25 Classic Brick Backsplash Kitchen Ideas For A Rustic Feel

In kitchen design, brick backsplashes are a timeless classic that effortlessly combines rugged elegance with enduring charm. Whether installed behind a stove or sink, these stalwart features bring a distinctive character to any kitchen, particularly those embracing a farmhouse aesthetic. Their durability is matched only by their adaptability, serving as a canvas for creative combinations with paints, cabinets, hoods, and countertops. Envision the warmth of a white brick backsplash imbuing a rustic charm or the urban sophistication of a red brick counterpart infusing a modern industrial vibe into your culinary sanctuary. Beyond mere functionality, a brick backsplash serves as a blank slate for personal expression, allowing homeowners to infuse their kitchens with unique flair and personality.

Elegant Contrast with White and Gray Tones

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This stunning brick backsplash seamlessly integrates with the crisp white cabinetry in this sophisticated kitchen design. The gray bricks bring a unique texture that perfectly balances modernity and timelessness. Adding subtle greenery and wood accents warms up the space, making it irresistibly inviting. For more inspiration, check out our collection of 30 amazing backsplash ideas for white cabinets.

Rustic Charm with Exposed Brickwork

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In this charming kitchen, an exposed brick backsplash steals the show with its rustic charm. The natural texture of the brick provides a beautiful contrast to the sleek cabinetry, creating a unique visual interest. To add to the cozy atmosphere, floating wooden shelves and industrial-style lighting fixtures bring a country feel that’s hard to resist. Meanwhile, thoughtful accents like an American flag introduce a warm, homey touch that makes the space truly inviting.

Sophisticated Herringbone Brick Elegance

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In this kitchen design, a sophisticated touch is added by a brick backsplash tile laid out in a herringbone pattern, which provides a modern spin on the traditional look. The harmonious combination of white cabinets and various brick tones brings a sense of brightness and airiness to the space. The elegant pendant lights and butcher-block island serve as a stylish focal point, while decorative elements infuse the area with rustic charm.

Vintage Industrial Flair with Brick and Bronze

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The vintage-inspired brick backsplash in this kitchen is a masterclass in contrasting textures and tones. The muted palette of grays and browns creates a soothing atmosphere, while the oversized bronze pendant lights suspended above add a touch of glamour, harmonizing with the industrial vibe. A sleek marble backsplash on the stove provides a striking juxtaposition to the earthy brickwork, creating a dynamic visual interest. Adding warmth and artisanal charm are the woven bar stools, inviting occupants to linger.

Classic Red Brick Meets Modern Elegance

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In this kitchen, a rich, red brick backsplash serves as the foundation of a timeless design. The traditional charm of the brick is cleverly juxtaposed with modern elements, such as stainless steel appliances and crisp white cabinetry. A framed painting nestled among the bricks adds a touch of personality to the space, while black hardware provides a sleek, contemporary finish. This blend of classic and modern styles creates a unique aesthetic that is both nostalgic and fresh.

Architectural Elegance with Exposed Brick Arches

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In this kitchen, the exposed brick arch seamlessly merges historic architecture with modern design, serving as a striking focal point. The industrial pendant lighting beautifully highlights the textured bricks, while the sleek black range hood and countertops bring a touch of contemporary sophistication. Meanwhile, the leather bar stools introduce an air of luxury, encouraging conversation and culinary exploration.

Cottage Core with Exposed Brickwork

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In this kitchen, cottage charm is expertly blended with modern flair. The raw, exposed brick backsplash provides a natural and weathered backdrop that beautifully contrasts with the sleek, contemporary cabinetry. Above, rustic wooden beams subtly echo the earthy tone of the bricks, while open shelving above the backsplash cleverly balances form and function.

Country Elegance with Herringbone Brick Accents

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In this inviting kitchen, a herringbone brick backsplash brings a touch of rustic charm, cleverly complemented by soft beige cabinetry. Above the cooking area, a lush green wreath adds a burst of natural color, drawing attention to the range hood. The brick’s muted tones harmonize with the natural wood and crisp white utensils, crafting a serene and welcoming cooking space that feels like an extension of the home itself.

The real value of this design element is more than just aesthetic – it also provides a practical benefit. According to expert TCH, who installed a brick backsplash in their own kitchen, the result was a transformed space that not only looked stunning but also proved durable and easy to clean, making it an excellent choice for busy kitchens.

Bohemian Blend with Colourful Brickwork

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This kitchen’s bohemian charm is expertly woven together by a vibrant brick backsplash that perfectly complements the teal cabinetry. The exposed brick, subtly highlighted with white paint, adds a rich layer of history and tactile texture to the space. Above, open wooden shelving creates a warm, organic focal point ideal for showcasing dishware. The addition of eclectic decor pieces, such as the brass figurine, injects personality into the room, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

Holiday Warmth with Whitewashed Brick

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Warmth radiates from the kitchen’s whitewashed brick subway tile backsplash, its festive wreath adding a cozy touch reminiscent of the holiday season. The natural wood range hood serves as an anchor, infusing the space with rustic charm. Softly toned bricks harmonize with crisp white cabinetry, while sprigs of greenery on either side create symmetry and inject vitality into the design.

Subdued Elegance in Subtle Brickwork

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In this kitchen, a soft-toned brick backsplash brings subtle texture to an otherwise clean design. The understated hue harmonizes with white cabinetry and granite countertops, creating a serene ambiance perfect for culinary pursuits. By incorporating brick into its aesthetic, the space showcases that even minimalist settings can benefit from the warmth and character it provides.

Regal Opulence with Copper-Toned Brick Backsplash

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A symphony of textures and opulence harmonizes in this stately kitchen design. The copper-tinged brick tiles that adorn the backsplash bring regal grandeur, offset by antique white cabinetry with its soft, subtle glow. Above, elegant pendant lights boasting blue shades add a touch of refinement and sophistication, drawing attention to their refined elegance. Meanwhile, the rich, dark tones of marble countertops and the warmth of traditional wooden island create a classic sense of luxury. The pièce de résistance is the herringbone brick floor, which mirrors the backsplash’s texture and adds depth to the space, culminating in a design that truly feels like the heart of the home.

Cozy Homestead with Distressed Brick and Wood

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A perfect blend of modern and vintage elements defines this inviting kitchen. The focal point is undoubtedly the distressed brick backsplash, which pairs seamlessly with the wood range hood to evoke a cozy homestead atmosphere. The contrast between the creamy white cabinetry and the rustic brick tones creates visual interest, while the classic jars and utensil holders add a charming touch of nostalgia. The varied tones of the brick also bring warmth to the space, making it an ideal setting for cooking up a storm.

Refined Rusticity with Chevron Brickwork

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The kitchen seamlessly blends rustic charm with refined design elements, captivating the eye with its chevron brick backsplash. The reclaimed wood beams and lantern-style lighting infuse the space with historical depth, while the plush bar chairs in neutral tones subtly soften the atmosphere. Furthermore, the open doorway creates a sense of flow through the home, inviting glimpses into adjacent rooms.

Subtle Sophistication with Diagonal Brick Elegance

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A visually appealing combination in this farmhouse-inspired kitchen comes from the subtle interplay between its various design elements. The diagonal brick backsplash brings a sophisticated touch to the soft-hued cabinetry, while the classic range hood is elevated by a decorative wreath featuring natural greenery. The warm tones of the brickwork are beautifully complemented by natural stone countertops, creating a harmonious balance. Finally, copper and white kitchen accessories add a touch of understated elegance to the space.

Country Kitchen Charm with Striped Brick Backsplash

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In this charming country-style kitchen, a striped brick backsplash adds warmth and character, perfectly complemented by crisp white cabinetry. The whimsical sign and collection of pitchers above create a playful display that adds to the space’s charm. The natural beauty of wooden countertops and open shelving also contributes to the inviting atmosphere, while a fresh pop of greenery on the backsplash brings a touch of vitality. According to expert TCH, who has worked with numerous clients on kitchen renovations, brick backsplashes are an affordable yet impactful design element that can instantly elevate the overall aesthetic of the kitchen with minimal maintenance required over time.

Sleek Urban Edge with Dark Brick Backsplash

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In this kitchen, a dark brick backsplash brings an edgy, urban vibe to the clean white cabinetry, creating a striking contrast that’s equal parts modern and traditional. The stainless steel range hood adds to the sleekness, while the simple black hardware on the cabinets harmonizes with the darker tones of the backsplash. Meanwhile, the neatly arranged countertop essentials strike a balance between form and function.

Transitional Elegance with Tonal Brick Backsplash

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In this kitchen, a tonal brick backsplash seamlessly blends traditional and contemporary elements. The geometric chandeliers bring an air of sophistication, perfectly complementing the stainless steel appliances. A harmonious contrast is created between the creamy tones of the brickwork and the crisp white cabinetry. To add a pop of color to the otherwise neutral palette, a vibrant bouquet adorns the island.

Monochrome Modernity with a Subtle Brick Twist

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In this modern kitchen, a subtle brick backsplash brings texture and visual interest to the monochromatic color scheme, complementing the clean lines of white cabinetry perfectly. The industrial-style pendant lights suspended above add focused illumination while also introducing an edgy touch. A pair of sleek black bar chairs provides a striking contrast to the space, mirroring the dark accents that permeate the room. Meanwhile, the spacious island invites both dining and socializing, serving as a hub for activity in this contemporary setting.

Loft-Style Luxe with Whitewashed Brick and Beams

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The loft-style kitchen features a striking combination of whitewashed brick backsplash and exposed wooden beams, culminating in a luxurious yet airy atmosphere. Above the sleek island, oversized black pendant lights make a bold declaration, while the dark wood base provides an earthy anchor to the space. To maintain an open feel, minimalist bar stools were carefully selected, allowing the room to remain inviting and free-flowing. As TCH notes, ‘brick backsplashes are particularly popular among homeowners seeking to achieve a rustic or industrial look in their kitchens.’ The natural variations in color and texture of the bricks bring a unique charm and personality to the space, making it truly stand out.

Bold and Bright with Raw Brick Contrast

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The kitchen’s raw brick backsplash is the focal point, injecting bold character into the space with its contrasting texture against the crisp white cabinets and sleek stainless steel appliances. The geometric lighting fixtures add a modern touch, blending seamlessly with the architectural feel of the room. A splash of vibrant color comes from the rich blue island base, while natural wood bar stools provide warmth. The thoughtful incorporation of natural elements and pops of greenery creates a lively, welcoming atmosphere that makes you want to linger.

Festive Fusion with Tumbled Brick Backsplash

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In this cozy kitchen, a tumbled brick backsplash serves as a festive focal point, harmonizing perfectly with holiday decorations. Above, lantern-style pendant lights bring a touch of sophistication, while bar chairs adorned with lush greenery further reinforce the seasonal ambiance. What’s more, the seamless integration of cooking and living spaces makes it an ideal setting for family gatherings, where memories are made and moments shared.

Elegant Herringbone Elegance

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In this stunning kitchen, traditional charm meets modern luxury through the striking combination of a herringbone brick backsplash with dark green cabinetry. The subtle colours of the bricks harmoniously complement the rich tones of the cabinetry, creating a sense of balance and visual equilibrium. The herringbone pattern adds a dynamic touch, guiding the eye in a fluid motion. A touch of opulence is introduced through gold accents and fixtures, elevating the overall aesthetic to new heights.

Rustic Charm Meets Contemporary Chic

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In this kitchen design, rustic charm meets modern sophistication. The exposed brick backsplash is the focal point, bringing warmth and coziness to the space with its varied tones. The contrast between the brick’s earthy hues and the crisp white cabinetry creates a visually appealing balance. The wooden floor adds a natural element that harmonizes seamlessly with the brickwork. Above, elegant pendant lights introduce a touch of contemporary flair, elevating the room’s inviting ambiance.

Industrial Simplicity with a Twist

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In this kitchen design, the exposed red brick backsplash takes center stage, anchoring the space’s industrial aesthetic and providing a striking contrast to the crisp white cabinets. The visual interest created by this juxtaposition is further amplified by the industrial-style pendant lights with rope cords, which evoke a sense of urban grittiness. Meanwhile, the natural wood accents introduce a warm and inviting element, tempering the overall atmosphere with a touch of coziness.


What is a brick backsplash kitchen?

In the realm of kitchen design, a brick backsplash serves as a distinctive accent that injects a dash of rustic, industrial, or farmhouse flair into the space. This aesthetic choice involves utilizing brick as a material for covering the wall area between countertops and upper kitchen cabinets, effectively transforming the zone into a unique focal point.

Are there different types of brick backsplashes available?

When it comes to brick backsplashes, there are numerous options to consider. From traditional red bricks to whitewashed, painted, thin, or even faux brick panels, each type presents a distinct visual appeal. This array of choices empowers homeowners to select the style that harmonizes most closely with their kitchen’s overall aesthetic, allowing for a cohesive and inviting space.

Can a brick backsplash be installed in any kitchen?

When considering a brick backsplash for your kitchen, it’s crucial to take into account the room’s overall aesthetic, including its style, color palette, and available space. This will ensure a seamless installation that complements the surrounding design. Furthermore, homeowners must verify that the wall surface is suitable for supporting a brick backsplash and implement proper sealing measures to prevent moisture damage, which can compromise the integrity of the installation.

How do I maintain a brick backsplash in the kitchen?

Maintaining a brick backsplash’s appearance is relatively straightforward: a gentle detergent and water solution are usually all that’s needed. However, it’s crucial to avoid using abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals that could potentially damage the brick surface. Furthermore, regular inspections of the grout lines are vital to detect any signs of wear or damage, allowing you to reseal them as necessary to preserve their water-resistance properties.

Can I install a brick backsplash myself, or do I need professional help?

When it comes to installing a brick backsplash, several factors can influence the complexity of the task, including the type of brick selected and the condition of the wall surface. While some DIY enthusiasts might feel comfortable taking on the project themselves, others may prefer to enlist the help of a professional to guarantee a proper installation and sealing.

How much does it cost to install a brick backsplash in the kitchen?

The cost of a brick backsplash installation is influenced by several factors, including the type of brick selected, the size of the kitchen, and whether professional expertise is necessary. On average, homeowners can anticipate spending anywhere from $10 to $30 per square foot for materials and labor. This variability in pricing makes it essential to consider these factors when planning your project.

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