35 July Bullet Journal Layouts And Ideas To Inspire You

Supplies Needed To Create Your July Bullet Journal:

To bring your gratitude log page to life, you’ll need some essential supplies. While it’s easy to get creative and add personal touches, there are a few fundamental tools that will help you get started. These include a trusty bullet journal, of course, as well as a range of writing instruments like brush pens, pencils, and markers. If you’re feeling artistic, consider adding some paint or colored pencils to really make your page pop. To add some extra flair, you can also incorporate washi tape and stickers to create visual interest and embellishments.

July Bullet Journal Ideas:

As we enter the warmest month of the year, July provides the perfect opportunity to refresh and revitalize our creativity with some inspiring bullet journal ideas. Here are a few prompts to get you started:

• Reflect on your summer goals and create a visual representation of what you want to achieve this season.
• Design a calendar for the month highlighting important dates, appointments, and milestones.
• Illustrate your favorite summer quotes or lyrics that resonate with you.
• Plan a bucket list of outdoor activities, such as hiking or beach trips, and include space for tracking progress.
• Create a gratitude log to reflect on the little joys in life throughout the month.

Monthly Cover July Bullet Journal Layouts

As the month of July approaches, many of us crave a visually appealing cover page that reflects our personality and sets the tone for the rest of the journal. The following bullet journal monthly cover ideas will undoubtedly spark your creativity and inspire you to create a unique and personalized July cover page.

Fun July Cover Page For Your Bullet Journal

image source

The first page of your bullet journal is often the most exciting part to create, as it sets the tone for the entire month. I discovered this charming July cover page by @nicole.josephinee on Instagram and fell in love with its playful design, featuring a whimsical ghost and other adorable doodles. The page also includes a small section for listing to-do’s or goals, which serves as a great motivator. To recreate this design, take some time to reflect on what inspires you about the month of July – is it the warm weather, summer vacations, or something else? You can find inspiration in various forms, such as social media, blogs, videos, or even everyday observations. Begin by crafting simple doodles, then move on to creating a monthly goals section and jot down a few motivational quotes to keep you driven throughout the month. For some added motivation, refer to 100 Never Give Up Quotes To Keep You Going.

2. Buzzing July Cover Page

image source

As the warm summer days of July unfold, the charm of outdoor activities becomes irresistible – picnics under the sun, lively Sunday brunches, and music camps that fill the air with joy. This month’s inspiration comes from a carefree Summer camp setting, where creativity flows freely. Let the bright yellow Bellis bumblebee become your symbol of seizing opportunities and making the most of this sunny season!

A Fun Day Out

image source

The whimsical July bullet journal cover page created by cchocolatemilkk transports me to a serene Sunday afternoon picnic scene, where every detail is meticulously crafted. The quote on the left, ‘Be Kind To Yourself,’ serves as a poignant reminder of the significance of self-care and self-love, subtly encouraging the viewer to prioritize their own well-being.

Fitness Rules

image source

As I reflect on the pandemic’s impact, one silver lining that stands out is the opportunity it’s given me to stay committed to my fitness routine. Similarly, through_the_book’s layout has inspired me, particularly its striking blue hue. This July bullet journal cover page serves as a reminder to prioritize physical activity and create a sense of balance in our lives.

Hello July Bullet Journal Cover Page

image source

The captivating floral designs and sketchy undertones of Amber’s Notebooks have captivated my attention. The blend of soft pink hues and subtle yellow accents on her July cover page is nothing short of inspiring, evoking a sense of creativity and artistic expression.

All Sweet Things

image source

Savoring the sweet treats of summer, I find myself drawn to this July bullet journal layout by bujowithbea. The simplicity, cuteness, and exquisiteness of the cover page evoke a sense of delightful refreshment on a sweltering July day. The use of adorable dessert-themed doodles adds a playful touch, reminiscent of indulging in a cool bowl of ice cream or a glass of bubble tea on a hot summer afternoon.


image source

The vibrant colors of rainbow love are undeniable. The stunning layout designed by Littlearthut perfectly captures the essence of a bright and beautiful July bullet journal cover page. With its kaleidoscope of hues, this design is sure to add a splash of color to your day.

Tropical July Cover Page

image source

Incorporating a touch of summer charm into your July bullet journal, the classic combination of floral elements and pastel hues is a winning formula. Here, bujo_aly’s design for an exotic floral-themed cover page sets the tone for a refreshing and vibrant month ahead.

Minimalist Cover Page For Your July Bullet Journal

This July Bullet Journal cover page takes a minimalist approach, opting for simplicity over elaborate designs. The result is an elegant and sophisticated layout that allows you to focus on the essentials: quotes, goals, or simply a clean slate for the month ahead. By keeping things uncomplicated, you can easily find inspiration and stay motivated throughout the 31 days.

Lemon Themed July Cover Page

image source

I’m enamored with the simplicity yet elegance of @abiding_kestleigh’s citrus-inspired July bullet journal cover page. What I appreciate most is the harmonious balance between a practical monthly calendar and a goals section, where you can jot down your objectives for the month and refer to them regularly to stay focused. The diverse font choices used throughout the page are also noteworthy. If you’re looking to replicate these fonts, our blog post on the 20 Best Bullet Journal Fonts For Your Bujo Pages is a valuable resource.

Weekly Spread Ideas For July Bullet Journal

Weekly spreads have become a staple in my planning arsenal, and it’s easy to see why. Their versatility and practicality make them an ideal space for organizing my schedule and maintaining a sense of structure. With plenty of room to write and create, weekly spreads offer a unique blend of simplicity and complexity that I find incredibly appealing. If you’re looking for inspiration for your July bullet journal, here are some innovative weekly spread ideas to get you started.

Colorful July Weekly Spread

image source

Weekly spreads are a valuable tool for gaining insight into the week ahead. By incorporating various sections, including daily task logs, to-do lists, notes, and weekly trackers, this format allows for organized note-taking and reflection. One example that caught my attention is the vibrant and colorful spread by @artofchayo. The use of doodles, varied fonts, and playful design elements create a visually appealing layout that makes it enjoyable to plan and track progress.

12. Summer Vibes

image source

Constancechel’s weekly spread is a true masterpiece, radiating the warmth and vibrancy of a perfect summer day. The brilliant blue hues evoke the calming waves of the ocean, while the cerulean sky above represents endless possibility. Amidst this idyllic backdrop, the bright orange flowers burst forth with energy and joy, making for a truly unique and captivating weekly spread.

13. Floral Weeklies

image source

The simple pleasures in life can have a profound impact on our mood. For many, the vibrant colors and sweet scents of flowers are a surefire way to chase away negativity. And when combined with a thoughtful design, like the July bullet journal weekly spread from ambersnotebooks, the result is truly uplifting. The pastel floral pattern against a bold black background creates a visually stunning combination that’s hard to ignore.

14. Cone Ice Creams and More

image source

This July bullet journal weekly spread, designed by Veronicajournals, embodies everything I adore about planning. The subtle doodles and uplifting quote come together to create a visually appealing layout that’s sure to keep procrastination at bay. What’s more frustrating than an unproductive day? By utilizing this thoughtfully crafted weekly spread, you’ll be able to plan your week with clarity and purpose, setting yourself up for success.

15. The Box July Bullet Journal Weeklies

image source

The Weekly Journal by Willbujofor.treats exudes a refreshing simplicity, with delicate doodles that evoke the carefree essence of summer. Its uncluttered design creates a sense of calmness, making it an attractive addition to any planner or journal.

Keep going!

image source

This week’s bullet journal spread is a masterclass in summer flair, courtesy of Honor.journal. A vibrant yellow hue, courtesy of bright flower doodles and fluttering butterflies, imbues this layout with an unmistakable sense of joy. The sunflowers, in particular, radiate warmth and beauty, their cheerful presence lifting the spirits. But what truly resonates is the empowering quote, ‘Be loud about things that are important.’ It’s a potent reminder to stand up for what matters most. If you’re feeling inspired by this sunny spread, be sure to check out 28 Bright Sunflower Bullet Journal Ideas for more creative prompts and inspiration.

Tropical Weeklies

image source

In this stunning July bullet journal weekly spread, bujo_aly has woven together an enchanting floral theme that’s simply irresistible. The crowning glory of this layout, however, lies in its delightful pink flamingo accents. I’m particularly fond of the added note-taking space – it’s a thoughtful touch that never goes out of style.

Thorny July

image source

Incorporating a touch of whimsy, Bujobethan’s cactus-themed weekly spread is an ideal addition to any July bullet journal. The clever use of green hues to bring succulents to life adds a playful charm. As the boxes for each day provide a tidy and organized space for daily plans, this layout strikes a perfect balance between fun and functionality.

Weekly Spread With Notes And Trackers

image source

The latest bullet journal weekly spread from @bullet_journallingg is a treasure trove of organization and self-tracking. Not only does it feature a comprehensive weekly task log, but also a habit tracker, sleep tracker, and mood tracker – all designed to help you stay on top of your daily rhythms. But that’s not all; the spread also includes space for tracking fitness progress and jotting down important notes. What truly sets this design apart, however, is its visual appeal. The use of creative fonts and a diverse array of stickers gives it a unique and eye-catching aesthetic that’s sure to inspire creativity. If you’re looking to boost your productivity and infuse some fun into your weekly routine, be sure to give this spread a try.

Highlights Of The Day – Weekly Spread

Reflecting on your daily experiences can have a profound impact on your mental well-being and personal growth. One effective way to do this is by recording the highlights of your day. This exercise helps you relive the positive moments, identify areas for improvement, and gain valuable insights from your experiences. To determine what constitutes the highlight of your day, simply look back at your daily activities and pinpoint the moment or activity that stands out most vividly in your mind. In some cases, there may be multiple highlights to acknowledge. A practical way to incorporate this reflection into your routine is by using a bullet journal weekly spread featuring a simple box layout. Within each box, jot down the highlights of your day, feeling free to embellish with different fonts, stickers, or washi tape to add a touch of personality and creativity.

Summer Fruits Inspired July Spread

image source

July brings with it the perfect excuse to get creative with our bullet journals. A refreshing and delightful spread by @bullet_jules has caught my eye, featuring sweet watermelon and lime doodles that evoke the carefree spirit of summer. The fortnight layout provides a clean and organized way to plan out the next 14 days, allowing you to jot down everything from daily tasks to long-term goals, birthdays, and important reminders.

Minimalist July Weekly Spread

image source

For those who prefer a more understated approach, @byuljournal offers a minimalist weekly spread that’s perfect for artistic novices or those short on time. This design features a straightforward layout and uncomplicated fonts, making it an ideal choice for those who prioritize functionality over flair. A compact section for task management and goal setting is accompanied by a small notes area, providing ample space to jot down important reminders without overwhelming the senses. While some might choose to embellish their bullet journal with decorative washi tape and stickers, this design also lends itself well to being left plain and simple – the beauty of minimalism lies in its ability to be tailored to individual tastes.

23. Aesthetic Weekly Spread For Your July Bullet Journal

image source

This weekly spread by @studygram.indonesia is a masterclass in visual storytelling. The harmonious blend of fonts, washi tape, and doodles creates a captivating layout that draws the viewer in. The star and moon elements add a touch of whimsy, while the terrarium stickers bring a sense of calm. The inclusion of a ‘song of the week’ and motivational quotes provides an extra layer of inspiration for users. Notably, the creator has employed bounce lettering to render the days of the week, adding a playful flourish to the design. For those looking to replicate this aesthetic, a wealth of inspiration awaits in 20 Best Bullet Journal Fonts For Your Bujo Pages.

Monthly Layouts for July Bullet Journal

July’s arrival has brought with it a fresh wave of enthusiasm for monthly layouts, and it’s easy to see why. Compact and convenient, these layouts provide an at-a-glance view of the entire month’s schedule, eliminating the need for tedious page-turning. For those looking to stay organized in July, here are some standout monthly layouts that deserve a spot in your bullet journal.

Month At A Glance July Bullet Journal

image source

The blog post continues with a showcase of a July bullet journal monthly spread, designed by @mybujoyesterday. The layout features 31 numbered tiles, each representing a day in the month. To add some visual flair, watercolors were used to paint the tiles, and then a micron pen was employed to doodle on top. This aesthetic can be replicated by leaving the tiles as is or adding doodles like the original creator did. The spread also includes sections for setting goals and planning ahead, making it an ideal spot to note appointments, meetings, birthdays, and other important dates.

July Monthly Overview

Within this July monthly overview page for your bullet journal, a blue oceans and sky theme shines bright, radiating a playful energy. The compact boxes may not allow for detailed planning, but they’re designed to provide a high-level snapshot of the month’s agenda. To delve deeper into planning, other layouts discussed earlier can be employed.

Self-care Regime Monthly Spread

image source

When contemplating self-care, a multitude of thoughts may arise. For me, a few key elements come into play: the soothing melodies of my favorite music, the calming aroma of scented candles, a relaxing pampering session with a nail polish, the escape provided by a great book, and finally, rejuvenating rest. Interestingly, Artsbykrys has managed to incorporate all these aspects in their charming July bullet journal monthly layout.

We All Scream for Ice Cream

image source

As the temperature rises, our cravings for sweet treats only grow stronger. In celebration of summer’s arrival, Magicalflyingpigs has crafted a charming bullet journal layout that captures the essence of this season’s most beloved indulgence: ice cream! The design is packed with whimsical doodles showcasing an array of frozen delights, from popsicle sticks to sundae toppings and cones piled high with creamy goodness. But what truly sets this layout apart is its clever incorporation of a miniature monthly calendar at the top, providing the perfect blend of function and fun.

Trackers for your July Bullet Journal

In many ways, trackers are the unsung heroes of the bullet journal world. These visual tools have been instrumental in helping me conquer procrastination and maintain a consistent daily routine. By incorporating various trackers into my bullet journal, I’ve found it easier to stay motivated and focused throughout the day. The benefits extend beyond just productivity, as they also enable me to monitor and manage aspects of my lifestyle that are essential for overall well-being.

Ice Cream Themed Mood Tracker

image source

Incorporating a popsicle-themed habit and mood tracker into your bullet journal can be a delightful way to boost productivity while also adding a playful touch. Designed by @cazligraphy, this unique tracker features colorful popsicle sticks in the background, making it a fun and engaging tool for monitoring your daily habits and moods. This creative approach not only helps you stay organized but also provides an opportunity to reflect on your emotional state and identify patterns that can inform your goals and decision-making processes.

Ice Cream Themed Habit Tracker

image source

This layout, created by Veronicajournals, is an excellent example of how to incorporate a summery vibe into your bullet journal. The two cone ice creams add a playful touch, while the soft pink and blue hues evoke feelings of refreshment. If you’re looking for inspiration, this design would be perfect for an ice cream-themed July spread. For more ideas on habit trackers, check out our list of 25 Habit Tracker Bullet Journal Ideas.

Wheel Of Productivity

image source

Productivity trackers have become a staple in my organizational arsenal, and I’m thrilled to share Veronicajournals’ approach as an exemplary example. Her method for tracking daily productivity is refreshingly straightforward, making it accessible and easy to maintain. What’s more, she has cleverly incorporated a visually appealing image at the center of her July bullet journal, thoughtfully emphasizing the summer theme. This subtle yet effective design element serves as a delightful reminder of the season, further enhancing the overall user experience.

Sunflower-themed Habit Tracker

image source

Honor’s elaborate habit tracker design has captivated me, much like a spell being cast! Its unique layout has bewitched my senses, particularly in its application to a sunflower-themed bullet journal. The vibrant yellow hues of the sunflowers and the lush green leaves work together in harmony, creating an visually stunning template.

Summer Playlist for your July Bullet Journal

Music plays a significant role in our daily lives, and for many of us, it’s impossible to imagine a day without listening to our favorite tunes. Creating a July playlist page in your bullet journal is an excellent way to tap into the inspirational power of music. As someone who loves to dance, I find this idea particularly appealing, as it allows me to plan out which songs to use for learning new dance combinations each month.

July Playlist Spread

image source

Integrating a personalized playlist into your bullet journal can elevate the aesthetic appeal of your theme. A July-themed playlist tracker is an excellent way to maintain momentum throughout the month, as showcased by @bujo.by.es. Moreover, you can curate separate playlists for various tasks, such as sleep-inducing tunes, energetic dance tracks, focused study and work sessions, invigorating workout jams, and soothing music for cooking endeavors.

Sunflower Theme Summer Playlist for July

image source

Adding a playlist tracker to your July bullet journal is an excellent way to infuse some personality into your pages. The ‘Summer Vibes’ layout by honor.journal perfectly captures the essence of the season, with its bright yellow sunflowers in a mason jar and a list of songs that will transport you back to those carefree summer days. What’s more, this design is simple yet effective, making it accessible to bullet journalists of all skill levels.

Other Things To Try In Your June Bullet Journal

Write Down The Highlights Of Your Day

Here’s another daily bullet journal page that takes a more detailed approach, serving as a diary of sorts where you record and reflect on your day’s events. The layout is more structured than the previous highlight reel, allowing for in-depth notes about what happened throughout the day. As with any creative journaling practice, feel free to embellish with stickers, doodles, or even custom fonts from 20 Best Bullet Journal Fonts For Your Bujo Pages – giving your pages a personalized touch.

Create A Brain Dump Page

image source

When thoughts start swirling in your mind, it can be overwhelming. Your brain becomes cluttered with ideas, making it difficult to focus on the tasks at hand. This is where the concept of a brain dump comes in – a technique that helps clear out mental clutter by putting thoughts down on paper. By doing so, you can transform those scattered ideas into a tangible task list, streamlining your workflow and reducing mental fatigue.

I recently stumbled upon an adorable brain dump page on Instagram, designed by @cazligraphy. The colorful popsicle doodles make the process of unloading thoughts feel almost therapeutic. It’s a great way to declutter your mind and gain clarity on what needs to be done.

As I explore this topic further, I find myself drawn to various studies that highlight the benefits of journaling for mental well-being. From reducing stress to improving decision-making skills, the impact of putting thoughts down on paper is undeniable.

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