30 Floating Shelves Around Fireplace Ideas For Your Home

If you’re looking to add a touch of sophistication and utility to your fireplace area, floating shelves are an excellent choice. Not only do they create a striking focal point, but they also provide ample storage space, making them perfect for maximizing functionality in any room. Whether you have a traditional or modern fireplace design, the following 30 ideas will spark your creativity and elevate your living space. Let’s embark on a journey to discover how floating shelves can transform your fireplace area into an aesthetically pleasing and highly functional space that reflects your unique style.

Stone Tile Fireplace With Shelves

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Transform your living space and dining room with a stunning stone tile fireplace that effortlessly combines form and function. The natural beauty of stone tiles brings a warm, rustic charm, while strategically placed shelves provide a thoughtful display for treasured decorative pieces. As the centerpiece of the room, this unique design element is sure to captivate, making it a must-see in our list of 25 Amazing 2 Story Fireplace Ideas You Should Definitely Try.

Wooden Floating Shelves Beside Fireplace

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The combination of the wood’s natural warmth and the soft glow of the flames creates a cozy focal point that seamlessly blends rustic charm with modern sophistication. This harmonious pairing offers a versatile backdrop for showcasing personal style, whether your d├ęcor leans towards classic or cutting-edge.

White Built-In Floating Shelves Around Fireplace

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The versatility of the neutral white tone is undeniable, effortlessly blending with modern and traditional interior designs to create a harmonious atmosphere. This understated hue allows you to showcase cherished mementos, art pieces, or books without overwhelming the space. The clever floating design adds a touch of sophistication, making it perfect for cozy nooks or expansive lounges. To truly make your shelves shine, incorporate items that reflect your personality and design preferences, transforming them into a unique and inviting display that reflects your personal style.

Grey Tile Fireplace Floating Shelves

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A sleek focal point is created by the understated charm of grey tiles, evoking feelings of warmth and modernity. This subtle yet sophisticated design element is further enhanced by the introduction of minimalist floating shelves, which offer a thoughtful space to display treasured trinkets or essential items.

White Floating Shelves Next To Fireplace

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Incorporating a harmonious blend of functionality and visual appeal, this particular arrangement expertly merges practical storage solutions with an undeniable charm. The white floating shelves, with their understated elegance, seamlessly elevate the living space, while the fireplace surround’s narrative quality adds a captivating element to the overall aesthetic.

Dark-Wood Floating Shelves By Fireplace

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The wooden shelves’ deep, rich tones exude luxury and warmth, seamlessly complementing the fireplace’s natural centerpiece. This harmonious fusion allows for a masterful blend of form and function, enabling the display of treasured art, books, or heirlooms without disrupting the aesthetic. The result is a visually stunning space where functionality meets elegance.

Fireplace Shelving Ideas With Wood Accents

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Incorporating wooden elements into your modern family room design can create a cozy ambiance that draws inspiration from nature. As the warmth of the wood-burning fireplace emanates through the space, it’s easy to imagine the wooden accents as inviting branches that reach out to envelop you in comfort and tranquility. This natural fusion can transform the room into a serene oasis, perfect for unwinding and reconnecting with loved ones.

Fireplace With Floating Shelves And Black Pendant Lights

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A harmonious union of textures and styles is achieved by combining a fireplace, floating shelves, and black light fixtures in contemporary interior design. The rustic warmth emanating from the fireplace beautifully contrasts with the sleek, minimalist aesthetic of the floating shelves, creating a visually striking equilibrium. Meanwhile, the black light fixtures provide a sense of grounding and sophistication, elevating the overall design to new heights.

Black And White Living Room With Floating Shelves Fireplace

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The striking black-and-white contrast creates a dramatic backdrop that beautifully complements the floating shelves, drawing attention to the carefully curated artifacts on display. Meanwhile, the cozy warmth of the fireplace serves as a focal point, providing a welcoming contrast to the cool tones of the space. To ensure both aesthetics and functionality, it’s crucial to maintain a safe distance between the shelves and the fireplace to prevent heat damage, and invest in proper hardware for secure installation.

Shiplap Wall Fireplace With Built-Ins On Both Sides

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In this stunning living room design, a shiplap wall creates a unique fusion of rustic charm and contemporary functionality. The textured wood infuses the space with a sense of heritage, while the built-in cabinets and mounted TV offer a blank canvas for personal expression. This symmetrical layout masterfully balances visual elements, maximizing storage and display opportunities while maintaining a harmonious flow.

Wooden Floating Shelves Next To Fireplace

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The addition of expertly crafted wooden shelves creates a unique opportunity to display carefully selected art pieces, treasured family heirlooms, or lush potted plants, infusing the space with depth and character. As these organic elements converge with the fireplace’s structural features, a harmonious balance is struck, fostering an inviting atmosphere that seamlessly blends functionality with visual appeal.

White Floating Shelf Beside Existing Fireplace Mantel

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In a deliberate play of texture and temperature, the juxtaposition of the shelves against the fireplace’s warmth creates a visually striking contrast that deliberately draws attention to both elements. To capitalize on this aesthetic appeal, we recommend layering the shelves with a thoughtful selection of decorative items, including artwork, vases, and plants, carefully curating an arrangement that exudes effortless elegance.

Natural Stone Wall Fireplace Built-Ins Ideas

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By combining natural stone with functional shelving, one can achieve a harmonious blend of organic and modern elements. The rough texture of the stone brings an air of authenticity, while the strategically positioned shelves offer a blank slate for self-expression.

White Fireplace With Arched Mirror On Top

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In perfect harmony, the elegant lines of the mirror, sofa, and fireplace converge to create an atmosphere of opulence and sophistication in any given space. The mirror’s reflective surface skillfully multiplies the room’s ambient light, casting a warm glow that seems to dance across the area, as if the flames from the fireplace itself are performing a mesmerizing waltz.

Grey Stone Accent Wall Fireplace With White Open Shelves

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Against the soft, grey stone accent wall, which brings a sense of organic warmth and cohesiveness to the space, the white open shelves take on a gallery-like quality. This thoughtful design element allows homeowners to thoughtfully curate and display their cherished art pieces, heirlooms, and decorative items, creating a cozy ambiance that evokes the feeling of a rustic lodge.

Living Room Home Decor Floating Shelves Fireplace

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Curating your living space has never been more intentional than with floating shelves. By arranging them in an asymmetrical manner, you can create a visually captivating atmosphere that seamlessly blends decorative objects and functional items. The perfect blend of style and practicality, this design approach allows for maximum flexibility in terms of layout and aesthetic.

Green Shelving Next To Fireplace

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With the addition of potted plants, succulents, or cascading vines to these shelves, you can bring a breath of fresh air indoors, blurring the line between the outdoors and in. The harmonious combination of natural elements with the fireplace’s rustic charm creates a sense of equilibrium and tranquility. To achieve a visually stunning display, place larger items towards the edges of the shelves and strategically intersperse smaller pieces to create a balanced composition.

Pink Built-In Bookshelves On Both Sides Of Black Fireplace

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In this striking composition, the bold combination of elements creates a captivating fusion of modernity and playfulness. The gentle, rose-toned shelving units temper the dramatic presence of the black fireplace, producing a harmonious and alluring ambiance that draws the eye and invites exploration.

Modern Fireplace Mantel With Floating Shelves

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The image showcases a harmonious blend of form and function, boasting a captivating centerpiece that not only adds visual appeal but also provides clever storage options. The sleek fireplace radiates warmth through both its ambiance and design, beautifully complemented by the floating shelves that thoughtfully display your carefully curated decorative pieces and treasured keepsakes.

Black Accent Wall With White Floating Shelves

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In this living room design, contrast and synergy come together to create a visually striking space. The bold black accent wall serves as a sophisticated backdrop, elevating the impact of decorative pieces displayed on white floating shelves. This clever play of light and shadow not only adds depth but also stimulates the overall aesthetic, making it a harmonious blend of visual interest.

White Fireplace Wall With Wooden Floating Shelves

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A stunning living room masterpiece effortlessly blends classic refinement with rustic charm, as embodied by the white fireplace – an architectural gem that commands attention while seamlessly integrating with any aesthetic. The clever incorporation of wooden floating shelves injects a sense of warmth and organic visual interest, striking a harmonious equilibrium between contrasting elements. This versatile space invites homeowners to express their personal style through artful arrangements of treasured possessions, such as books, collectibles, or cherished keepsakes.

Grey Marble Accent Wall Fireplace With Wooden Floating Shelves

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In this harmonious space, modern luxury seamlessly blends with rustic charm, resulting in a visually striking and functionally effective design. The thoughtful combination of textures – from the gray walls to the rug – not only captures the senses but also demonstrates a sophisticated comprehension of interior design principles.

Floating Shelves And Lower Cabinets On Sides Of Fireplace

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The fusion of natural and man-made elements in this design is nothing short of captivating. The rough-hewn stone fireplace serves as a cozy focal point, its rugged texture contrasting beautifully with the light wood shelves that bring a sense of airiness to the space. This harmonious blend of old and new not only visually stunning, but also provides ample opportunity for thoughtful display and storage.

Fireplace Built-In With Crown Molding

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Incorporating a fireplace with glass shelves seamlessly blends functional design with architectural flair, imbuing the room with an air of sophistication. The juxtaposition of rustic warmth from the fire and sleek, modern lines of the glass shelves creates a striking visual balance. Meanwhile, the crown molding surrounding the fireplace cleverly manipulates perspective, effectively elongating the ceiling and drawing the viewer’s gaze upward, further enhancing the sense of grandeur.

Large Wooden Floating Shelves On A Vertical Shiplap Wall

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Combining the organic warmth of large wooden floating shelves with the dramatic flair of a vertical shiplap wall yields a captivating blend of rustic charm and modern sophistication. The tactile quality of the shiplap’s textured surface creates a sense of grandeur, while the sturdy wooden shelves provide both visual appeal and functional storage, striking a harmonious balance between form and function.

Brown Stone Accent Wall With Small White Floating Shleves On Both Sides

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The brownstone’s natural hues bring a sense of grounding and authenticity to the space, while the small white floating shelves strike a harmonious balance. These design elements work together to create a cozy yet sophisticated ambiance that reflects a thoughtful approach to interior design. The curated items on display appear effortlessly chic, thanks to the careful consideration given to the overall aesthetic harmony. To further enhance this design choice, it’s essential to choose floating shelves with materials and finishes that blend seamlessly with your fireplace and room decor, establishing a unified look that ties everything together.

Vertical Shiplap Wall Fireplace With Floating Built-In On Both Sides

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Incorporating a vertical element, such as the image by bc_designllc, has a profound impact on the room’s ambiance. The upward orientation creates a sense of grandeur, adding height to the space and drawing the eye upwards. This is further accentuated by the inclusion of a fireplace, which serves as the focal point and exudes warmth. By flanking the fireplace with floating built-in shelves on either side, equilibrium is achieved, while also introducing functional artistry that adds depth and visual interest.

Dark Wood Floating Sheves For Extra Storage Around Fireplace

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Warmth and sophistication radiate from the dark wood’s deep tones, effortlessly blending with diverse design aesthetics, from classic to modern. As the shelves elegantly frame the fireplace, they form a mesmerizing focal point, inviting you to showcase treasured art pieces, family heirlooms, or practical items that tell a story. The result is an harmonious union of form and function, where beauty meets functionality.

Blue Accent Wall Floor-To-Ceiling Fireplace With Floating Shelves On Both Sides

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The addition of a bold blue accent wall surrounding a fireplace is an innovative design move that demands attention. This soothing shade not only conveys serenity but also infuses the space with an air of refinement and luxury, creating an undeniable focal point.

Black Accent Wall Brick Fireplace With Wooden Paneling On One Side

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The focal point of this room is elevated by a striking black accent wall that cleverly serves as a stunning backdrop for the fireplace. This bold move draws the eye directly to the architectural features of the fireplace, making it the undeniable centerpiece of the space. Meanwhile, the wooden paneling subtly injects a sense of organic charm and softness, providing a beautiful contrast to the dark hue.


Why should I consider adding floating shelves around my fireplace?

Enhancing the ambiance of your living space, adding floating shelves around your fireplace offers a triple threat of benefits. Not only does it visually elevate the area, but it also provides practical storage for decorative items or books, effectively balancing out the room’s focal point.

How do I choose the right floating shelf style for my fireplace?

When it comes to selecting floating shelves for your living space, it’s essential to consider how they’ll harmonize with your overall decor. Start by thinking about the materials, finishes, framed prints, and shapes that will complement the fireplace and the room’s aesthetic. For a modern look, sleek and minimalistic designs can be a great choice. On the other hand, rustic rooms may benefit from wooden or distressed shelves that add to the cozy atmosphere. By taking these factors into account, you’ll be able to choose floating shelves that not only serve their functional purpose but also enhance the overall ambiance of your room.

What is the best way to arrange items on the floating shelves?

To achieve a visually stunning display, consider grouping items on your shelves in a harmonious manner. Combine decorative pieces, books, and personal mementos in a way that creates visual interest. This can be achieved by experimenting with different heights, textures, and colors to craft an engaging composition. Begin by placing larger items towards the edges of the shelf, then fill in any gaps with smaller accents. As you arrange each piece, step back periodically to assess the overall aesthetic and make adjustments as needed.

Can I install floating shelves around a working fireplace?

When considering installing floating shelves near a functioning fireplace, it’s essential to prioritize safety above all else. To avoid any potential risks, make sure to maintain a safe distance between the shelves and the fireplace to prevent overheating. If you’re unsure about the heat exposure or need guidance on choosing suitable materials, consider consulting with a professional to assess the situation and provide expert advice.

How far apart should floating shelves be next to a fireplace?

When it comes to spacing floating shelves next to a fireplace, consider the height of the objects you plan to display and the overall aesthetic you’re aiming for. A typical approach is to leave a consistent gap of around 10-12 inches between shelves, which helps create a balanced look. It’s also crucial to ensure there’s sufficient clearance from the top of the fireplace to the bottom shelf to prevent heat damage and comply with safety standards.

Where do you put floating shelves on a fireplace?

When it comes to installing floating shelves around a fireplace, there are several options to consider. If local building codes and construction allow, shelves can be placed on either side of the fireplace, which creates a sense of balance and frames the focal point. Alternatively, you could place shelves above the fireplace, providing a unique display area for art, personal items or decorative accents. However, it’s essential to ensure that any shelf placement does not compromise the functionality of the fireplace or pose a safety risk. This may involve consulting with a professional or double-checking local regulations.

How much do built-ins around a fireplace cost?

The cost of built-in shelves surrounding a fireplace is influenced by various factors, including material selection, design intricacy, and labor costs. As a rough estimate, homeowners can expect to spend anywhere between $1,500 and $4,000. However, custom designs featuring high-end materials or additional features like cabinetry or electronic integration can drive up the cost significantly. To get a more accurate quote for your project, it’s recommended to obtain multiple quotes from contractors, taking into account your specific requirements.

What placement for floating shelves?

When it comes to placing floating shelves, it’s essential to consider both their functional and aesthetic purposes. A popular approach is to position them symmetrically on either side of a fireplace, thereby creating a balanced visual composition. Alternatively, staggered arrangements can add a touch of visual flair and interrupt the monotony that might otherwise prevail. In addition to these considerations, the placement should also take into account the line of sight and the overall room layout to ensure that displayed items are both easily visible and accessible.

What is the rule of thumb for floating shelves?

When installing floating shelves, it’s crucial to strike a balance between form and function. A good starting point is to position them at eye level or just slightly above to ensure easy access and viewing. In terms of spacing, most applications benefit from vertical intervals of 10-12 inches, while depths shouldn’t exceed 12 inches to preserve a streamlined appearance and prevent sagging. Moreover, it’s essential to utilize sturdy brackets and hardware that can handle the weight they’ll be supporting.

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