift option for anyone with a passion for these mythical creatures. I particularly appreciate quirky mason jar crafts that add a touch of playfulness, and this planter’s unique angle fits the bill – it’s sure to delight kids and adults alike.

Mason Jar Crafts For Kids and School Supplies

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I’ve always found myself labeling school supply stores as ‘the evil store.’ It’s not that they’re inherently malicious, but rather their enticing array of innovative items can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, you’ll find clever and fun supplies that spark creativity in kids. However, these treasures often come with a hefty price tag. In an effort to break free from the cycle of overspending, I’ve curated a list of cost-effective mason jar crafts for kids that won’t break the bank. One of my personal favorites is the DIY storage jar featuring a calculator with a cheeky wink – it’s the perfect way to stash school supplies while adding a touch of personality. Which one do you think your little ones would love most?

Trolls Mason Jars

What catches my eye about these mason jar crafts for kids is their whimsical charm! The addition of googly eyes gives them an extra layer of cuteness, making them hard to resist. If you’re looking to add an extra touch of beauty, consider pairing your planter with a plant featuring pink blooms – it’s the perfect match.

Mason Jar Piggy Bank

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Learning is a lifelong process, and I’m still learning valuable lessons on how to save up effectively. Teaching children the significance of saving from a young age is an excellent decision, as it lays the groundwork for smart financial habits later in life. To make saving a fun and engaging experience for kids, consider creating a unique piggy bank together. One creative way to do this is by transforming a mason jar into a colorful rainbow piggy bank. Start by helping your child paint the jar white, then let them unleash their creativity by painting a vibrant rainbow design on the lid. Once complete, use a cardboard piece to cover the center of the lid and create a slit for inserting coins. Voilà! You now have a one-of-a-kind mason jar piggy bank that not only teaches kids about the importance of saving but also promotes environmental awareness through recycling.

Peep Mason Jar Crafts For Easter

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The mason jar crafts for kids on Mason Jar Crafts Love are irresistibly adorable. The combination of pink, blue, and bright yellow hues makes these jars a perfect fit for children’s creative endeavors. One of the most endearing aspects is the cute, hand-painted faces that add a personal touch to each jar. The process is surprisingly straightforward. Begin by painting the jar white as the base coat. Next, apply masking tape in a zig-zag pattern and fill in the spaces between with yellow paint. After removing the tape, complete the design by painting the remaining blank area white. Finally, use black paint to bring the face in the center to life. Voilà! You’ll have a delightful peep mason jar perfect for Easter celebrations or any other special occasion.

Zombie Mason

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Halloween is often regarded as the most thrilling day of the year, exuding an atmosphere that’s both eerie and enchanting. As a celebration that thrives on creativity and imagination, it’s only natural to tap into that supernatural essence in innovative ways. To do so, why not consider these hauntingly awesome zombie mason jar crafts for kids? The clever combination of googly eyes, subtle bloodstains, and strategically placed bandages creates an unsettling effect that’s sure to send chills down the spine – much like a spine-tingling horror movie.

Mason and Family

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The Mason family portrait by fulloffortunes appears to be more than just a charming depiction of a family. Upon closer inspection, it seems like a treasure chest waiting to be filled with creative ideas. In fact, these mason jar crafts for kids can be used as mini knick-knack collectors in their own study or play area. The image of Mr. Mason’s majestic mustache, Mrs. Mason’s elegant presence, and little Miss Mason’s mischievous grin serves as the perfect catalyst for sparking imagination and creativity.

Snow Globe in a Mason Jar

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A nostalgic nod to the past, snow globes have always held a certain charm for me. While they may have been a fleeting fad in their heyday, I’ve always found them to be timeless and captivating. Happiestcamper has elevated this classic concept with an innovative mason jar craft perfect for kids. With a dash of parental guidance, youngsters will delight in creating these snow globe mason jars. The endearing image of the tiny deer gazing at the Christmas tree is simply too adorable for words.

Corny Mason Family

To create a fun and whimsical mason jar craft with your kids, Yesterdayontuesday suggests keeping things straightforward and easy to follow. In fact, you only need a few simple materials: three differently sized mason jars, some green crepe paper for added texture, green raffia to give it a rustic touch, googly eyes to bring the characters to life, three bags of yellow Sixlet candies to create a bright and cheerful effect, and a glue to hold everything together. The tutorial itself is remarkably simple, allowing you to offer just a little guidance as your kids work on crafting their very own corny mason family.

Galaxy Jar

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For many children, space holds a special fascination. If you’re raising a young astronaut in your household, Mumtastic has a fantastic mason jar craft project that’s perfect for a kid-friendly afternoon with friends. To create this DIY galaxy jar, you’ll need just a few simple materials: cotton balls, silver glitter, and dark paint. This fun and easy activity is one of the most enjoyable mason jar crafts for kids that we’ve featured.

Wall Vase

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Wall decor offers a vast array of options, making it a highly sought-after trend in home design. Take, for example, the sophisticated yet easy-to-create DIY wall vase from Shelterness. This beautiful piece can be personalized with your favorite flowers or plants, providing an elegant touch to any room. While this project may require some adult supervision due to its complexity, the end result is well worth the effort.

Trap the Jar

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Craftsyhacks has carefully crafted an eye-catching mason jar container that doubles as a beachy keepsake for shell collectors. For kids who love scouring the shore for treasures, this uniquely designed vessel will hold sentimental value. The subtle blue hue infuses the aqua-toned jar with a soothing coastal essence.

Let’s Get Moving

When it comes to finding creative ways to engage kids during indoor days, Niftymom has got just the thing – a simple yet motivating mason jar craft project that’s perfect for kid’s rooms. This charming mason jar decoration is a great way to encourage kids to stay active and motivated, even when they’re stuck indoors. To make this lovely creation, you’ll only need a few basic materials: a mason jar, a ‘Let’s Get Moving’ wrap, and some wooden craft sticks. With these simple supplies, you can create this inspiring mason jar in no time.

Mason Jar Luminaires

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Embracing a classic approach can be incredibly refreshing. This holiday season, consider infusing your celebrations with the timeless charm of mason jar crafts for kids. One of my favorite DIY projects is transforming plain jars into stunning luminaries that evoke a sense of wonder. Start by selecting three simple mason jars and embellishing them with frosted glass spray and clear matte sealer. Next, add a personal touch using stick-on letters to spell out your chosen word – whether it’s ‘Joy’ or something special just for you. To complete the look, paint the lid in a festive hue, then top each jar with an LED candle and finish with a ribbon. These radiant creations will cast a warm glow over your holiday gatherings, making them truly unforgettable.

Easter Eggs

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Craftsyhacks has taken mason jar crafts to a whole new level by transforming a simple container into an adorable Easter bunny vessel. The kids are sure to get excited about these creative projects, thanks to their visually appealing designs. I must admit that the ear game is strong enough to inspire me to create one of these masterpieces this winter. The vibrant Easter eggs and pretty pink bow add a delightful touch, tying everything together beautifully.

As we conclude our list of mason jar crafts for kids, it’s hard not to appreciate their versatility. These craft ideas are practical because they can be used for various purposes – from pen stands to storing small items like rubber bands. With multiple utilities, these mason jar crafts have earned a special place in my heart.

I’d love to hear about your favorite project in the comment section. If you enjoyed these creative ideas as much as I did, feel free to use the Pin image below and save this article on your ‘Mason Jar Crafts’ Pinterest board.

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