34 August Bullet Journal Ideas For Your Bujo Pages

6 August Bullet Journal Themes Ideas

As you prepare for August in your bullet journal, consider infusing your spreads with a theme that reflects the warmth and creativity of the season. By choosing a theme, you can add an extra layer of personality to your journal and make it truly unique. With some advance planning, you can get creative and select a theme that resonates with you. In this post, we’ll explore some unconventional August bullet journal themes to inspire your next project.

Northern Lights Inspired Theme

This August, I’m excited to share a unique Bullet Journal theme inspired by the breathtaking beauty of the Northern Lights. To create this celestial wonder, start by using multi-colour paper to depict the vibrant night sky. Alternatively, you can paint the sky with watercolours for a more subtle effect. Once your sky is set, use a white pen to add tiny stars that will sparkle like diamonds in the night. The trees are just as easy to create – simply start with a triangle and add scribbled lines at the bottom, working your way up to form branches. Add a trunk and you’re done! This theme is sure to transport you to a magical world of wonder and awe.

Colourful Doodle August Bullet Journal

When selecting a theme for my bullet journal, I find myself consistently drawn to vibrant hues. The August theme, reimagined by Lisa from BujoAndRaindrops, captures my attention with its bold color palette and understated doodles. Inspired by the previous July theme, this design embodies a carefree essence, making it an ideal choice for setting a joyful tone throughout the month.

Pink Dreamy Hues Bujo Theme

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While elaborate spreads are certainly exciting, a beautifully crafted bullet journal doesn’t always require an abundance of intricate designs. Sometimes, it’s the subtle details that can make all the difference. Case in point: this stunning monthly bullet journal, where a carefully curated color palette takes center stage. The three distinct hues used on the cover page serve as the perfect foundation for a visually appealing spread. Feel free to take inspiration from this minimalist yet effective approach and create your own three-shade masterpiece.

All About Aesthetics August Bujo

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Mandy’s bullet journal themes are a masterclass in blending form and function. The desert-inspired August theme, named after Taylor Swift’s iconic song, is a stunning example of this. With its focus on creating visually appealing spreads using printable images and quotes, it’s easy to get caught up in the aesthetic appeal. Take cues from Mandy’s style and incorporate similar elements into your own bullet journaling journey.

Bee Themed August Bujo

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Drawing inspiration from skp.design, another captivating monthly bullet journal theme has emerged, centered around the fascinating world of bees. For those who cherish these buzzing creatures, dedicating a month to honoring their importance and contributions is a wonderful idea. This bee-themed bujo provides a unique opportunity to showcase your appreciation for these tiny but mighty insects through creative planning and organization.

Lavender Theme August Bullet Journal

image source

Desert Theme

Citrus Fruits

Bee and Honey Inspired

Ice Cream Inspired


August marks a significant milestone for Lavender cultivation. As the flowering season comes to a close, farmers meticulously harvest the blooms, ensuring the next year’s crop thrives. The subtle nuances in this bullet journal theme perfectly capture the essence of Lavender, with vibrant prints showcasing the flowers in full bloom. Quotes and color palettes are carefully curated to pay homage to the calming hues of lavender, resulting in a visually stunning and harmonious design.

26 August Bullet Journal Cover Page Ideas

A bullet journal cover page serves as a vibrant canvas where creativity and personality converge. This blank slate invites you to unleash your imagination, jot down motivational quotes, or simply have fun with it. Moreover, it sets the tone for the entire month, serving as a separator between different periods. While starting anew can be intimidating at times, we’re here to inspire you with some August bullet journal cover page ideas, empowering you to craft one that reflects your unique voice.

Camping Inspired August Cover Page

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Beneath this tranquil scene, bujoandbee’s August bullet journal cover page whispers a soothing blend of camping whimsy and understated elegance. The artist’s delicate doodles weave together the cozy confines of a tent with the star-studded vastness of the night sky, inviting us to settle in for a peaceful month. With a simple flourish, jot down the month’s name and year, allowing this serene tableau to serve as the perfect canvas for your August journaling journey.

Cactus Cover Page

image source

The August bullet journal cover by a.pinch.of.art exudes a unique charm, with its vibrant theme and colors perfectly capturing the essence of the month. The cactus doodles and terrarium design elements cleverly tie in with the overall desert-inspired aesthetic. Furthermore, the striking combination of pink and green hues brings an infectious energy to the page, making it a joy to behold.

Mandala Art August Cover Page

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Papermir’s August cover page, a mandala art-inspired design, boasts a powerful message in bold letters: ‘restart’ is okay. The font used here is a standout feature, with its striking combination of black boxes and white lettering that adds to the overall aesthetic. This minimalist yet decorative cover page masterfully balances simplicity with visual interest, making it a great starting point for any bullet journal. For those interested in exploring more font options, refer to our curated list of 20 Best Bullet Journal Fonts For Your Bujo Pages.

Icecream Summer August Cover Page

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Discovering delightful summer vibes through Instagram, I stumbled upon a charming August cover page by colour_me_becky. The whimsical illustration of a beach trip and the bright, cheerful tone immediately caught my attention. What stands out is the beautifully handwritten month title, showcasing the artist’s skill in hand lettering. For those interested in mastering this technique, I recommend checking out our guide on ‘How To Get Started With Hand Lettering’ for a comprehensive introduction. If you’re looking to elevate your brush pen game, be sure to explore our curated list of ‘Top 3 Best Brush Pens For Lettering in 2020’, featuring top picks and expert tips.

Minimalist August Bujo Cover

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Kelseyhaverdesigns’ minimalist August cover page is a straightforward yet creative template that requires minimal effort. All it needs is the name of the month in bold letters, leaving room for personalization with cute doodles or inspirational quotes to keep you motivated throughout the month. For added encouragement, refer to the collection of 100 never give up quotes available online.

Cute August Bullet Journal Cover Page

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Kathrynn.lynnn’s Shell-abrate summer August Bullet Journal cover page is a beautiful example of how simple yet effective design can be. The theme is both playful and refreshing, making it perfect for capturing the essence of the season. One of its standout features is the inclusion of a monthly calendar, allowing you to quickly glance at your schedule and plan accordingly.

Fruit Themed August Cover Page

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I’m particularly fond of the whimsical August Bullet Journal cover created by studystripes, which deviates from the traditional single-page design with its two-page spread. To replicate this look, start by writing the month’s name on one page, and then let your creativity shine by filling the adjacent space with delightful fruit doodles. For those who prefer a more low-maintenance approach, stickers can be a great substitute for doodling.

Space Themed Cover Page

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Imagine embarking on a cosmic adventure with this stunning August cover page for your bullet journal, courtesy of bullet_journallingg. As someone who’s passionate about space-themed creations, I’m thrilled to share this incredible design with you. If you’re an artistic enthusiast who appreciates unique and imaginative designs like this one, then you won’t want to miss the opportunity to bring a touch of celestial wonder to your journal.

Aesthetic Bullet Journal Cover Page For August

image source

Enchanting pine tree-themed spreads by Lolascraftjournal have caught my attention, and one particular August cover page stands out. The intricate textures on this design are truly captivating, especially the real flowers that add a touch of whimsy. This two-page spread features a monthly calendar, making it a functional yet visually stunning addition to any bullet journal. With some creativity, you can recreate this enchanting cover page and give your own journal an otherworldly feel.

Cute Cover For Your August Bujo

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If you’re short on artistic skills or simply prefer not to draw, fear not! A stunning bullet journal cover page can still be achieved through creative reuse of existing materials. Savannahfscribbles’ design serves as a beautiful example, incorporating a variety of stickers, pictures, and magazine cutouts to add visual appeal. This spread can also function as an inspiration page for August, providing a thought-provoking starting point for your bullet journaling journey.

Night Sky August Cover Page

image source

The latest addition to my collection of aesthetic bullet journal covers is a stunning piece created by @artwwwera. What draws me in is the captivating combination of soft pink clouds against a dark night sky, accompanied by intricate gold details that add a touch of elegance.

Cute Puppy Themed Cover Page

image source

I recently came across a charming August cover page design shared by bujoloverrr on Instagram, which instantly captured my attention with its adorable depiction of a puppy that’s sure to melt even the hardest of hearts. The incorporation of delicate pink flowers and the understated font adds to the overall sense of serenity and peacefulness emanating from this cover page.

Limes, Lemon And Oranges August Bullet Journal cover

image source

This month’s bullet journal cover page by b.bulletjournal takes a refreshing approach with its citrus-inspired theme, featuring a whimsical wreath crafted from lemons and limes. The charming design is elevated by the use of beautiful fonts and complemented by the bright yellow and green washi tape that adds a pop of color.

Harry Potter Themed August Cover

image source

For fans of the Boy Who Lived, this enchanting bullet journal cover page by bullet_n_books is a must-have. The design is a delightful mashup of whimsical doodles and clever references to J.K. Rowling’s beloved Harry Potter series. As an added touch, the font used is equally charming. This unique cover page invites you to infuse your journal with magical inspiration throughout the month, allowing you to incorporate iconic quotes and motifs that evoke the wonder of Hogwarts and its inhabitants.

High Tides And Good Vibes

image source

This beach-inspired summer bullet journal cover page, designed by Letterbug.co, is a perfect blend of cuteness and functionality. The playful doodles scattered throughout the page add a touch of whimsy, while the chosen font brings a sense of warmth and sunshine. If you’re looking to recreate this unique font or discover more creative fonts for your bullet journal pages, be sure to check out our list of ’20 Best Bullet Journal Fonts’.

Message In A Bottle

image source

Anna’s bullet journal design for August features a serene and evocative cover page that exudes tranquility. The image of a message in a bottle drifting away on the open sea instantly conveys a sense of calmness and freedom.

OH Crab! August Is Here

image source

The ‘Oh Crab! August’ bullet journal cover page, designed by bujostephf, has captured my heart with its playful and creative combination of techniques. To recreate this delightful design, start by using watercolors to bring the crab silhouette to life. Then, add a touch of sophistication with a simple yet effective black marker pen, crafting the pun that ties the entire piece together.

Hello August Bullet Journal Cover Page

image source

Your August cover page can be a beautiful representation of where your life unfolds – your desk – if you’re passionate about bullet journaling. Envision a whimsical illustration of your workspace, complete with your August bullet journal proudly displayed alongside a stack of books. The combination of Phoebe Creates’ artistic talent and bold typography used to write the month’s name is truly striking.

Seas The Day

image source

Elevate your August journal with a stunning coral-themed cover page, courtesy of shedoodles.a. The minimalist design features delicate coral and jellyfish doodles that will transport you to an underwater world. As you ‘sea’ each day unfold, this inspiring cover page serves as a reminder to make the most of every moment.

Adventurous August Cover Page

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For the adventurous spirit, bujoandbee has crafted a captivating travel-themed bullet journal cover page specifically designed for August. This stunning design is perfect for those who embark on thrilling journeys or have travel plans in store for this month. For added inspiration, be sure to explore 25 Travel Journal Ideas To Document Your Memories and 8 Creative Travel Bullet Journal Ideas You’ll Love.

Leaf Pattern Cover Page For August

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Journalbyhan’s August cover page exudes serenity with its subtle blend of earthy tones and organic patterns. The intricate leaves seem to dance across the page, evoking a sense of harmony with nature. For those seeking a tranquil start to the month, this design serves as the perfect catalyst, reminding us to slow down and appreciate the simple joys of being surrounded by the great outdoors.

Lotus In A Pond August Cover

image source

Looking for a departure from traditional floral and foliage patterns? I recently stumbled upon a stunning cover by Kotose.journal, featuring an exquisite Lotus and Lotus leaves illustration that instantly transports you to a serene environment near a tranquil pond. What truly sets this design apart is the thoughtful choice of turquoise hues, imbuing the page with an enchanting aura.

Rain It On Me August Cover

image source

The August cover page designed by dar.study exudes joy, cuteness, and vibrancy. A single glance at it can instantly lift my mood! What I love most is how effortlessly you can recreate this masterpiece. To get started, simply draw a cloud using your preferred method, then bring the rain to life with rainbow-colored strokes using your sketch pens.

August 2020 Letter Cutouts Cover Page

image source

Elevate your cover page game with this understated yet sophisticated design concept from Mochilearnskorean. To achieve this look, start by repurposing an old magazine or newspaper to create intricate cutouts for each letter in ‘August’ and the corresponding year. Once you’ve crafted these custom letters, surround them with delicate doodle patterns that add texture and visual interest to the overall design.

Colour Theme Cover for August Bullet Journal

image source

The featured cover page, designed by akshayah_ashok, beautifully captures the essence of defining a color theme. I’m particularly impressed by its visually appealing design. If you’ve chosen a color theme for the month, you can replicate this look by incorporating print cutouts of Pantone color swatches and complementing them with cute polaroids or images of colored markers that match your chosen hue. To further enhance the collage, consider adding wash-tapes, mini picture cutouts, and other visual elements that harmonize with the selected color theme.

Rock The Boat Cover Page

image source

When it comes to creating unique bullet journal covers, inspiration is key. Take a cue from dra.journals’ August design, which features beautiful hand lettering that adds a touch of elegance. If you’re skilled in the art of hand lettering, you can incorporate similar elements into your own design. For added functionality, consider including a month calendar for easy reference. A simple, yet effective, way to enhance the page is by adding a colorful doodle, like the boat featured in this example. The use of washi tape and paper cutouts, as seen at the bottom right corner, adds an extra layer of visual interest.

Turn Up The Music August Cover

image source

If you’re looking to inject some grooviness, musicality, and fun into your August, why not draw inspiration from the cover page designed by smilellama2020? The moment you lay eyes on this vibrant journal spread, it’s impossible not to be swept up in the happy energy emanating from those bright colors. Just gazing at the page is enough to leave you feeling optimistic and excited for what the month has in store.

August Mood Tracker and Habit Tracker Page Idea

image source

As we approach the midpoint of August, it’s an ideal time to reflect on our habits and emotional well-being. One effective way to monitor progress is through habit trackers, which can be customized in your bullet journal. Savannahfscribbles’ 7 mini habit trackers provide a perfect starting point for creating healthy routines. Similarly, mood tracking offers valuable insights into our mental and emotional states. By filling in the leaflet-style page with different colors, we can gain a clear understanding of our emotions on most days this month. For further inspiration and tips, refer to resources such as 25 Habit Tracker Bullet Journal Ideas For You and What is a Habit Tracker? For mood tracking, explore 24 Best Bullet Journal Mood Tracker For Inspiration and 25 Best Mood Tracker Bullet Journal Ideas.

August Bullet Journal Monthly Log Page Ida

image source

A regular monthly log provides an excellent vantage point to survey the entirety of your month, allowing you to map out specific events and record the objectives you wish to accomplish during that time frame. This particular monthly log, designed by bujoandbee, is organized into four distinct sections. A dedicated to-do list enables you to jot down tasks requiring attention, while separate areas are allocated for outlining monthly plans, setting focus, and logging Instagram activity. Additionally, this page can be utilized as a space to define your monthly goals, thereby providing clarity and increasing the likelihood of achieving them successfully.

7 August Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas

Planning your week in advance can be a game-changer. That’s where weekly spreads in Bullet Journal come in – offering a balance between the detail of daily logs and the brevity of monthly layouts. By creating a custom layout each week, you can add tasks to each day, gaining a clear visual representation of how your week will unfold. If you’re looking for inspiration, I’ve curated some August weekly spreads below to get you started.

Minimalist August Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

image source

I’m particularly fond of Lianajournals’ August weekly spread design. Its understated and efficient layout makes it an excellent choice for staying organized. The daily sections are neatly arranged to accommodate your tasks for each day, while the dedicated events space highlights the week’s significant happenings. You can also jot down any stray thoughts or ideas in the notes area. Additionally, you’re provided with a section to plan out next week’s tasks, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve. The spread also features a monthly calendar, with the current week prominently displayed. For more inspiration on minimalist bullet journal designs, I recommend checking out Minimalist Bullet Journal Ideas For Your Bujo Pages.

Seashell Themed August Weekly Spread

image source

I recently stumbled upon a beautiful seashell-themed August weekly spread designed by Lianajournals on Instagram, which I’d like to share with you. This minimalist layout is characterized by its simplicity and effectiveness in maximizing productivity. It’s perfect for those who value a clutter-free planning experience. To use this spread, simply jot down your tasks and daily events using bullet points, and utilize the notes section for any additional thoughts or musings that come to mind. The key is to keep things easy-going and uncomplicated.

Vertical Layout August Weekly Spread

image source

The Shouthuzzahdoodles’ weekly spread stands out to me, particularly its vertical layout that allows for efficient task listing. The inclusion of whimsical illustrations at the top adds a delightful touch. The spread’s August-specific header, ‘Goodbye August,’ provides a sense of closure and new beginnings. What I appreciate most is the thoughtful inclusion of sections for goal-setting, weekly planning, and long-term visioning, empowering users to prioritize their objectives.

Purple Butterfly Themed August Weekly Spread

image source

The latest addition to the world of bullet journalism is a stunning purple butterfly-themed August weekly spread created by bujo_with_emma. This visually appealing layout features a vertical design with seven columns, each representing one day of the week from Monday to Sunday. Additionally, the spread includes a monthly calendar view and a dedicated notes section, making it an ideal tool for staying organized and productive throughout the busy month of August.

Fun, Colorful August Weekly Spread

image source

Haleys_journal’s weekly spread is a vibrant and engaging tool for staying organized. The design features bright colors and playful illustrations, making it a joy to use. One of its standout features is the daily events section, where you can record your schedule for each day. For task management, the spread employs a unique approach by offering a single checklist for the entire week. This allows you to view all your tasks in one place and simply cross them off as you complete them. Additionally, the design includes space to plan ahead, enabling you to stay on top of upcoming events and deadlines.

Brown Aesthetic Weekly Bullet Journal Spread for August

image source

In the world of bullet journaling, aesthetics play a significant role in making one’s planning process more enjoyable. One such example is the brown-themed weekly spread created by moonchildbujo for August. The rustic tone brings a sense of nostalgia and coziness to the layout. What sets this apart from traditional checklists is the addition of personal touches, such as photographs or illustrations, which serve as a visual reminder of the memories made throughout the week. These small mementos can be cherished in the future, making the journaling experience even more meaningful.

Flying Broomstick Inspired Weekly Spread

image source

In this enchanting Harry Potter-inspired weekly spread, flying broomsticks serve as page dividers, separating each day of the week with a whimsical touch. Designed by bullet_ books, this magical layout invites users to conjure their daily tasks, appointments, and events in a visually captivating way. The brooms, reminiscent of those iconic Quidditch matches, add a playful flair to the traditional calendar format, making planning more enjoyable and interactive.

Monthly planning can be a powerful tool for setting intentions and gaining clarity on your goals. While a single glance at a monthly spread can provide a bird’s eye view of your tasks and events, you may also find it useful to drill down into the details by creating weekly or daily bullet journal spreads. This approach allows you to prioritize specific days and tasks, making it easier to stay focused and motivated. To get started, take a look at these August-themed monthly bullet journal spread ideas for inspiration.

Ice Cream Themed Bullet Journal Month at a Glance

image source

Barbarahaegerart’s ice cream themed monthly spread is a delightful treat for any bullet journal enthusiast. The whimsical illustration of a colorful ice cream cone with a cherry on top immediately caught my attention. What I appreciate most about this design is the practicality it offers – neat boxes for each day of the month provide ample space to plan and stay organized. Additionally, the use of 3D font adds visual interest and makes the page feel more dynamic. One of the unique features I enjoy is the ability to insert inspirational quotes at the top, serving as a reminder to stay motivated throughout the month. The reference link to ‘100 Never Give Up Quotes To Keep You Going’ offers a wealth of motivational phrases to draw from.

Pink Candy Themed August Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

image source

Here’s a captivating pink candy-themed August bullet journal monthly spread from Sky Journals. I’m absolutely enamored with the whimsical charm of this design – it exudes fun, cuteness, and a touch of magic. Beyond its functional purpose as a space for jotting down tasks, events, and appointments, this spread also thoughtfully includes a birthday section where you can record all August birthdays, making it an ideal addition to your bullet journal collection.

Aesthetic August Monthly Spread

image source

Forty-two Oranges’ August monthly spread is a standout feature, boasting a dedicated section for tracking events and songs. One of its most appealing aspects is the ability to keep a record of favorite monthly tunes and playlists within the bullet journal’s framework. To add visual flair, incorporate photographs and polaroids to embellish the journal page, creating a personalized and engaging reflection of your month.

Harry Potter Themed Monthly for August

image source

In this enchanting bullet journal spread, designed by bullet_n_books, August takes on a magical form. The monthly calendar page is where you can record your daily appointments, events, and tasks with ease. What makes it truly unique is the incorporation of Harry Potter elements throughout, allowing you to add a touch of whimsy to your planning. As you gaze upon the quotes from Dumbledore at the bottom, you’ll find inspiration for tackling each day’s challenges with wisdom.

Colorful August Bujo Monthly Spread

image source

One of my favorite features of August’s bullet journal monthly spread is its playful approach to color and shape. Proptartart’s design stands out with its vibrant hues and creative use of shapes, allowing you to assign a unique color to each day of the week. The layout also includes a dedicated notes section and an event calendar for jotting down important dates in the coming month. At its core, this journaling concept is all about embracing creativity and having fun with different colors and patterns.

With these August bullet journal ideas, you can draw inspiration from a variety of layouts and adapt them to your personal style and preferences to create something truly unique. I hope you’ve enjoyed exploring these designs and templates as much as I have. Feel free to share which ones resonated with you the most in the comments section below.

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