37 Diy Accent Wall Ideas That Wont Cost A Bomb

As you strive to create the ultimate homespace, every detail matters. Lately, a growing number of individuals have been seeking DIY accent wall ideas to elevate their living and working spaces. By incorporating an accent wall, also referred to as a feature wall, you can transform a mundane room into a reflection of your personality, creativity, or even clarify the space’s purpose. The versatility of this design element lies in its ability to repurpose existing features like fireplaces, wall cubbies, windows, and staircases, effectively turning the wall into an extension of your artistic expression. If you’re interested in exploring more creative possibilities, we recommend checking out some of our recent articles on modern bedroom accent walls, striking black accent walls, or unique wood accent walls.

37 DIY Accent Wall Ideas For Every Room

Upgrading your room’s aesthetic without breaking the bank? Accent walls are the perfect solution! By highlighting a striking feature or introducing a bold color, you can completely transform the look of your space. To get you started, we’ve curated a list of innovative accent wall ideas that cater to various styles and rooms. Whether you’re looking for a modern twist or a vintage vibe, there’s something on this list that will resonate with you.

Staircase Gallery Wall

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A staircase accent wall that’s often overlooked can be transformed into a stunning focal point with a simple DIY painted design. This unassuming area receives little attention, but it’s surprisingly easy to elevate its aesthetic appeal through a straightforward and eye-catching makeover. The combination of a bold paint job and wooden panels adds depth and visual interest to the space, making it an ideal spot to draw the eye.

Vertical Shiplap Accent Wall

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The humble shiplap accent feature is a testament to versatility in design. This understated DIY project showcases its adaptability perfectly. The muted colour palette allows the room’s natural beauty to shine through, while the vertical installation creates a visually appealing effect that complements the space nicely. While horizontal installations of shiplaps are more common, their vertical counterpart offers a unique and pleasing aesthetic.

Buffalo Check Wall Accent

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The buffalo check accent wall is a timeless and stylish design that never goes out of fashion. When executed correctly, the symmetrical pattern can create a visually appealing focal point in any room, effortlessly tying together the overall aesthetic. This DIY painted accent wall project is surprisingly easy to accomplish, requiring only basic painting skills and some helpful tips from our tutorial. Despite its seemingly complex appearance, this project is deceptively simple, making it an excellent choice for those looking to add a touch of sophistication to their space without breaking a sweat. For further inspiration, check out our other DIY wall mural ideas and dining room accent wall designs to discover the perfect fit for your unique style.

Easy Wood Frame Accent Wall

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One of the most ingenious DIY projects I’ve come across is creating a modern wood accent wall using just a few simple materials. The best part? It’s incredibly affordable and easy to execute, making it a fantastic addition to any room. What’s even more impressive is how easily you can achieve this look with minimal effort. To get started, all you’ll need are about a dozen picture frames, some nails, and paint to cover the wall of your choice. This DIY painted accent wall is perfect for adding visual interest to a space, especially when paired with lighter-colored walls.

Wood Plank Wall Accent

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Transform your room into a whimsical oasis with this DIY shiplap accent wall idea, where the interplay of colors and wood grains creates a visually striking contrast. The beauty of a DIY wood accent wall lies in its versatility – it can be styled to suit any aesthetic, whether you opt for a single dominant color or a bold, multi-hued scheme. Even without an array of colors, this design element can still convey a sense of storytelling and elegance.

Brick Wall with the World Map

Transforming your room with a brick wall is an excellent way to add some charm. However, taking it up a notch by bringing the world onto your walls can be an even more captivating experience. This DIY paint accent wall tutorial requires exceptional drawing skills, but also offers clever hacks along the way. The best part? You can complete this project in just a few hours, making it perfect for those with busy schedules. If you’re short on time and still eager to create some impressive DIY accent walls, this unique idea is definitely worth exploring.

Striped Bedroom Accent Wall

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When it comes to bedroom decor, simple DIY accent wall ideas are a great way to add some visual interest. One popular approach is to create an accent wall behind the bed, drawing attention away from other areas of the room. To make this design work effectively, choose colors that harmonize with your existing color scheme. Additionally, consider adding small decorative elements like picture frames and wall fixtures to further enhance the look.

Dark Vertical Shiplap Office Space

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Adding vertical shiplap accents can create the illusion of a higher ceiling and make the room appear larger. This DIY project is perfect for a home office corner, allowing you to draw attention to your workspace. The contrast between light walls and a dark accent wall provides a nice balance, making it an ideal solution for bright rooms. For those seeking a unique way to refresh their space, this tutorial is definitely worth exploring.

DIY Faux Wallpaper Accent Wall

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While wallpaper is often associated with wall accents, it’s not the only option available. In fact, there are several alternatives that can provide a similar effect without breaking the bank. When it comes to designing the cut-outs, you have complete creative freedom – from shape and size to color and spacing. The beauty of this approach lies in its versatility, allowing you to experiment with different combinations until you find the perfect fit for your room. For instance, a classic pairing is black and white, but don’t be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone and explore other color options as well.

DIY Outdoor Wood Accent Wall

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Outdoor accent walls can be just as stunning as their indoor counterparts, and this DIY wood panel project is a great example of how to bring the outdoors in. Not only does it create a unique focal point, but it also provides an opportunity to showcase your planters and add some greenery to your space. The natural beauty of the wood grain pairs perfectly with the vibrancy of potted plants, making for a charming combination that’s sure to draw attention. And the best part? This project offers the perfect blend of form and function, allowing you to create a beautiful accent wall while also incorporating your outdoor planters into the design.

Black and White Accent Wall

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A striped accent wall, as seen here, serves as an excellent focal point in any workspace. By design, an accent wall is meant to draw attention towards it, making this DIY painted feature a great way to add visual interest to your room. The harmonious combination of black and white stripes provides a clean and subtle detail that doesn’t overwhelm the space. Moreover, this neutral pairing effectively adds depth and dimension to rooms dominated by light colors, creating a sense of balance and visual intrigue.

DIY Vertical Wood Accent Wall

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When it comes to creating an ideal workspace, ambiance can play a significant role in one’s productivity. A well-designed DIY modern wood accent wall can be just the trick to foster a conducive environment. By incorporating natural textures and subtle visual interest, such a feature can effectively counterbalance bold color schemes or lack of depth in a room.

In this instance, the wooden accent wall adds a tactile quality and unique personality to the space without overwhelming the senses. More importantly, it demonstrates how different design elements can be harmoniously balanced, allowing each component to shine in its own right.

Diamond Panel Accent Wall

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For design enthusiasts who crave precision and attention to detail, a DIY wood panel accent wall is an absolute dream come true. The intricate wood grain patterns are mesmerizing, especially when the entire wall is painted in a single, monochromatic hue. This project offers a delightful combination of textures and visual elements, making it perfect for those seeking to add depth and interest to their walls. With detailed instructions that guide you every step of the way, this DIY project is both enjoyable and easy to execute.

DIY Herringbone Accent Wall

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Accent walls are designed to capture attention, and this stunning herringbone DIY modern wood accent wall exemplifies this concept beautifully. The striking contrast between the dark wood and light-colored decor creates a harmonious balance, while its textural element cleverly plays with light and shadows. Additionally, this accent wall is an affordable and durable option that won’t break the bank.

Boxwood Accent Wall

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Infusing a touch of elegance into any room, artificial boxwood accents prove to be an inspired choice for adding depth and personality. One of the notable advantages of incorporating boxwood decor is its simplicity in preparation and installation, allowing you to achieve a striking DIY accent wall without sacrificing too much time or effort. The best part? This effortless addition will elevate your room’s d├ęcor, making it truly unforgettable.

Dark Board and Batten Accent

With a vast array of DIY bedroom accent wall ideas to choose from, one style that stands out for its elegance and sophistication is the board and batten tutorial. By incorporating dark walls with the rest of the decor, you can’t go wrong – it’s a timeless and classic combination. However, what truly elevates this look is the addition of a DIY trim accent wall, which adds a touch of refinement and turns your room into a sophisticated oasis.

DIY Hexagon Wall Accent

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Why not combine your love of geometric patterns and wood accents for walls into one stunning DIY project? A bedroom accent wall featuring wooden trim in a geometric pattern can be an exquisite addition to any room, and it’s surprisingly easy to create. With some basic woodworking skills and a willingness to get creative, you can craft this beautiful design in sections and add an ombre color effect for an added layer of dimension. While it may require a bit more time and effort, the end result will be well worth it – a one-of-a-kind accent wall that’s sure to impress.

DIY Wood Panel Accent Wall

Wood slat accents have been gaining popularity in home decor trends recently, with numerous DIY wood panel accent wall ideas being shared online. One such simple yet effective execution is outlined below.

The first step in this project is to decide on the overall aesthetic and mood you want your wall to convey based on the room’s layout and design. The choice of color can also play a crucial role in drawing attention to specific areas or creating a cohesive look. This comprehensive guide will serve as your trusted companion throughout the entire process, providing step-by-step instructions to achieve the desired result.

DIY Triangle Accent Wall

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Styling a kids’ room can be a unique challenge. Some days, finding the perfect aesthetic and design seems effortless, while others require more creativity. But don’t worry, I’m about to share a simple yet effective geometric accent wall DIY project that’s perfect for a playroom. To get started, simply take some time to visualize how you want the wall to look – you can sketch out your ideas or use an online tool to help you plan. Once you have a design in mind, it’s time to bring it to life with painter’s tape. With minimal effort and less than three hours on your hands, you’ll be amazed at just how dramatically your wall can transform.

Painted Diamond Accent Wall

While many DIY projects can be enjoyable, painting a diamond accent wall can be a particularly exciting endeavor. To achieve the desired effect, it’s essential to carefully select a color that complements both your furniture and the surrounding walls. With this crucial decision made, you’ll need only a few basic supplies: painters’ tape and paint. By applying the tape strategically, you’ll prevent bleeding and ensure a crisp, clean finish. If you’re drawn to this type of accent wall design, you won’t want to miss out on the step-by-step process outlined in this tutorial.

Shutter Wall Accent

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For thrill-seekers and DIY enthusiasts, this tutorial offers an unparalleled adventure in creativity. If bold and unconventional projects are your thing, then you’re in the right place. This accent wall idea requires a bit more time and effort than others, but the end result is well worth the investment.

Rainbow Mural Accent

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Transforming a room into a vibrant oasis is as effortless as painting a masterpiece! Mural accent walls are an ideal way to infuse creativity and whimsy, making them a perfect project for a children’s room or nursery. A rainbow-themed mural is often a kid-friendly favourite, offering endless opportunities for imagination and play. But why stop at just rainbows? With this easy DIY idea, you can incorporate your favourite colours into the mix, creating a unique and personalized accent wall that reflects your personal style. The best part? It’s a cinch to execute, requiring minimal effort but maximum visual impact. Let your creativity shine and turn any room into a masterpiece!

Herringbone Wood Accent

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Transform your bedroom into a one-of-a-kind sanctuary by creating a stunning DIY wood trim accent wall. This innovative project allows for unparalleled creative freedom, making it perfect for small spaces where you can still achieve a dramatic effect without the commitment of covering an entire wall. For those seeking to add visual interest without fully committing to a unique design, this tutorial offers a versatile solution that will never go out of style.

DIY Stamped Accent Wall

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With the desire to create budget-friendly DIY projects, including accent walls, many people seek ideas that require minimal effort and expertise. One such concept is the DIY sponge accent wall, which offers an enjoyable and easy-to-execute solution. This project’s simplicity makes it perfect for those who want to unleash their creativity without investing a lot of time or resources.

Modern Art DIY Accent Wall

When it comes to showcasing your artistic flair, colourful geometry is an excellent approach. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to revamp your child’s bedroom, this tutorial has got you covered. One of the best things about incorporating geometric accent walls into your design is the freedom to get creative. You can opt for a bold, rainbow-hued palette or stick to a single, monochromatic colour and still achieve a stunning visual effect.

Bathroom Stone Accent

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As we embark on the journey to bring nature indoors, there’s no better place to start than the bathroom. This DIY accent wall is a game-changer, and while it does require some elbow grease, the end result is well worth the effort. With an easy-to-install stone option, even the most novice DIYers can join in on the fun. And if you’re looking for a timeless and beautiful accent to elevate your home’s style, this project has got you covered. If you’re inspired by this idea, be sure to check out our other resources, including 38 Awesome Bathroom Wall Ideas That You Should Try and 50 Amazing Stone Accent Wall Ideas You Will Love.

Dining Room Accent Wall

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Transforming any room, particularly a dining space, is simplified by an easy yet effective concept: a DIY painted accent wall. This design element harmonizes beautifully with the brightness of surrounding walls and the room itself. When selecting a hue for such purposes, consider a color with notable depth. The example provided showcases a blend of green, grey, and black that can be leveraged to create a captivating ombre effect.

DIY Wood Slat Wall

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Imagine gazing at a stunning DIY modern wood accent wall – it’s a sight to behold! The first step is choosing the type and size of your slats, but once you’ve made that decision, creating an elegant accent wall becomes incredibly straightforward. This clever DIY idea is a masterclass in adding texture and dimension to any room, drawing the eye and leaving a lasting impression.

Easy Reclaimed Wood Wall

Why not incorporate reclaimed wood into your DIY project? It’s a perfect blend of creativity and environmental friendliness. A textured accent wall made from reclaimed wood can be a stunning visual element in any room. And the best part? It’s a sustainable choice that reduces waste and preserves history. This DIY wood panel tutorial takes it to the next level by adding a touch of rustic charm with paint, but you could also opt for a farmhouse-inspired finish instead.

DIY Wall Decal

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For a unique way to add personality to your room without breaking out the paintbrushes or power tools, consider creating a modern accent wall with removable stickers. This DIY project requires minimal materials and effort – just a Cricut cutting machine and some sticker sheets. The best part? No risk of messy mistakes or frustrating cleanup. Simply apply the stickers to create a striking design that instantly transforms the look of your room. If you’re still skeptical, check out the tutorial for a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this easy yet impressive result.

Wood Plank Reading Nook

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The quest for the perfect relaxation spot can be a lifelong pursuit, and when you add your personal touch, it’s like hitting the jackpot. A great example of this is a DIY wood panel accent wall that brings a unique charm to an otherwise ordinary space.

This type of project is particularly well-suited for areas that may feel slightly off-kilter, like the example shown here. By incorporating a pallet wall, you can introduce a rustic element that provides a nice counterbalance to the modern surroundings. For an added layer of texture and visual interest, consider creating a jigsaw pattern with your wooden panels.

Read more about DIY bookshelf ideas and designs in our article.

Ombre Scallop Wall

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Scallop designs have been gaining popularity in recent times, making it an excellent choice for DIY enthusiasts. This easy-to-execute accent wall idea is particularly well-suited for a child’s room, as it adds a touch of whimsy and fantasy to the space. The design’s uncanny resemblance to a mermaid’s tail instantly transports one to a fairytale realm, where imagination knows no bounds. The subtle ombre effect further enhances the visual appeal, providing a unique and eye-catching focal point. Overall, this DIY project is sure to captivate both kids and adults alike.

Handwriting Statement Wall

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If the usual DIY accent wall ideas are starting to feel stale, you’re in luck. A statement wall can be a unique way to add some personality to your space without blending in with the crowd. And the best part? It’s incredibly easy to create. Simply choose your favorite phrase or quote, grab a few sharpies, and get writing (in neat, of course!). The result is a one-of-a-kind accent wall that reflects your personal style. It’s a fun way to bring back childhood memories of writing on walls with friends.

DIY Ombre Wall

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When it comes to adding depth and visual interest to a room, ombre style painting can be a game-changer. By creating a subtle gradient effect on an accent wall, you can draw attention to specific design elements without being too obvious about it. The result is a beautiful wave-like pattern that adds texture and dimensionality to the space. This technique works particularly well when paired with a dark accent color against a lighter background, as seen in this DIY paint project where the back wall is highlighted against the bed. The ombre effect can be used in various rooms, including nurseries or living rooms, making it a versatile design choice.

Brushstroke Accent Wall

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This creative approach to creating an accent wall is perhaps the most straightforward yet unconventional on this list. Its unique charm lies in its ability to be both imaginative and easy to execute.

All you need are a few basic painting supplies, and you’re ready to start. What sets this DIY accent wall apart is the freedom to choose any brush stroke style you desire. While sticking to a single style can create cohesion, feel free to mix it up for a unique look.

Geometric Patterned Accent Wall

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When it comes to giving a room a makeover, a geometric accent wall DIY project is an incredibly popular choice. Fortunately, this endeavor is surprisingly straightforward. The beauty of a geometric accent wall lies in its versatility – you have the freedom to choose any pattern that suits your taste. To ensure crisp lines and prevent paint bleed, be sure to use high-quality paint tape.

A geometric accent wall is particularly well-suited for smaller rooms. By incorporating this design element, you can create the illusion of a longer space, adding depth and visual interest. And let’s not forget – it’s a visually striking feature that’s sure to spark conversation.

Concrete Finish Accent Wall

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For those seeking a unique touch in their home decor, we’ve discovered an innovative approach to creating an accent wall with a concrete finish. This distinctive design is perfect for injecting an industrial vibe into a space, particularly when paired with light-colored walls.

What’s more, this DIY project is surprisingly straightforward and won’t require an enormous time investment. The best part? It can be tailored to suit your desired aesthetic, ranging from ruggedly industrial to sleek and modern.

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