35 Diy Terrarium Ideas To Add More Plants In Your Home

Margarita Glass Terrarium

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Craftychica brings a dash of uniqueness with this stunning glass terrarium tutorial, perfect for setting apart your space. This endeavour is not only effortlessly easy to execute, but it also showcases a charmingly cute design while serving as a thriving succulent planter. Just think about it – the harmonious blend of nature and artistry, all in one elegant package!

Easy Terrarium for Kids

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For parents seeking engaging science lessons with a hands-on approach, a closed terrarium tutorial can be an excellent starting point. This miniature ecosystem offers a unique opportunity to teach children about the water cycle, making it an ideal activity for kids who love learning through experimentation.Additionally, consider enlisting your child’s help in preparing succulent terrariums for small areas of your home. Not only do these mini-gardens make lovely decorative pieces, but they also provide an early start to indoor gardening, allowing you to nurture your plants and watch them thrive under controlled conditions.

Pretty Beach Terrarium

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As we bask in the warmth of summer, it’s only natural to crave a little bit of the beach’s essence year-round. One way to do just that is by creating a stunning beach-themed DIY terrarium. For those with a creative flair, you can add an extra layer of visual interest by using different colored sands found at craft stores.

In the words of our resident expert, TCH, it’s all about choosing the right container. Opt for a clear one that provides ample space for your plants to thrive. Glass containers are particularly well-suited for terrariums, allowing sunlight to filter in and creating a beautiful display.

Wire Cloche Garden Terrarium

A stunning dry terrarium that demands minimal upkeep can be achieved with this tutorial. The succulent terrarium craze has gained immense popularity due to these plants’ remarkable ability to thrive in low-water conditions.

DIY Hanging Glass Terrarium

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We’re thrilled about hanging terrariums! With the right approach, creating one is surprisingly easy. To get started, ensure your container allows for proper airflow, as it’s a plant terrarium that requires some breathing room. Meanwhile, feel free to go wild with accessories – after all, this setup offers a 360-degree view and should look stunning from every angle.

DIY Cookie Jar Terrarium Craft

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I must admit that I never expected my cookie jars to have such a creative outlet. Nonetheless, the concept of repurposing them as air plant terrariums has taken shape. For those who are new to terrarium care, this DIY project can be an excellent starting point due to its relatively low maintenance requirements. To get started, you’ll need some thriving air plants and a quality potting mix for your glass terrarium, which will serve as the foundation of your creation.

Easy Beach Theme Terrarium

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Transform your living space into an underwater oasis with this charming glass terrarium tutorial, brought to you by Bhg. This creative project is the perfect way to recapture the essence of warm weather and introduce a touch of tropical elegance to your home.

DIY Open Nerve Plant Terrarium

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While the glass terrarium showcased by The Spruce is truly visually appealing, many enthusiasts keep their closed ecosystems open for a brief period each day to ensure optimal airflow. This versatility makes it possible to use any glass structure as a terrarium, whether it’s a mason jar, a large jar, or even an aquarium. By doing so, you can create your own effective and unique miniature gardens.

DIY Miniature Terrarium Waterfall

While not featuring a natural waterfall, this DIY terrarium still boasts a stunning appearance and serves as an impressive display piece. The unique environment allows for the growth of plants with moss, which flourish within its confines.

DIY Non Plant Terrarium Ideas

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Green wedding shoes has shared an impressive array of creative ideas for terrariums of varying sizes. One such idea is to create a stunning mini terrarium that doubles as a sophisticated centerpiece for a formal dinner party. Since this is an artificial environment, it can be enjoyed for an extended period.For a successful and thriving mini terrarium, TCH recommends taking the extra step to establish a proper drainage system. This involves layering small rocks or pebbles at the base of the container, which prevents waterlogging and promotes healthy root growth. To take it a step further, adding activated charcoal on top of the rocks can help filter out excess water and minimize any unpleasant odors.

Mason Jar Terrarium

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Transform your workspace into a miniature oasis with this simple yet charming terrarium idea, courtesy of Redtedart. With just a few basic materials – including a mason jar and some of your favorite flora – you can create a self-sustaining ecosystem that thrives in low-light conditions, making it perfect for indoor spaces.

Mini Terrarium Christmas Ornament

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Christmas magic abounds when wishes come true, and what better way to spread joy than with a DIY project? A mini terrarium ornament is the perfect way to add some whimsy to your holiday decorating routine. Even though it’s a closed ecosystem, this little marvel will flourish as long as you give it an occasional spritz of water. The best part? It’ll still be thriving when your other Christmas decorations are packed away until next year.

Woodland DIY Closed Terrarium Ideas

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Transform your space with a touch of whimsy and enchantment by creating an adorable closed terrarium. This charming project makes for a thoughtful gift for loved ones, and the best part? It requires zero maintenance! Unlike traditional plant projects, moss terrariums are more about visual appeal than actual care. Simply assemble the woodland-inspired design, sit back, and appreciate the serene beauty it brings to your surroundings.

DIY Hanging Geo Terrarium

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Create an oasis in your home with this stunning terrarium kit from Hometalk. The geo container’s unique design allows for easy viewing and maintenance of your miniature garden. When it comes to choosing the perfect plants, succulents are an excellent option as they’re low-maintenance and don’t require frequent watering. To ensure optimal drainage, be sure to add pebbles or carbon pellets to the mix, along with a layer of moss. For added expert insight, TCH suggests selecting plants that thrive in humid and low-light environments – typically found within a terrarium. Research and combine plants with similar light and moisture requirements to create a harmonious coexistence.

DIY Glass Terrarium Indoors

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Indulge in the serenity of nature indoors with this effortlessly stunning DIY glass terrarium, courtesy of Inspired by Charm. This low-maintenance wonder requires minimal upkeep – simply mist it with water every now and then, allowing your plants to thrive without fuss. Let the beauty of the natural world bring a touch of calm to your interior space.

Mini Hanging Terrarium Globe

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In collaboration with Helloglow, we bring to you a captivating beach-themed mini terrarium tutorial, featuring a tinted glass globe. This enchanting creation takes the concept of beach-inspired miniatures to new heights, incorporating sea shells, fine sand, and small plants to transport viewers to a serene coastal paradise.

DIY Fairy Terrarium Garden Ideas

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In the whimsical realm of fantasy, where dreams unfold, I’m thrilled to share another enchanting succulent terrarium tutorial with you! This time, we’re transported to a fairy garden, complete with lush mossy woodlands, charming cottages, and perhaps even a few mystical toadstools. As we craft this miniature masterpiece using our trusty terrarium kit, the possibilities are endless. From arranging the perfect blend of potting mix and natural elements like twigs and moss, to adding the finishing touches that make it truly magical – the creative freedom is yours to command. Not only will you be left with a stunning terrarium for your succulents, but also a captivating showpiece to adorn your mantle or any room in your home.

Wine Bottle Terrariums

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In a world where eco-friendliness meets succulent charm, gardening takes on a new dimension with terrariums. The super utility glass terrarium project offers endless possibilities, allowing us to create any theme we desire. This woodland-inspired endeavor is essentially a closed system with minimal airflow, yet still provides the flexibility to open and modify it at will. With this project, it’s easy to adapt and change the scene as often as you like, making it a unique and captivating way to showcase your creativity.

Bottle Terrarium DIY

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This unconventional terrarium project requires dedication and elbow grease, but the sense of accomplishment is unmatched. If you’re short on time or inclined towards ease, consider substituting a wider glass container – though where’s the excitement in that? The silver lining is that you can combine diverse DIY terrarium plant ideas to create a visually stunning outcome that thrives in glass enclosures. Regardless of your approach, this project promises to be an incredibly rewarding experience.

Indoor Water Do It Yourself Terrarium

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By Radmegan, creator of the featured image and tutorial, water gardens offer a unique opportunity to bring some beauty and life indoors, particularly in regions with harsh winters where outdoor plants struggle to thrive. While this project leans more towards a plant terrarium, it still requires less maintenance compared to a traditional closed terrarium. With a few adjustments, this design can be easily adapted into an excellent frog or toad terrarium, providing a suitable environment for these fascinating amphibians. For those seeking something new and unique in their home decor, this project is an ideal starting point.

Geometric DIY Terrarium

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With a succulent terrarium from My Garden Life, you can transport yourself to a world of imagination and beauty. These self-sustaining units require minimal maintenance once set up, making them perfect for busy enthusiasts or those new to gardening. For open terrarium ideas, cacti are an excellent choice, offering a charming and visually appealing addition to your decor. Place your geometric container in a sunny location and watch your mini-garden thrive.As expertly advised by TCH, it’s essential to resist the urge to overindulge your miniature garden with love and attention. Instead, monitor the moisture levels regularly and only provide water when necessary. Overwatering can lead to a soggy disaster, so be sure to avoid excess moisture, which can also contribute to fungal growth. Regular pruning or removal of dead or overgrown plant parts will help maintain a healthy environment for your succulents to flourish.

DIY Layered Terrarium – How To Make A large Terrarium

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Creating a personalized terrarium is not only cost-effective but also allows for complete control over its components and size. With the option to craft your own, you can tailor it to fit your unique needs and preferences. Moreover, this DIY approach can be easily adapted to suit different living creatures, such as snails, by incorporating species-specific plants. This versatile tutorial offers a fun and creative way to bring new life into your surroundings.

DIY Terrarium Table

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For those looking to take on a more substantial project, building a large terrarium table is an excellent opportunity to showcase one’s creativity and skills. The sense of accomplishment that comes with completing such a project is unparalleled, especially when you can lounge nearby and admire the miniature ecosystem you’ve created. Additionally, this sizeable terrarium has potential as a reptile enclosure, provided it’s designed with escape-proof features in mind. The versatility of this project makes it an attractive option for those seeking a fun and rewarding DIY challenge.

Colorful Plants For Beautiful Terrarium Ideas

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Jennaburger’s tutorial and image bring new life to DIY terrarium enthusiasts who think succulents are the only way to go. While it’s true that smaller plants with low watering needs make maintenance a breeze, there’s no reason why leafy greens can’t thrive in these miniature ecosystems too.

A crucial consideration when creating plant-based terrariums is incorporating charcoal at the bottom of the container. This simple step ensures optimal drainage and prevents waterlogged soil from developing. It’s also important to avoid overcrowding, as this can lead to reduced air circulation and increased risk of fungal diseases. When done correctly, these self-sustaining environments can thrive for extended periods with minimal upkeep – even when sealed – making them an ideal choice for busy plant lovers or those new to the world of terrariums.

Glass Bulb Terrarium

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The pièce de résistance of this collection is undoubtedly the glass bulb mini terrarium. Its delicate nature and unique presentation make it a true showstopper. Not only does it bring a touch of whimsy to any space, but it also has the added benefit of being an incredibly thoughtful gift idea for friends and loved ones.

DIY Hanging Globe Glass Terrarium Ideas

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When crafting your own terrariums, having a kit on hand can streamline the process significantly, as it provides easy access to all the necessary supplies. To create visually appealing layers, especially in hanging terrariums, you can stack multiple colorful layers atop one another. The real excitement begins once you’ve placed your plants within the terrarium’s confines. Following this, consider adding decorative elements around your greenery, such as gravel at the base of the container, to further enhance the overall aesthetic.

Lighthouse Moss Terrarium

While this visually stunning arrangement may not be a traditional living terrarium, its beauty and low-maintenance requirements make it an ideal centerpiece or decorative piece for any room. Inspired by Liz Marie’s tutorial, this design is perfect for those seeking a show-stopping decor item that requires little to no upkeep.

DIY Resin Terrarium

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Looking for an unconventional way to create a glass terrarium? Why not try making a DIY terrarium container instead, and combine it with a resin craft project? This unique approach allows you to produce an exceptional resin art piece while also crafting a one-of-a-kind terrarium that complements it. The possibilities are endless! You can opt for a large or miniature terrarium, depending on your preference, and add either moss or entire plants to create a visually appealing display.

Mini Spice Jar Terrarium

Step into a world of miniature marvels with this adorable and eco-friendly DIY project! Red-Handled Scissors invites you to create tiny terrariums that will transform your home decor and add bursts of greenery throughout. As we all strive for sustainability, this tutorial offers a unique opportunity to repurpose materials while crafting something truly special.

These miniature moss terrariums require minimal upkeep, making them perfect for low-maintenance spaces. Simply place them in shady areas of your home and watch them thrive independently, bringing a touch of nature indoors.

DIY Herb Small Terrarium Ideas

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Transform your home with a unique herb terrarium, showcasing your favorite herb seedlings in a stunning glass container. Ditch the succulents and colorful plants for this winter wonderland-inspired project. Start by selecting a Christmas ornament container as the foundation of your mini terrarium design. As you tend to your herb plants, place them in a sunny spot to encourage growth and thrive under the warm glow. The possibilities are endless with DIY large terrarium ideas, but this one is sure to be a delightful addition to your home.For a mindful arrangement, consider the growth habits and sizes of each plant to prevent overcrowding. Leave ample space for each seedling to spread its roots and grow naturally. Experiment with different heights, textures, and colors to create a visually appealing display that adds a touch of elegance to any room.

DIY Terrarium Lamp

For those seeking a statement piece that packs a punch, look no further than this captivating lamp sand art terrarium project. By combining light and greenery, you’ll create a harmonious balance that’s hard to resist. Air plants are an excellent choice for this type of project, as they flourish in the humid environment of the terrarium without requiring soil. To add an extra layer of visual interest, consider incorporating colorful moss to inject a burst of color into your design. With its unique blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, this project is sure to delight even the most discerning eyes.

DIY Candle Plant Terrarium Ideas

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Who would have predicted that our humble terrariums could double as candle holders? Yet, here we are. This innovative candle terrarium tutorial not only illuminates but also showcases creative versatility. As you create this cozy centerpiece, keep in mind the importance of pairing battery-powered candles with succulents and soil to achieve a harmonious blend. This unique arrangement is sure to warm up any space while highlighting your artistic flair. For those looking for inspiration, we invite you to explore the full tutorial and bring this creative idea to life.

Spooky Pumpkin Terrarium

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Get ready to conjure up some spooky charm with the ‘Spooky Pumpkin Terrarium’, a bewitching fusion of Halloween whimsy and horticultural delight! Imagine a miniature, eerie abode for your plants to thrive in, minus the fright factor.

DIY No Crae Required Water Terrarium

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Say goodbye to the frustration of complicated craft projects and unclear instructions. Instead, with the help of this innovative, water-based concept, you’ll effortlessly transform into an indoor gardening expert – all without breaking a sweat. The most impressive part? This terrarium demands zero to minimal upkeep, making it the perfect solution for busy hands or green thumbs alike.

Beautiful cactus Terrarium

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Elevate your home decor with a unique twist by creating a stunning DIY Beautiful Cactus Terrarium, courtesy of the Terrarium tribe. This engaging project harmoniously blends your passion for horticulture and creativity, yielding an unforgettable outcome.


When creating a terrarium, it’s essential to include a combination of small plants that thrive in humid environments, suitable substrate or potting soil, decorative elements like rocks or figurines, and the necessary tools for planting and maintenance. To ensure the long-term health of your plants, monitor water levels and provide proper care.

The foundation of a well-functioning terrarium is its bottom layer. This should include a layer of pebbles for drainage, activated charcoal to filter water and prevent unpleasant odors, and finally, a layer of sphagnum moss that separates the soil from the drainage layer.

Some plants are surprisingly resilient and can survive in closed terrariums. These hardy species include Fittonia, Selaginella, Pilea involucrata, Peperomia species, ferns, Hypoestes phyllostachya, and Maranta leuconeura. These plants have adapted to thrive in conditions where fresh air is scarce.

When it comes to the number of plants in a terrarium, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. It ultimately depends on your personal preference for a visually appealing arrangement versus giving each plant sufficient space to grow and flourish. You can opt for a solitary statement piece or go all out and create an urban jungle within your terrarium – just be mindful of overcrowding.

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