11+ Best Handmade Christmas Cards Ideas For 2020

The Stamped Handmade Christmas Card

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Looking for a quick and creative way to make a handmade Christmas card? Look no further than this vibrant design from kanddmurnain, which can be whipped up in no time. To create this festive card, you’ll need just a few simple supplies: colored paper, Christmas stamps, scissors, and glue. Start by cutting out a small green piece of paper that’s slightly smaller than the base of your card. Adhere it to the folded card base, then repeat the process with a red paper layer on top. Next, cut a rectangular shape from color paper that’s just a bit larger than your stamp. Attach the stamp to this backing and secure it to the card. Finally, add a label wishing ‘Merry Christmas’ below the stamp, and your beautiful handmade card is ready to be sent out!

The Pattern Paper Christmas Card

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To add some personality to your holiday season, consider creating a layered handmade Christmas card. This unique project requires minimal materials and basic craft skills. Begin by adhering a piece of patterned paper to a card base, leaving a narrow border around the edges. The centerpiece can be achieved through stamping or cutting out a design from colored or patterned paper. Once you’ve added this element, simply attach it to the card and include a heartfelt Christmas greeting. With these simple steps, your handmade card is ready to spread cheer.

The Unicorn Handmade Christmas Card

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A unique handmade Christmas card by kolourmekooky is sure to bring a smile to your loved one’s face. To create this whimsical design, start by cutting out a ring of flowers and leaves from green and red paper. Adorn the center of the ring with a tiny unicorn sticker or a hand-drawn doodle, and add small stars, gifts, or other tiny icons that fit the festive theme. Finally, leave some space on the left side of the card for a heartfelt message wishing your loved one a sparkly Christmas.

The Sparkly Handmade Christmas Card

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Add a dash of festive flair to your loved ones’ Christmas celebrations with this charming handmade card. Inspired by ms_geraldine_sarah_gb, this project requires minimal effort but yields impressive results. Begin by attaching a rectangular piece of patterned paper to a card base, creating a visually appealing foundation. Next, cut out some foliage from green paper and arrange it over the patterned paper, adding a touch of natural elegance. The pièce de résistance is a glittery bow adorned with a merry Christmas label at the center of the card. You can either purchase a glitter bow stamp or sticker or create your own by coating a pre-cut bow with glitter powder or paint. With a few quick cuts and pastes, your exquisite Christmas card is ready to spread holiday cheer.

The Christmas Ornament Card

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Combine the magic of handmade craftsmanship with the festive charm of Christmas ornaments to create a unique and personalized greeting card. This innovative idea by oobuj73_/_julie_/_from_NZ cleverly incorporates two-dimensional ornament stencils into your design, adding an extra layer of holiday cheer. To get started, select a colored or patterned paper for the base of your card, then apply the stencil on top. Keep embellishments simple with subtle additions like pearls, sequins, or other small details that complement the stencil’s design. For added depth, explore different themes such as a single color scheme like gold or a vibrant multicolored approach. Finally, add a heartfelt message to complete your handmade masterpiece, which is sure to impress and feel just as polished as one from a store.

The Colorful Merry Christmas Card

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Here’s another adorable Christmas card idea that requires minimal time and effort. This stamp-based design by carrielogic is perfect for busy individuals or those new to crafting. To create this charming card, simply glue a slightly smaller white rectangle onto the red cover of your card. The fun part begins with arranging holly in the center using stamps. Place a reindeer stamp in the middle of the holly and bring it to life with color pens or crayons. If you don’t have stamps, feel free to draw them by referencing images. Once you’ve added a message label underneath the holly, your card is complete! With just a few simple steps, you’ll be on your way to spreading holiday cheer through this thoughtful and visually appealing design.

The Reindeer Holidays Card

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Looking for a way to send festive greetings that extends beyond Christmas? Consider creating a unique ‘Happy Holidays’ stamp card instead! This creative idea from craftyfeatures is an innovative take on traditional handmade holiday cards. To create this special card, start by layering a white rectangular paper with a zig-zag border over a red card base. Next, add another layer of patterned paper to give it some extra texture and visual interest. Cut out a leafy ring using green paper to add some natural charm. Finally, add a reindeer stamp or draw one yourself, color it in and finish off the design with a Happy Holidays tag. This quick and easy card is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face this holiday season.

The Snowy Heart Handmade Christmas Card

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Transforming your holiday season into a masterpiece, handmade Christmas cards are an excellent way to spread cheer. A prime example of this creative endeavour is the vibrant card by mainimagecards. The combination of bold colours, stylish borders, and quirky fonts makes for a delightful surprise. To create this festive masterpiece, start with a white paper base and add layers of red, white, and yellow paper to build depth. Next, use colour markers to draw designer borders around the yellow layer, adding an element of whimsy. A blue rectangle in the centre serves as the perfect canvas for your heartfelt wish, scrawled in bright hues along the yellow edge. Finally, bring the card to life with a charming snowman, stamped onto the blue rectangle using a rubber stamp and coloured with vibrant shades. With these simple steps, you’ll have a warm and cozy Christmas wish card that’s sure to bring joy to all who receive it.

The Santa Penguins Christmas Card

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Ditch the ordinary Santa Christmas cards and opt for these charming penguin miniatures clad in Santa attire instead. The concept, courtesy of e_ emilsson, is to create a minimalist white card with a splash of color using festive accessories. To replicate this idea, you’ll need just a few simple materials: a white sheet, penguin Christmas stamps, and some colorful pens. Start by stamping the penguins onto the cover page of your card base, adding a dash of green and red to bring them to life. If you don’t have stamps handy, feel free to draw the penguins yourself. Once they’re stamped or drawn, add a sweet holiday message and send it off to spread some joy.

The Magical Handmade Christmas Card

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For a unique and personalized holiday greeting, consider the green-red themed unicorn Christmas card by handmadebymirella. This design can be adapted to suit any recipient, whether it’s a child or adult. To achieve the striped background, you have several options – purchase a patterned paper with the desired stripes, use colored tape for a more textured look, or paint the lines directly onto the card base. Once your striped background is in place, add a rectangular piece of plain colored paper to serve as the foundation for your unicorn design. You can either print an image from your computer or draw and color one by hand. To give your card some extra flair, incorporate embellishments that fit with the festive theme. Finally, add a thoughtful label with a sweet message to make the gift even more special.

The Cupid Christmas Card

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This Christmas season, fill the air with love and create a one-of-a-kind card for your partner using nineteendesigns’ cupid-themed design. Start by preparing a card base made from patterned paper, then add a layer of white rectangular paper on top. Use different font styles to craft a romantic yet festive message that will make your loved one feel cherished. Bring the design to life with cute stamps of Mr. and Mrs. Claus, adding some color and whimsy. Embellish with leafy designs and other finishing touches to create a truly unique card. This handmade Christmas card is not only a thoughtful gesture but also a reflection of your love and effort. Consider sending it as a special surprise this holiday season.

Handmade Christmas cards like these are the perfect way to add a personal touch to your holiday greetings. They’re quick, easy, and super cute, making them an excellent alternative to buying commercial cards. Your loved ones will appreciate the thought and effort you put into creating something special just for them. So why not save some money and bring out your inner crafter this Christmas? If you’ve already created these cards and are looking for more inspiration, be sure to check out our posts on Friendship Day Cards and Fathers’ Day Cards.

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