34 Finger Sandwiches Recipes You’Ll Love To Make & Eat

Tea sandwiches, also known as Finger sandwiches, are often the first course at afternoon tea parties. However, their popularity has transcended this traditional setting, with crustless finger sandwiches now featuring at various events and celebrations, including baby showers, engagement parties, early luncheons, and Easter brunches. The classic fillings of ham and mustard, cucumber, smoked salmon, and coronation chicken remain popular, but modern variations have introduced a wide range of creative options. From tuna cream cheese to tomato and wasabi mayo, the possibilities are endless for crafting delicious and easy-to-make bites. Whether you’re planning a Mother’s Day tea party, a baby shower, or a formal lunch with friends, this curated selection of decadent finger sandwiches is sure to provide inspiration. Try a few and discover new flavors that will tantalize your taste buds.


Q1: What are known as finger sandwiches?

Finger sandwiches, also known as dainty sandwiches, are bite-sized treats that have become an integral part of social gatherings and tea parties. Typically cut into rectangular or triangular shapes without the crust, these mini sandwiches are designed to be devoured in just two to three bites, making them a convenient and elegant option for those looking to indulge in a refined snacking experience.

Q2: How to make perfect finger sandwiches?

To craft exemplary finger sandwiches, initiate by selecting soft bread and applying a delicate layer of butter to the periphery, thereby preventing it from drying out. Then, introduce a light yet delectable filling – conventional options comprise cucumber, smoked salmon, egg salad, or cream cheese. Next, assemble the sandwiches, remove any crusts, and cut them into precise, uniform shapes. Finally, serve chilled or at room temperature, allowing the delicate flavors to shine through.

Q3: Can you make finger sandwiches the night before?

When preparing finger sandwiches for the next day, it’s perfectly fine to get ahead of the game by assembling them the night before. To maintain their freshness, securely wrap the sandwiches with plastic wrap or place them in an airtight container with damp paper towels on both top and bottom to prevent the bread from drying out. Store them in the refrigerator until you’re ready to serve.

Q4: What bread is best for finger sandwiches?

For optimal finger sandwich construction, opt for a soft and finely textured bread that won’t overwhelm the fillings. Popular options include white, whole wheat, and pumpernickel varieties. When selecting your bread, prioritize freshness and avoid overly crusty or dense loaves that may make biting into the sandwiches cumbersome.

Q5: What are those tiny sandwiches called?

Finger sandwiches, also known as A5s, are bite-sized morsels that are designed to be devoured quickly. Typically no larger than the width of one’s finger, these petite sandwiches have become a staple at social gatherings such as tea parties and cocktail events. They’re often served as an amuse-bouche or hors d’oeuvre, providing a delightful introduction to a meal or serving as a convenient snack.

Q6: What’s another term for finger sandwiches?

When it comes to finger-sized sandwiches, there’s no shortage of names to describe them. In fact, another common moniker is the ‘tea sandwich’. This term highlights the delightful, dainty nature of these bites, which are often served at traditional tea parties. It’s a testament to their enduring popularity as a light and refreshing snack option.

Q7: What are small open-faced sandwiches served as appetizers?

Small open-faced sandwiches, commonly referred to as canapés, are designed to be savored in one or two bites. Typically made with a small piece of bread or cracker topped with an assortment of savory toppings, these bite-sized treats are often served at cocktail parties and receptions. With their delicate flavor profiles and easy-to-eat format, it’s no wonder canapés remain a popular choice for social gatherings.

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