24 Best Bullet Journal Mood Tracker For Inspiration

As I navigate the ebbs and flows of my emotional landscape, I’ve found myself oscillating between periods of stress and anxiety and sudden surges of joy. It was amidst this turmoil that I turned to my trusty bullet journal mood tracker, a tool that has become an indispensable companion in monitoring the highs and lows of my mood.

What are Mood Trackers?

Mood tracking is a valuable tool for cultivating mental well-being by shedding light on the ebbs and flows of one’s emotional state. This practice involves regularly recording one’s mood, often at designated intervals, to uncover patterns that may be influencing your emotional highs and lows.

A mood tracker can take many forms, from mobile apps to printable sheets, and even customizable bullet journals. The key is to find a method that resonates with you and fits seamlessly into your daily routine.

If you’re new to mood tracking, consider starting with a simple yet effective printable tool. You can tailor the moods to suit your unique emotional landscape, color-code them according to your preferences, and begin filling in the blanks.

Download the complimentary printable below and take the first step towards developing greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

Why keep track of your mood?

By monitoring your emotions, you’ll be able to pinpoint the specific triggers that lead to changes in your mood. This newfound awareness will enable you to prepare for similar situations in the future, allowing you to take a step back, calm down, and perhaps even meditate. Mood tracking has also been shown to be an effective self-help tool for individuals struggling with anxiety, clinical depression, or other mood disorders. Therapists often recommend tracking one’s mood between sessions as a way to better understand how patients are feeling, even when they struggle to put their emotions into words. The beauty of mood trackers lies in their flexibility – you can blend moods or even create new ones if you’re unsure of how you’re feeling. This process helps you recognize your progress and the things you’re capable of achieving. Additionally, mood tracking can serve as a valuable tool for monitoring physical health, which is deeply intertwined with mental and emotional well-being.

Best Bullet Journal Mood Tracker Ideas

As a more tactile approach, coloring your bullet journal mood tracker can be incredibly fulfilling. To help you customize your journal to suit your needs and preferences, here are various ways to make it your own. From decorative to minimalistic, these templates cater to different tastes. Feel free to get creative and add doodles, or stick to a more streamlined approach – the choice is yours. Remember, these are just starting points, and you can always adapt them to fit your unique style. If you’re looking for inspiration, I’ve created a step-by-step e-book on doodling that covers everything from seasons to food, flowers, and animals (available for $10). With this resource, you’ll be well-equipped to bring your mood journal to life.

Year In Pixels Mood Tracker for Your Bullet Journal

The Year in Pixels bullet journal mood tracker offers a unique way to visualize your emotional journey over the course of a year. Its compact grid design features individual columns for each month and rows numbered from 1 to 31, providing an at-a-glance view of your mood throughout the year. While the key is comprehensive, it can be easily customized to suit your personal style and preferences.

Bee Positive Mood Tracker for Your Bullet Journal

Samantha Bassett’s beehive-inspired mood tracker in her bullet journal is a delightful blend of simplicity and cheerfulness. The hexagonal design, which can accommodate thirty or thirty-one daily entries, radiates positivity like a sweet bouquet. A straightforward key with four colors – representing very good, good, okay, and not good – serves as the foundation for this mood-tracking template. What’s particularly wonderful is that you’re free to customize the key to suit your unique needs. To add a touch of whimsy, simply include some honey bees and dotted lines throughout the design.

Light Up My World Mood Tracker

This innovative mood tracker by Sadie’s Freeshot Club is designed to bring a splash of color and vibrancy to your daily routine. The centerpiece of this unique tracking system is a row of lights suspended from the ceiling, representing each day of the month. Below, a set of 12 small compartments await, labeled with distinct emotions ranging from joyful highs to more subdued lows. You’re free to adopt the provided scale or opt for a simplified approach, allowing you to tailor your experience to your personal preferences. As the month unfolds, you’ll be left with a visually striking and thought-provoking page that provides a tangible record of your emotional journey.

When Life gives you Lemons… Make some lemonade

One of my top picks from the list is a citrus-themed mood tracker by jokerboris.luyipa.com that perfectly captures the essence of sunshine and good vibes. The design features three limes, each segment representing ten days of the month, making it easy to track your emotions over time. What I love most about this tracker is its simplicity – the key is straightforward with smiley faces denoting different moods. And as they say, when life gives you lemons, make some lemonade!

Paper Planes Mood Tracker

This minimalist mood journal by crazylaura.com boasts a unique blend of simplicity and artistry. The main attraction is a circular dial with 30 or 31 boxes, each representing a day of the month. At its center, a charming paper plane design adds a touch of whimsy, while a smiley face key at the bottom provides a subtle yet effective way to track one’s mood. As you return home after a long day, filling in these boxes can be a therapeutic exercise that helps clear your mind. You’re free to customize the key and add personal touches or keep it straightforward – the choice is yours.

Mood Meter For Your Bullet Journal

This innovative bullet journal mood tracker, designed by F.Weddingroups.com, takes the form of a whimsical thermometer. As the month comes to a close, you’ll be left with a vibrant visual representation of your emotional journey – a colorful thermometer that maps out your mood’s ebbs and flows. With this insightful tool, you can pinpoint the factors that affect your emotions and make intentional choices to improve your mental well-being.

Mood By The Shore

This stunning seashore-inspired mood tracker, part of the summer collection by crazylaura.com, captures the essence of a sun-kissed day at the beach. Delicate shells and starfish adorn the design, with numbered shell motifs indicating each day of the month. The key is straightforward, utilizing a palette of colors and smileys to convey emotions. While it features a bold red color scheme as its foundation, users can easily customize it to suit their personal style.

Lemon Heaven

Inspired by Pen and Paperie’s Instagram post, this citrus-themed bullet journal mood tracker is a visually striking way to monitor your emotions. The fruit’s carpels represent the days of the month, while six orange-hued circles at the bottom serve as a color-coded indicator for different moods – from motivated and happy to calm, tired, stressed, and sad. With this unique tracker, you can easily identify patterns in your emotional state by filling in the corresponding section with a simple pop of color.

Mood Memories Bullet Journal Mood Tracker

This vibrant mood journal brings a splash of color to documenting your month’s highlights. The design features small, whimsical Polaroids suspended from a wall-like background, allowing you to visually capture and decorate your memories. To add an extra layer of fun, the journal includes a built-in Polaroid camera motif at the bottom, perfect for creating a sense of nostalgia. Meanwhile, the key is a bright and cheerful companion, represented by a rainbow-colored spectrum that adds a pop of personality to each entry.

Mood Magic Bullet Journal Mood Tracker

Imagine a whimsical mood tracker that embodies the essence of serenity, crafted by Instagram user Claudia Joseph. This circular masterpiece features a pastel-colored cloud at its center, surrounded by a dial divided into days of the month. The design seamlessly blends functionality with visual appeal, much like the paper plane mood tracker mentioned earlier. A key with soft, calming hues provides a sense of solace as you wrap up each day. With its gentle color palette and soothing atmosphere, this tracker is sure to transport you to a peaceful state, making it an ideal companion for anyone seeking a tranquil reflection on their emotions.

Mood Graph For Your Bullet Journal

In the minimalist yet elegant bullet journal mood graph created by u/astralaffection, emotions take center stage. The x-axis is divided into a scale from one to ten, where one represents the lowest and ten embodies the highest emotional state. Meanwhile, the y-axis marks each day of the month, providing a unique perspective on how your feelings fluctuate over time. As you fill in each day’s position on the graph, you’ll gain a comprehensive visual representation of your emotional journey by the end of the month.

Fly High, Fighter Fly Mood Tracker

Inspired by the whimsical world of Up, this delightful mood tracker features 31 numbered balloons, each representing a day of the month. Designed by nsnetwork.org, this customizable tool invites you to personalize it with various colors and key systems, allowing you to tailor it to your unique preferences.

Hot Air Balloon Bullet Journal Mood Tracker

This whimsical bullet journal mood tracker, inspired by myinnercreative.com, features a hot air balloon soaring high above the clouds. The key at the bottom is elegantly displayed across four small boxes, each adorned with a tiny banner. To add an extra touch of charm, consider drawing fluffy white clouds to create a sense of depth and whimsy in your tracker.

Donut Disturb Mood Tracker

The delightful doughnut-shaped mood tracker from bulletjournalideas.com is a unique and visually striking tool for monitoring one’s emotions. The tracker features sprinkles scattered throughout, accompanied by a key at the bottom that corresponds to various moods. This clever design allows users to create a vibrant and colorful representation of their emotional journey by the end of each month.

Fairy lights Mood Tracker

The first mood tracker featured in this collection is a vibrant and whimsical creation from nachtisch.retiji.com. This design, much like its counterpart, showcases a set of fairy lights that serve as a mood indicator. The key difference between the two lies in their visual presentation: whereas the second tracker had its lights suspended from above, these floating lights add an air of enchantment to this piece.

Warm, Fuzzy Ball of Yarn Mood Tracker

The Fuzzy Ball of Yarn Mood Tracker, created by Austragungsort.dezimmerdekor.club, stands out for its meticulous design and clear instructions. If you’re artistic and have some spare time on your hands, this DIY project is an excellent fit. Characterized by a soothing blue color scheme, the tracker can be personalized to suit individual preferences.

Paint Me Down Bullet Journal Mood Tracker

The ‘Canvas and Paint Mood Tracker’ by Crazy Laura features 31 charming canvases, accompanied by a paintbrush and palette at the base of each page, showcasing various emotions such as bored, mad, happy, and content. This unique system invites you to express your daily mood through art, allowing for a visually stunning reflection on your emotional journey at the end of the month.

Mood Mandala For Your Bullet Journal

Indulging in mandala art has become a cherished stress-relief ritual for me, and I’m sure many of my fellow enthusiasts would concur. When I need to unwind after a long day, creating intricate designs with this ancient practice provides a sense of serenity that’s hard to find elsewhere. For those who share my passion, the ‘Mood Mandala’ by Natalielinda.com is an excellent resource to tap into. By embracing this calming activity, individuals can transform their daily grind into a therapeutic escape from reality.

Flower Power

One of my standout mood trackers is from beautifuldawndesigns.net, featuring tiny floral illustrations with numerical markers indicating each day of the month. Users can opt for a cohesive look by filling in the flowers with varying shades of a single hue or let their creativity shine by experimenting with different colours. The key to making this tracker truly effective is embracing the fun and playful nature it embodies.

Art to Heal the Heart Mood Tracker

JustBrightIdeas.com presents a captivating take on bullet journal mood trackers, featuring an innovative approach that combines whimsical doodles with functional design. A delicate heart motif adorns the top of the tracker, subtly representing each day of the month. The color palette is particularly noteworthy, utilizing varying shades of red and pink to create a visually striking representation of one’s emotional state.

Popsicle Mood Tracker

The Popsicle Mood Tracker, courtesy of justbrightideas.com, is a delightful blast from the past that will transport you back to your childhood summers. With its vibrant, soft pastel hues and 15 stripes representing each day of the month, this whimsical tracker exudes a carefree charm that’s hard to resist.

Ice cream and Lollies Bullet Journal Mood Tracker

This adorable blush pink template from gomero.diyardent.com offers a delightful surprise every day of the month. The layout features a selection of ice cream, popsicles, and lollies, each with its own charming illustration. For added personalization, you can customize the top section with a cute key or swap out the drawings for simple yet sweet flower designs.

No more cloudy days Mood Tracker

Immerse yourself in a whimsical world of cloud-dotted skies, where atmospheric conditions are mirrored on a scale of emotional states. The design, courtesy of Art N Foxes, features a diverse array of clouds that evoke feelings ranging from foreboding darkness to radiant sunshine. This clever mood tracker invites you to record your emotional highs and lows by referencing the straightforward color-coded guide below.

Space Out your mood

The Crazylaura.com mood tracker is a visually appealing tool that utilizes planetary and comet representations to track daily moods, with a vibrant color scheme serving as the backdrop. The unique design features a series of planets and comets aligned across the top of the page, each corresponding to a specific day of the month, allowing users to easily monitor their emotional states throughout the month.

Mood Tracking Apps

As we’ve explored different mood tracker concepts, I encourage you to create one for yourself and start monitoring your emotions soon. However, if you’re not crafty or simply prefer a more straightforward approach like me, there are numerous mood tracking apps available on the App Store or Google Play that can be a great alternative.


Award-winning app Daylio simplifies emotional tracking by offering a visual approach, rather than requiring users to express themselves through writing. The platform features an array of mood-representing videos, allowing individuals to effortlessly select the one that most accurately captures their emotional state on any given day.


For individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, or other mood disorders, Moodkit offers a valuable tool for managing their mental wellbeing. This evidence-based therapy app is organized into four distinct sections: Activities, Thoughts, Mood, and Journal. Each module is carefully designed to provide users with a comprehensive framework for cultivating emotional resilience and promoting positive change. To learn more about this innovative app and how it can support your mental health journey, click here.


Designed specifically for individuals navigating the complexities of bipolar disorder, eMoods offers a nuanced approach to mood tracking. The app’s foundation is built upon a four-point scale, allowing users to quantify their emotional state from ‘none’ to ‘severe’. Additionally, eMoods accommodates the unique needs of those experiencing psychotic symptoms by providing a dedicated field for recording such occurrences.

MoodTrack Diary

The Moodtrack app stands out with its vibrant and accessible design, aiming to empower individuals by arming them with the tools to manage their emotions through informed choices that positively impact their mood. This intuitive platform not only enables users to rate their emotional state but also provides a space for introspection, allowing for written reflections if desired.


With Breathe2Relax, users can track their emotional state alongside gaining access to a collection of calming videos featuring guided breathing exercises and stress-relief techniques. As the month comes to a close, the app provides detailed progress reports, offering valuable insights into personal growth and self-improvement over time.

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