30 Diy Mudroom Locker Plans That Anyone Can Build

If you’re looking to bring some organization and style to your home, consider taking on a DIY project that will keep your mudroom tidy. We’ve curated 30 easy-to-build mudroom lockers that are perfect for beginners. In fact, even the most novice of DIY enthusiasts can create these lockers with ease. Once built, you’ll have a designated spot to stash muddy shoes and rain-soaked jackets, freeing up space by the door. Plus, you’ll impress friends and family with your newfound carpentry skills – just be prepared for requests for custom lockers! With these mudroom lockers, you’ll be able to create a functional and stylish entryway that keeps clutter at bay. Start building today!

DIY Plywood Minimalist Mudroom Locker

With Start At Home Decor’s guidance, you can create a DIY minimalist mudroom that seamlessly blends functionality with fashion. By embracing simplicity, you’ll be surprised by how much storage space you can achieve while still making a stylish impression on your guests. The best part? You don’t need to be a seasoned carpenter to build these mudroom lockers yourself – just a few easy steps and you’re good to go.

White DIY Mudroom Locker Cubby

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The Plank And Pillow tutorial for a mudroom with locker dividers is a game-changer, transforming a space that’s often associated with mess and chaos into a bright and cheerful oasis. Not only does it offer a solution for organizing muddy boots and wet umbrellas, but the easy-to-follow instructions make it accessible to anyone, regardless of their DIY experience. With its stress-free assembly process, you can have your mudroom up and running in no time – making it a perfect starting point for those looking to create a clutter-free space. For further inspiration, be sure to check out our 30 Mudroom Bench With Storage ideas for a comprehensive guide on achieving a peaceful retreat.

Olive Green DIY Mudroom Lockers Install With Doors

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With the tutorial and image courtesy of Making Manzanita, it’s now time to bring some much-needed organization to your entryway with these DIY mudroom lockers featuring doors. Not only do they add a splash of color, but they also provide a convenient spot for storing all the outdoor gear and accessories your family loves to use. If you’re interested in creating a DIY mudroom bench instead, simply click here.

DIY Build Mudroom Lockers With Plan

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Create a functional and stylish mudroom locker with Charleston Crafted’s DIY tutorial. Tired of tripping over shoes and struggling to keep jackets from getting damp? This project is the perfect solution. Imagine having a designated spot for each family member’s belongings, making it easy to find what you need when you need it. Plus, the satisfaction of opening and closing those locker doors like a superhero, saving the day one pair of rain boots at a time. When designing your DIY mudroom lockers, remember to balance function and flow. Opt for a design that keeps clutter at bay while providing ample storage space. Adjustable shelves and hooks can be especially helpful in accommodating seasonal changes in clothing and footwear.

Modular Entryway Organizer

This clever DIY project by Houseful Of Handmade combines functionality with style, featuring hooks for coats, shelves for hats, and baskets for gloves. Its versatility is unmatched, serving as both a storage unit and personal assistant in one. The modular design allows you to tailor it to your specific needs, making it an incredibly practical addition to any entryway or mudroom.

DIY Mudroom Locker From Scratch

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With a little bit of effort and the right equipment, it’s possible to craft a stunning and practical storage system that will leave everyone in awe. Who knows, you may even find yourself getting asked to create similar solutions for others, sparking a new passion or side hustle!

DIY Mudroom Lockers With Bench

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Meet the ultimate game-changer for your home’s entrance: a set of DIY mudroom lockers with individual doors and a built-in bench. This clever creation not only keeps your entryway tidy but also provides a convenient spot for guests to leave their shoes behind. As an added bonus, it’s an excellent opportunity to brush up on your woodworking skills and showcase your DIY expertise to friends and family.

Mudroom Lockers For Small Space

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Don’t let limited space constraints hinder your mudroom locker dreams! Think outside the box and get creative with coat hooks, baskets, and shelves to optimize your space. Who says you need a full-sized bench when a yoga mat can provide a comfortable spot to sit? The key to DIY mudroom lockers lies in durability. For a low-maintenance and long-lasting solution, consider using plywood or solid wood, which not only withstands heavy use but also adapts well to various finishes. A semi-gloss or gloss paint finish will make cleaning a breeze and better resist moisture, ensuring your mudroom locker remains a functional and stylish haven.

Mudroom Lockers With Bench Plans

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Add rustic charm and functionality to your mudroom with these Mudroom Lockers With Bench Plans! Not only will you have a designated spot for storing outdoor gear, but also a comfortable area to sit and remove muddy shoes. The bench design allows for a cozy retreat after a long day of trudging through the elements. For additional inspiration, explore 32 Cool Mudroom Bench Ideas To Help You Stay Organized.

Mudroom Lockers With Doors and Bench

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The humble act of putting on shoes has been elevated to an art form in modern homes. The joy of savoring a quiet moment to slip into something comfortable, while also having the added benefit of concealing those hard-to-part-with footwear faves behind closed doors and cabinets. It’s a small pleasure that can bring a sense of serenity to one’s daily routine.

Mudroom Locker Under $400

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Infarrantly Creative has crafted a budget-friendly DIY project that will revolutionize your home’s winter gear storage. By creating this solution, you’ll not only declutter your space but also free up funds to indulge in more exciting purchases, such as a giant inflatable unicorn for your pool. This practical and creative tutorial is sure to delight families of all sizes.

DIY Mudroom With Lockers, Cabinets And Corner Bench

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Elevate your mudroom from a chaotic hub to a practical and stylish oasis by incorporating this comprehensive DIY design. The innovative combination of lockers, cabinets, upper shelving units, and a corner bench creates a functional space that seamlessly blends form and function. With the tutorial, you’ll be empowered to recreate this masterpiece in no time.

Mudroom Locker Under $100

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Looking to create a functional and budget-friendly mudroom locker? You’re in luck! With this DIY project, you can build your own mudroom locker for under $100. That’s a fraction of the cost of many other home improvement projects. By following these steps, you’ll be able to store your muddy boots, soggy raincoats, and more in style. To take it to the next level, consider incorporating elements that reflect your family’s lifestyle, such as extra cubbies for sports equipment or a bench with built-in shoe storage. The key is to make it functional while also making it unique to your household.

Garage Mudroom Locker Plans

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Get ready to transform your outdoor gear storage with East Coast Creative’s expert guidance! With these customizable lockers, you’ll gain a sense of accomplishment as you create a designated spot for all your equipment and impress your neighbors and guests. To start, gather your essential tools: hammer, table saw, circular saw, pocket hole screws, hardware, pocket hole jig, brad nails, wood screws, wood filler, miter saw, nail gun, drawer slides, and brad nailer. Don’t forget to grab a refreshing drink along the way! As you work on turning your cluttered garage into a functional and stylish space, East Coast Creative’s tutorial will be your trusted companion.

Coat Closet Into Custum Built-In Mudroom Locker

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Transforming a mundane coat closet into a custom-built mudroom locker is a game-changer for any home’s entryway. With a few simple DIY steps, you can turn this often-overlooked space into a stunning and practical storage area that will leave your friends and family green with envy. Honey Built Home is here to guide you through the process, so grab your power tools and get ready to unleash your inner DIY superstar.

Make Your Own Mudroom Locker

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If the thought of having a stylish and organized spot to stash your outdoor gear is music to your ears, then building your own mudroom locker is the perfect DIY adventure for you. Not only will you have a functional and attractive space to store your belongings, but you’ll also bask in the glow of accomplishment that comes from creating something with your own two hands. So, grab your tool belt and get ready to dive into this fun and rewarding project!

DIY Entryway Locker With Storage

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Get ready to elevate your space with a sense of pride and accomplishment! Not only will you be creating a functional piece of furniture that keeps your area organized, but you’ll also have the opportunity to showcase your DIY skills and say ‘I made this myself’ when others admire your handiwork. With our comprehensive tutorial, you’ll be guided through the process with ease, making it the perfect project for your next DIY endeavor.

DIY Mudroom Plans

Turn your cluttered mudroom into a haven of organization by taking on some DIY projects! Not only will you be flexing your handy skills, but you’ll also gain bragging rights among family and friends. And with expert tips from the pros, you can ensure that your creations stand the test of time. For instance, when it comes to installing mudroom lockers, don’t overlook the importance of securing them to wall studs rather than just drywall. This simple yet crucial step will prevent even the heaviest coats and boots from toppling your DIY masterpieces.

Farmhouse Mudroom Renovation

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Transforming a dull mudroom into a charming farmhouse retreat is a refreshing endeavor. Sugar Maple Framhouse’s latest tutorial offers a comprehensive guide to achieving this rustic revival. The journey begins by acknowledging the current state of your mudroom – perhaps it resembles a barn more than a cozy haven. But fear not, for with some creative vision and practical know-how, you can turn your entryway into a warm and inviting space that embodies the essence of country charm. Shiplap, a versatile design element, is at the forefront of this transformation. As you embark on this project, be prepared to unleash your inner DIY enthusiast and get hands-on with the renovation process.

Custom Mudroom Lockers And Storage

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Imagine walking into your home after a long day, only to be greeted by a clutter-free entranceway. Custom mudroom lockers can make this vision a reality, providing a solution to the age-old problem of disorganized outdoor gear. By designing lockers that fit perfectly within your room’s dimensions, you’ll be able to store shoes, coats, umbrellas, and more in a neat and tidy manner, finally putting an end to the daily tripping hazards and frustration that come with it.

DIY Wall Locker

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Imagine having a personal assistant minus the sass and questionable style, now imagine that assistance coming in the form of a cleverly designed storage space right by your front door. The DIY Wall Locker is an ingenious solution for anyone seeking to declutter their entryway while making a great first impression on guests. Its generous storage capacity and sleek aesthetic make it a must-have for anyone looking to elevate their home’s functionality and curb appeal.

Woodworking Locker Plans

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Imagine the envy of your friends and family as they behold the bespoke storage solution you’ve created, tailored to accommodate everything from stilettos to silk suits. Why settle for a generic coat rack when you can craft a one-of-a-kind locker that turns heads with its unique design? Chronicles of Home’s comprehensive guide empowers you to build the ultimate storage space, whether you’re looking to house a prized collection or simply keep your entryway organized.

Mudroom lockers With Bench

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This versatile piece of furniture serves as both a functional storage solution and a cozy seating area for shoe-putting-on-and-taking-off convenience. Its presence also makes it an ideal spot for your furry companion to relax, anticipating your return with affection.

How To Build A Mudroom Locker

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The Family Handyman’s image and tutorial showcase an innovative storage solution designed to tame the chaos that often accompanies muddy, messy, and disorganized belongings. This vibrant blue storage unit is poised to inject a splash of color into what might have been a drab entryway, transforming it into a welcoming space.

Mudroom Locker With Custom Built-In Bench

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Imagine transforming into a superhero every time you enter or leave your home, minus the cape. The Mudroom locker from Rogue Engineer provides just that – a unique solution for creating a seamless transition between your public and private lives. But what truly sets this locker apart is its custom-built-in bench. Say goodbye to the frustration of trying to put on shoes while balancing precariously or struggling to find a stable surface. With this thoughtful design, you can sit down in comfort and even take a quick moment to recharge – all without compromising your secret identity.

Ikea Mudroom Hack

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Imagine having a mudroom that’s as meticulously organized as a military base. Who wouldn’t want to step into a space where every item has its designated place? With ample compartments to stash away boots, coats, helmets, and all the rest, these lockers are the secret to regaining your composure and keeping your loved ones at bay. Inspired by Polkadot Chair’s clever tutorial, it’s now possible to transform your chaotic entryway into a serene sanctuary.

Garage Mudroom Lockers With Lots Of Storage

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Say farewell to the frustration of juggling shoe-tying with daily comings-and-goings, and welcome the tranquility that comes with a meticulously managed entryway. By incorporating locker and bench units into your home’s design, you’ll be able to assign a dedicated space for each family member’s backpack, coat, and footwear, fostering a sense of calm and efficiency in the midst of morning chaos.

DIY Locker And Bench Units

Meet Jamie Costiglio, the creative force behind this inspiring DIY project. With his guidance, you’ll be able to transform your mudroom into a haven of organization and simplicity. To achieve this feat, you’ll need a few essential materials: wooden boards, wood glue, scrap wood or oak trim, a drill with pocket holes, and some trusty tools. Of course, no DIY project is complete without a healthy dose of optimism and a willingness to get your hands dirty. So, if you’re ready to take on the challenge and turn your mudroom into a space that’s both functional and beautiful, then let’s get started!

Simple And Organized Mudroom Storage DIY

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Transforming a cluttered mudroom into a serene sanctuary requires more than just a dash of creativity – it demands elbow grease and a willingness to get hands-on. According to Jones Design Co, with some clever tricks and budget-friendly solutions, you can turn your chaotic mudroom into an inviting space that exudes organization and calmness.

Little Mudroom On A Small Wall

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The innovative design by Home Stories A To Z presents a game-changing solution for homeowners seeking the benefits of a mudroom without sacrificing valuable floor space. This compact yet functional area can accommodate a single pair of shoes, a coat, and even a hat or two, making it an ideal space-saving solution for those with limited square footage.


Q1: How much does it cost to build a mudroom locker?

The cost of building a mudroom locker is heavily influenced by the materials used and whether you take a DIY approach or hire a professional. On average, DIY projects can range from $150 to $500 per locker, depending on the specifics. However, opting for custom-built solutions can significantly increase costs, potentially reaching $1,000 to $2,000 per unit, contingent upon the design complexity and materials selected.

Q2: How big should mudroom lockers be?

When it comes to designing a mudroom with lockers, it’s crucial to consider the dimensions carefully. A standard size for an individual locker is usually around 24 inches wide by 72 inches high, but this can be adjusted based on your specific needs and space constraints. The key is to ensure each locker has enough width to comfortably store bulky items like coats, hats, and gloves, while also taking into account the number of lockers you need and the available space in your mudroom.

Q3: What wood should be used for mudroom lockers?

When it comes to selecting the perfect wood for your project, durability and aesthetics are crucial considerations. While hardwoods like oak, maple, and birch offer a premium look and feel, they can be quite pricey. For those on a budget, pine or plywood may provide a more affordable alternative. These materials can be easily painted or stained to enhance their appearance. If you’re planning to use your finished project in a high-humidity area, it’s essential to opt for moisture-resistant woods or finishes to ensure longevity and prevent damage.

Q4: How deep should lockers be?

When designing a mudroom locker system, it’s essential to strike the right balance between storage capacity and visual appeal. A typical depth of 15 to 18 inches provides ample space for hanging coats and storing shoes without overwhelming the room. However, if you plan to store larger or bulkier items such as backpacks, sports equipment, or luggage, consider increasing the depth to a minimum of 20 inches to ensure optimal use of your storage space.

Q5: How much does a custom mudroom bench cost?

The cost of a custom mudroom bench can be quite varied, spanning from around $200 to over $1,000. Several factors contribute to this range, including the length of the bench itself, the type of wood chosen for its construction, and whether it incorporates features like storage compartments or unique finishes. Additionally, professional installation services can further impact the overall cost, making customization a thoughtful consideration.

Q6: Why do people like pedestal sinks?

Pedestal sinks have gained popularity due to their versatility and space-saving design. In small bathrooms, they offer a clean and open appearance, taking up less space than traditional vanity cabinets. Their sleek aesthetic also complements various decor styles, ranging from classic to modern. Furthermore, pedestal sinks are often easier to maintain around the edges compared to other sink types, making them a practical and stylish choice for any bathroom setting.

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