40 Unique Lego Storage Ideas For Better Organization

Are you done with stepping on Lego bricks and wincing in pain? It’s time to take a galactic leap into the world of innovative storage solutions! We’ve explored the cosmos for the most unexpected, brain-teasing ideas that will save you from the messiness of clutter. Buckle up for an out-of-this-world adventure filled with creative fixes.
Say goodbye to the eternal search for that elusive Lego piece and hello to a realm where order thrives! Get ready to embark on a storage odyssey that will have you chuckling, building, and conquering chaos one brick at a time.
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Use Baskets For Lego Toys Storage

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As you bid adieu to the chaotic Lego wasteland that once plagued your living room floor, welcome a new era of order and organization. Imagine your minifigures soaring high above the ground like fearless superheroes, suspended in magical wall-mounted baskets that will revolutionize the way you store and display your beloved plastic creations. Gone are the days of scrambling to find a missing piece or tripping over scattered bricks – with these innovative storage solutions, every Lego enthusiast’s dream is just a brick’s throw away.

DIY Pick Up And Play Mat For Lego Minifigures

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Imagine transforming your child’s LEGO playground into a vibrant wonderland with the innovative DIY Pick Up And Play Mat, a game-changing storage solution that doubles as an interactive play area. By simply laying it out, this clever mat converts the typical LEGO battlefield into a whimsical world of endless creativity and imagination.

Color-Coded With Lids Lego Organization

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Say farewell to the tedious task of scouring for that elusive red 2×4 brick amidst a sea of blue and yellow. By adopting this straightforward storage solution, your LEGO collection will transform into a harmonious display of order and creativity. So gather your painting supplies and get ready to unlock the artistic potential within you and bring structure to your LEGO world.

Pull-Out Shelves Storage Box Lego Storage Ideas

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If stepping on tiny Lego bricks has become a daily ritual accompanied by an impromptu symphony of colorful expletives, fear not! As a fellow builder, I’m excited to share the perfect solution: pull-out shelves for Lego storage. Imagine having easy access to your beloved bricks without the frustration of constant searching and scrambling. These innovative shelves slide out effortlessly, revealing a beautifully organized landscape that’s sure to bring a smile to your face.

Lego Organizer Ideas For Small Pieces

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As you navigate the colorful chaos that is your LEGO collection, it’s easy to get tripped up by scattered bricks and misplaced pieces. Fear not, fellow enthusiasts! I’m thrilled to introduce the LEGO Tool Chest, a game-changing storage solution that will revolutionize the way you organize your mini-masterpieces. This ingenious contraption is more than just a container – it’s a whimsical gateway to creative nirvana that will make you the maestro of your LEGO kingdom.

One expert trick to maximize the effectiveness of this marvelous storage system is to repurpose a tool chest with multiple drawers. By labeling and dividing the drawers into sections, you can sort and store different types of bricks with ease, making it a breeze to locate specific pieces when inspiration strikes.

Simple DIY Lego Table For Building And Storage

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Presenting the definitive answer to Lego pandemonium: a straightforward DIY Lego table that harmoniously blends creativity with organization. With this ingenious innovation, bid farewell to the frustration of misplaced pieces and hello to a serene, clutter-free living space.

Lego Organization Ideas Using Labels

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Say goodbye to the frustration of stepping over scattered LEGO bricks and hello to a tidy building experience with our foolproof strategy for LEGO organization using labels. As fellow enthusiasts, we understand the struggle is real – it’s like trying out for a physical comedy routine, except instead of pratfalls, you’re dodging tiny plastic pieces. But fear not, for we’ve devised a labeling system that will make even the most meticulous mini-figures applaud in approval.

Tea Bags Organizers Turned Into Lego Storage Unit

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Transforming a humble wooden tea bag organizer into a majestic LEGO storage unit is the ultimate game-changer for any serious brick enthusiast. The mere thought of it may leave you bewildered, yet eager to experience the extraordinary result firsthand. Ashley’s ingenious hack promises not only to tame the chaos of your colorful plastic treasures but also infuse your space with an air of sophistication and refinement.

DIY Lego Mini Figure Storage Display Shelves

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Meet the ultimate solution to your LEGO mini-figure storage woes! As the leader of the Rebel Alliance against disorganization, Jedi Craft Girl has conjured up an ingenious DIY project that will bring harmony to your building space. Say goodbye to chaotic drawers and cluttered floors as these custom LEGO Mini Figure Storage Shelves take center stage, providing a worthy platform for your beloved characters to shine. With this clever creation, you’ll be able to tame the tiny revolution taking place in your home, keeping everything neatly organized and easily accessible.

Giant Fabric Storage Baskets Under the Coffee Table For Lego Storage

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Meet the colossal Giant Fabric Bins, the ultimate game-changers in Lego storage. These behemoths boast an impressive capacity to devour an abundance of bricks with ease, making them the perfect solution for any serious builder or collector. The soft fabric interior offers a snug and protective environment for plastic treasures, ensuring they remain safe from harm.

Play Table With Lego Built-In Storage – An Ikea Hack

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Say goodbye to the frustration of stepping on stray LEGO bricks and hello to a harmonious coexistence between creativity and organization! With this clever DIY solution, not only will you keep those pesky plastic landmines at bay, but you’ll also create a designated play area for your little master builders. It’s a match made in heaven – LEGO and organization locking together like two pieces of a puzzle.

Clear Turnable Storage Unit For Lego

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For many parents and kids alike, the presence of Lego bricks in the home can be a source of joy and creativity. However, as the collection grows, so does the challenge of keeping them organized. But fear not, because there’s a simple yet effective solution to this common problem. The Clear Turnable Storage Unit For Lego is a game-changer for those struggling with storage space. Its transparent design allows for easy visual identification of the bricks within, while its spinning feature makes it easy to access and retrieve the pieces you need. This clever invention is a must-have for any Lego enthusiast looking to tame the chaos that can come with a large collection.

Big Red Tool Chest – Best Lego Storage Ideas

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Raising Dragons brings you a game-changing solution for organizing your colorful chaos: the Big Red Tool Chest! This impressive storage unit isn’t just limited to tools; it’s a key to unlocking LEGO organization nirvana. Its commanding appearance and robust build make it the perfect haven for tiny plastic components, safely stashing them away from potential hazards.

DIY Lego Board And Storage Build Buckets To Store Lego Bricks For The Kids Activities Blog

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Transforming your LEGO brick collection into a tidy treasure trove is now possible with the DIY LEGO Board, courtesy of Crisp Collective’s expert image and tutorial guidance. This clever storage solution helps tame the colorful chaos that often ensues when playing with LEGOs, effortlessly corralling your bricks into a meticulously organized masterpiece. Imagine having your playtime paradise perfectly curated, where each brick can freely mingle and find its match without ever going missing again – this is precisely what this innovative DIY project promises to deliver.

DIY Lego Tray With Organizer

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Imagine a union between style and functionality, where elegance meets organization in perfect harmony. The clever combination of a tray’s sophistication with the power of a superhero’s organizational skills is what makes this creative solution truly remarkable. It’s as if Batman and Wonder Woman have joined forces to vanquish the chaos of scattered Lego bricks and restore order to your floors. With this ingenious tray, you’ll be well on your way to conquering the mess and bringing serenity back to your space.

DIY Lego Table With Storage For Small Spaces

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Imagine a Lego table that’s not only a haven for creative expression but also a masterclass in organizational genius. Welcome to the DIY Lego Table With Storage, designed specifically for those pesky spaces where Lego chaos seems to reign supreme. As you embark on this journey of tidy bliss, creativity will flourish and your inner child will be overjoyed. And the best part? It’s all thanks to some clever sorting tricks and a dash of ingenuity. For instance, consider ditching the traditional color-sorting approach in favor of size- and shape-based categorization. Clear plastic bins with dividers can work wonders in separating bricks, plates, slopes, and other Lego essentials. With this system, finding the right piece becomes a breeze, and building time is significantly reduced.

DIY Under Bed Rolling Lego Storage Cart

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Say goodbye to the frustration of searching for lost Lego pieces in unexpected places, like under the couch or amidst dusty corners. Instead, welcome a sense of organized bliss that radiates from beneath your bed. This ingenious storage solution, crafted with love by The Happy Housie, is not only a testament to human creativity but also a practical marvel that will revolutionize the way you store and manage your Lego collection.

Easy DIY Lego Storage And Table For Toddlers

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Are you tired of stepping into a sea of colorful plastic bricks every time you enter your toddler’s room? Fear not, fellow parents! We’ve got a game-changing solution to save your sanity and keep your feet intact. The ultimate Lego storage hack is here: a simple, DIY Lego storage table that will revolutionize playtime for your little one.

DIY Wooden Lego Storage Ideas

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If you’re tired of living amidst a sea of LEGO bricks and longing for a sense of calm in your home, fear not! I’ve got a game-changing solution to share with fellow enthusiasts like yourself. Say hello to the DIY wooden play table with color-coded plastic trays – it’s a marvel of organization that will have you singing ‘Hallelujah!’ within minutes. This ingenious contraption is more than just a pretty face; it’s a masterclass in categorization and containment, ensuring each brick finds its perfect perch. And the pièce de résistance? A labeling system so intuitive, even the most frazzled of LEGO fans can’t help but feel a sense of triumph as they effortlessly locate their favorite pieces. So, go ahead and get creative with adhesive tape or labels – it’s the secret to a clutter-free kingdom where every brick has its rightful place.

DIY Lego Storage Cube

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Say farewell to the frustration of disorganized LEGO collections with the DIY LEGO Storage Cube, a game-changing solution for your organizational woes. This vibrant storage system combines the skills of a LEGO master with the satisfaction of decluttering, making you a dual expert in both creativity and tidiness. With this innovative cube, you’ll bid adieu to the chaos of scattered bricks and hello to a peaceful realm where every piece has its perfect place.

DIY Lego Duplo Play Tray With Storage

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If your LEGO Duplo bricks are getting out of control, multiplying like rabbits on a sugar high, fear not! Introducing the DIY LEGO Duplo Play Tray With Storage, the ultimate solution to brick-induced chaos. This clever tray lets you build towering cities, magnificent spaceships, and epic adventures while effortlessly corralling those mischievous bricks. No longer will you be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of plastic blocks taking over your life.

DIY Play and Storage System

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Say farewell to the era of LEGO-related anguish and hello to a realm of meticulously arranged brick bliss. This ingenious creation, courtesy of Good DIY Plans, will not only elevate you to master builder status but also grant you the coveted title of organization virtuoso.

Super Organized Lego Storage System

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Get ready to revolutionize your LEGO experience with Ikea Hackers’ innovative approach! Our method is designed to transform your chaotic LEGO collection into a harmonious and organized space, eliminating the frustration of searching for specific bricks. Say goodbye to the days of tiptoeing around LEGO landmines and hello to finding the perfect brick in an instant. With our system, you’ll not only master the art of LEGO organization but also tap into your inner sense of calm and control.

Cheap And Easy DIY Lego Storage System

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Say goodbye to the frustration of toe-stubbing encounters and hello to stress-free LEGO management with this ingenious creation! Not only does it zip around your room at lightning speed, but it also offers a concealed sanctuary for your cherished LEGO builds. It’s as if you have a magical treasure chest on wheels – who says LEGO organization can’t be an exciting journey?

Rolling Lego Sorter

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Say goodbye to the frustration of searching for that one elusive piece. Bright Green Door’s innovative Rolling Lego Sorter is here to revolutionize your storage game, keeping your sanity intact and your feet blister-free. With this game-changing solution, you’ll be able to navigate the brick realm with ease, avoiding the landmines of disorganization and embracing the order and harmony that comes with a well-organized space.

DIY Ikea Table With Storage

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Imagine embarking on a creative odyssey that harmoniously blends innovative problem-solving with thriftiness, all thanks to the ingenious fusion of IKEA’s iconic design and the boundless potential of imagination. As we delve into this unconventional world, the lines between chaos and order begin to blur, and the humblest of materials – tiny plastic bricks – assume their rightful role in a symphony of creativity.

DIY Lego Table Ikea Hack

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Are you tired of navigating through a chaotic sea of plastic blocks, muttering expletives under your breath? If so, fear not, fellow brick enthusiasts! I’m thrilled to share with you a game-changing LEGO storage solution that will transform your life: the DIY Ikea Table With Storage. Imagine a world where each LEGO piece has its own designated home, and you can stroll through your space without worrying about an impromptu foot massage courtesy of stray bricks. Get ready for organized nirvana and say goodbye to the treacherous LEGO minefield that’s been holding you back!

DIY Lego Table With Hanging Buckets For Storage

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Imagine a harmonious fusion of creativity and organization, where your cherished LEGO pieces float effortlessly from hanging buckets like celestial bodies in a majestic display. Welcome the ultimate LEGO storage hack: a DIY masterpiece that redefines tidy playtime. Gone are the days of chaotic building sessions, as this ingenious solution brings a symphony of LEGO wonder to life.

Small Mounted Plastic Bins For Lego Organization

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If you’re like many Lego enthusiasts, you may be struggling to contain the spread of your beloved bricks throughout your home. The problem is all too familiar: what starts as a harmless creative outlet can quickly spiral out of control, leaving you wondering how it’s possible for so many tiny pieces to occupy every available surface. But fear not! We’ve found a clever solution to tame the chaos and bring order to your Lego universe: small mounted plastic bins. These compact containers are surprisingly effective at corralling wayward bricks, restoring harmony to your living space and giving you back the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly where everything is.

Corner Lego Organizer Ideas

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Are you tired of tripping over scattered Lego bricks and engaging in endless battles with those pesky plastic pieces? If so, you’re not alone. For fellow Lego lovers, I’m excited to share a game-changing storage solution that will revolutionize the way you keep your collection organized. Say hello to the Corner Lego Organizer, a clever contraption designed to corral your bricks and banish clutter from your room.

DIY Lego Storage Container

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Say farewell to chaotic Lego collections and welcome a world of organized bliss. Meatloaf And Melodrama’s DIY masterpiece is an innovative journey that transforms ordinary containers into extraordinary Lego sanctuaries. With imagination, resourcefulness, and a dash of whimsy, this tutorial masterfully converts the mundane into magnificent marvels. As you embark on this creative odyssey, discover how to breathe new life into old containers, banishing cluttered messes and embracing a realm of harmony and storage nirvana.

DIY Living Room Lego Storage Cabinet

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Imagine a living room where chaos reigns no more. Welcome to our solution: the DIY Living Room Lego Storage Cabinet. This ingenious project not only saves your feet from the torture of endless stepping over Legos but also transforms your space into a masterpiece. Gone are the days of colorful minefields covering the floor, replaced by organized bliss and a sense of serenity.

Customized Lego Storage Cabinet

Imagine a world where LEGO bricks are effortlessly organized, no longer causing frustration and stress for even the most enthusiastic builders. With this innovative storage solution, the days of searching endlessly for that one missing piece are behind you. As you meticulously categorize and arrange every single brick, your heart will swell with joy and satisfaction. The envy of fellow builders is sure to follow as you gaze upon your beautifully organized LEGO collection, declaring victory over the chaos that once plagued your creative space.

Simple Lego Activity Table With Storage

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Say farewell to frustrating searches for misplaced items and annoying encounters with jagged edges. With this comprehensive guide, you’ll become the epitome of organizational prowess and the guardian angel of your toes. Bid adieu to disarray and welcome serenity, as each brick in place brings harmony to your space.

Color Coded Transparent Stackable Boxes For Lego

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These ingenious containers serve as both functional organizers and visual displays for your cherished building blocks. By colour-coding bricks into distinct categories, you’ll be able to locate that elusive bright yellow 2×4 piece with ease, much like discovering a hidden treasure within an ocean of candy cane hues.

Hanging Buckets Wall Storage

For LEGO enthusiasts, keeping their beloved bricks organized can be a challenging endeavor. That’s why the Hanging Buckets Wall Storage solution is a game-changer. This clever storage idea maximizes vertical wall space, freeing up valuable floor area and ensuring that building supplies remain easily accessible. By embracing this innovative approach to organization, LEGO fans can turn their passion into a more efficient and enjoyable experience.

Tool Box For Small Lego Organization

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When it comes to storing small Lego collections, a toolbox can be a surprisingly effective solution. Not only does it offer a convenient way to keep all your bricks tidy and organized, but it also provides easy access to the pieces you need. The sturdy compartments within a toolbox are perfect for categorizing Lego elements by color, shape, or theme, making it simple to find what you’re looking for. With this clever storage hack, you’ll be able to efficiently sort and store your collection, keeping everything in one place and ready to use whenever inspiration strikes.

Plastic Containers For lego Storage Ideas

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For the devoted Lego fan, maintaining a tidy brick collection is crucial for seamless building experiences. One popular approach to achieving this goal is by utilizing plastic storage containers. These practical and long-lasting vessels are available in a range of sizes, making them perfect for categorizing and storing your vibrant Lego pieces.

Lego Storage For Large Collections

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Tired of tripping over scattered LEGO bricks or wasting hours searching for a specific piece only to come up empty-handed? You’re about to discover the ultimate solution for organizing large LEGO collections. By following this tutorial, you’ll unlock the secrets to optimizing storage space, preserving your favorite sets, and rediscovering the joy of building without the frustration that comes with sifting through a sea of tiny plastic pieces.

Fabulous Lego Organization

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If you’re fed up with tripping over scattered Lego bricks or wasting precious time scouring for specific pieces, you’ve come to the right place! Clean And Scentsible’s comprehensive tutorial offers expert insight into crafting a seamless Lego storage system that keeps your collection tidy and at your fingertips.


What is the best way to store Legos?

When it comes to storing LEGOs, a thoughtful approach is crucial. Depending on your available space and the magnitude of your collection, you’ll want to choose storage methods that balance ease of access with optimal organization. For loose LEGO bricks, stackable bins with drawers are an excellent choice. These allow for efficient sorting and retrieval, making it simple to find specific pieces or sets. To maximize efficiency, label each bin by color, size, or set, ensuring a seamless search process. Additionally, consider using transparent containers to quickly identify the contents within, saving you time and frustration in the long run.

How do you store already built LEGO sets?

When it comes to displaying already built LEGO sets, consider using storage solutions that prioritize protection and organization. Shelving units with ample space between shelves can help reduce dust accumulation and minimize the risk of accidental damage. To take organization a step further, dedicate specific shelves for each theme or set type. Additionally, consider using dust covers or glass doors on display cabinets to shield your LEGO creations from dust, dirt, and other environmental factors.

How do you store LEGO sets for investment?

When considering LEGO sets as investments, it’s essential to preserve their value by keeping them unopened in their original packaging. To ensure the longevity of these boxes, store them in a cool and dry environment that is shielded from direct sunlight to prevent discoloration and damage. If you’re storing multiple high-value sets, consider utilizing plastic bins or climate-controlled storage units to provide an added layer of protection.

How do you organize LEGO kits for kids?

When it comes to organizing LEGO kits for kids, a clear and structured approach can make a world of difference. Implementing labeled bins or divided organizers that categorize pieces by color, shape, or specific sets is an effective way to keep everything tidy and within reach. For added convenience, consider utilizing under-bed storage containers that provide easy access to the kids’ favorite building blocks. Moreover, involving children in the sorting process can be a valuable learning experience, teaching them important organizational skills and fostering a sense of responsibility for their treasured collections.

What is the best thing to store LEGOs in?

For optimal LEGO storage, consider utilizing transparent, stackable plastic containers with secure lids. This setup offers a clear view of the contents and enables efficient stacking, thereby maximizing vertical space while keeping your miniature masterpieces dust-free. As an alternative for smaller collections or travel, zippered pouches with dividers can be an effective solution.

What is the most efficient way to store LEGO?

Effortlessly storing your LEGO collection requires a thoughtful approach that balances organization and accessibility. A simple yet effective method is to categorize your bricks by similar pieces or colors, making it easy to locate the right components for your next building project. To take this approach to the next level, consider investing in storage solutions like plastic bins, drawers, or tackle boxes with adjustable compartments. These versatile containers can be customized to fit your specific needs, keeping your LEGO bricks neatly organized and ready to use.

How do you store large amounts of Legos?

For optimal Lego storage, consider utilizing stackable storage containers or modular systems designed specifically for this purpose. By doing so, you can efficiently house a large quantity of Legos while maintaining effortless accessibility and the flexibility to adapt as your collection evolves over time.

What can I store my LEGO in?

When it comes to storing LEGO bricks, there are numerous options to consider. These range from standard plastic storage bins and transparent containers to more specialized products designed specifically for LEGO enthusiasts. Storage heads, brick-shaped boxes, and sorting trays are just a few examples of the many solutions available. Ultimately, the best option will depend on your personal preference and the size of your collection.

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